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News archive - May 2009

"Supertanker earth" can be steered towards safer waters
(01 May 2009)
The global problems of economic collapse, climate change and poverty can be solved, but only if early action is taken, according to one of the world's leading economists.

Dilemmas in social care to be tackled by new national research school
(01 May 2009)
Urgent questions about how Britain should care for the 1.25 million adults in social care will start to get better answers from today with the opening of the School for Social Care Research.

Manchester’s class war ‘changed our understanding of cities’
(05 May 2009)
Friedrich Engels’s time in Manchester had a profound influence on his Marxist ideas which now shape the way we see cities around the world - according to two of the country’s leading experts on the subject.

New fund to support biomedical innovation at The University of Manchester
(05 May 2009)
The University of Manchester and its intellectual property commercialisation company (UMIP) has signed an agreement with the Johnson & Johnson Corporate Office of Science and Technology (COSAT) to establish a proof-of-principle (PoP) Fund.

Dean takes on top Gulf science role
(05 May 2009)
Professor John Perkins, Vice-President and Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences, is to leave the University to take up a new post as Provost of the Masdar Institute of Science and Technology in Abu Dhabi.

Composites facility will boost aerospace industry
(06 May 2009)
A new £8.2m Composites Certification and Evaluation Centre has been announced at The University of Manchester.

Wealth is good for your health, finds study
(07 May 2009)
Wealth and social class has a greater impact on the health and well-being of the elderly than previously realised, according to new research.

£39M research centre honours Manchester Nobel Laureate
(07 May 2009)
A £39M research centre that will make Manchester home to one of the largest biomedical complexes in Europe will be officially opened today (May 7th).

Boost for breast cancer as Professor funds research in his wife’s memory
(11 May 2009)
A landmark £1million donation from the Muriel Edith Rickman Trust has enabled The University of Manchester’s School of Cancer and Imaging Sciences to establish a new Chair and lab dedicated to breast cancer research.

Jodrell Bank stars in Euro space mission
(12 May 2009)
Cutting-edge engineering by staff at the Jodrell Bank Centre for Astrophysics will play a crucial role in a European space mission – due to blast off on Thursday 14 May – to study the fading glow of the Big Bang.

Overseas aid ‘lines pockets of wealthy’
(13 May 2009)
Over half of the world’s overseas aid is paid to wealthy multinational companies and promotes cronyism, corruption and debt according to a new book published this month.

Organic chemists shed light on origins of life
(14 May 2009)
Scientists at The University of Manchester have developed an experiment that sheds new and fascinating light on how life on Earth might have begun.

Priest who exposed Nazi crimes visits England
(15 May 2009)
A renowned Catholic priest credited with finding forgotten mass graves of hundreds of Jews murdered by Nazi "mobile killing units" is to speak of his five year quest on May 18.

Stiglitz elected Foreign Member of Royal Society
(15 May 2009)
The Chair of the Brooks World Poverty Institute at The University of Manchester has been elected a Foreign Member of the country’s most prestigious scientific academy.

Twenty per cent of British voters agree with BNP
(19 May 2009)
New evidence has revealed that the extreme right in Britain is only realising a fraction of its electoral potential.

Manchester gets kit to research reactor safety
(19 May 2009)
The University of Manchester has reinforced its position as one of the world’s leading academic centres for nuclear research by taking delivery of powerful new research hardware.

Research team to examine GP performance indicators
(19 May 2009)
Researchers at The University of Manchester have been awarded £1.2 million to extend a pilot scheme looking at the performance of GP practices across England.

Early cinema “ransacked” theatre repertoire
(20 May 2009)
A University of Manchester historian has charted the little known but enormous contribution of theatre to the film industry in the culmination of a 32-year project.

Manchester geographer elected to renowned US academy
(20 May 2009)
A University of Manchester geographer has been elected to the prestigious National Academy of Sciences in the United States.

Fire and water reveal new archaeological dating method
(20 May 2009)
Scientists at The University of Manchester have developed a new way of dating archaeological objects – using fire and water to unlock their ‘internal clocks’.

Couples to rely on male contraceptive for new trial
(20 May 2009)
Couples are being asked to replace their usual form of birth control with a new male contraceptive in a study to test its effectiveness.

Prestigious Royal Society position for pioneering physicist
(21 May 2009)
Pioneering University of Manchester physicist Prof Andre Geim has been awarded another prestigious accolade.

Vitamin D may lessen age-related cognitive decline
(21 May 2009)
Eating fish – long considered ‘brain food’ – may really be good for the old grey matter, as is a healthy dose of sunshine, new research suggests.

Manchester lecturer to publish third novel
(21 May 2009)
M. J Hyland’s long-awaited third novel This is How is to be published in July.

University puts art of science into focus
(22 May 2009)
A sinister late night shadow of Archimedes and the jagged and intimate properties of a ceramic – just two of the winning entries in a new science photography competition held at the University of Manchester.

Cuban cultural leader makes rare visit to England
(26 May 2009)
A long-serving Cuban leader and former comrade of Che Guevara and Fidel Castro is paying a rare visit to England 50 years after the 1959 revolution.

Prestigious award for Matthew's bon mots
(27 May 2009)
Dr Matthew Cobb at The University of Manchester has won The French-American Foundation and The Florence Gould Foundation prize for non-fiction translation, for his translation of Michel Morange's book 'Life Explained'.

Museum names Ansuman Biswas as the Manchester Hermit 27 Jun-5 Aug
(28 May 2009)
Artist Ansuman Biswas will become the Manchester Hermit, living in the Museum’s Gothic tower for forty days and forty nights.

Get a grip! Blistering new evidence on why we have fingerprints...
(29 May 2009)
Fingerprints do not help primates grip, as previously thought, scientists have discovered. They actually reduce the friction needed to hold onto flat surfaces.