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News archive - June 2009

University honours top nurse with building opening
(02 Jun 2009)
The University of Manchester will officially open the new Jean McFarlane Building – home to the School of Nursing, Midwifery and Social Work, the School of Community Based Medicine and the Institute of Health Sciences – today (June 2).

A million pounds to save the planet
(03 Jun 2009)
The University of Manchester has been awarded £1m to spend on reducing its carbon footprint.

Anti-nuclear weapons scientist speaks in Manchester
(03 Jun 2009)
A mathematical physicist who was instrumental in a Nobel Peace Prize-winning scientific movement against nuclear weapons will speak at The University of Manchester on Wednesday 10 June.

Software may speed journey from catwalk to consumer
(03 Jun 2009)
The latest fashions could find their way from catwalk to consumers faster in the future, thanks to the work of a student at The University of Manchester.

Material world exposed by £2.5m X-ray facility
(08 Jun 2009)
Dinosaur experts will rub shoulders with aircraft designers at a new x-ray imaging facility at The University of Manchester.

Ground-breaking Alzheimer's findings reveal new treatment strategy
(08 Jun 2009)
Scientists have discovered that Alzheimer’s disease affects brain cells previously thought to have a purely supportive role, thus revealing new treatment opportunities.

Young biologists' hard hitting anti-drugs lesson
(09 Jun 2009)
High school students are learning how illegal drug and alcohol use can affect the brain, thanks to biology postgraduates at the University of Manchester. And they will dissect a sheep’s brain as part of the hard-hitting lesson.

Budding chemists come to Manchester for festival fun
(09 Jun 2009)
Over 240 students from 60 schools from around the North West and surrounding areas will enjoy an interesting and fun-filled day of chemistry at the Salters' Festivals of Chemistry at The University of Manchester on 12, 15 and 17 June.

Manchester research puts police gun detectors a step closer
(09 Jun 2009)
The University of Manchester has been involved in developing a prototype scanner designed to help police identify criminals carrying guns and knives without putting themselves in the line of attack.

Lovell telescope one of ‘Britain’s Greatest Machines’
(10 Jun 2009)
A new TV series celebrating ingenious British design will pay tribute to the famous Lovell radio telescope at the Jodrell Bank Centre for Astrophysics.

Stiglitz to debate financial crisis
(11 Jun 2009)
Nobel Laureate and former World Bank chief economist Professor Joseph E. Stiglitz is to debate the global financial crisis with Ravi Kanbur, Cornell University Professor of World Affairs on 15 June.

Deafness expert returns ‘home’ for celebratory conference
(11 Jun 2009)
A world-renowned expert on childhood deafness who became interested in the field after his son was born deaf is returning to his home city for a major international conference.

Private papers reveal ‘Who’s Who of British Science’
(11 Jun 2009)
One of the most important archives of nineteenth-century science - stored in obscurity for over 100 years - has been reunited and acquired by the John Rylands University Library at The University of Manchester.

Blind patients in Manchester join global trial of 'bionic eye'
(15 Jun 2009)
Manchester eye specialists have implanted an artificial retina or 'bionic eye' in two patients who became blind due to advanced retinitis pigmentosa – an inherited and degenerative disease of the retina.

Manchester scientist in hormone research breakthrough
(15 Jun 2009)
Researchers at the Universities of Manchester and Birmingham have solved a genetic problem that causes the accumulation of male hormones – called androgens – in women.

Diaries reveal dark side of revered children’s author
(16 Jun 2009)
A world renowned children’s author had a life tainted by tragedy, despised Enid Blyton and dabbled in the paranormal, according to her private diaries published for the first time this month.

Study discovers link in childhood brain disease research
(16 Jun 2009)
University of Manchester scientists at the National Institute for Health Research Manchester Biomedical Research Centre (BRC) have discovered a new link between a rare childhood disorder and a common immune system disease.

€12 million study will breathe new life into cancer battle
(18 Jun 2009)
University of Manchester scientists are among a multinational collaborative group to have been awarded €12 million for cancer research by the European Union.

Electric fish could spark healthcare innovation
(19 Jun 2009)
Mathematicians in Manchester are hoping electric fish can give them clues to solving a fiendishly complex mathematical problem – which could in turn lead to better treatment for patients with lung problems.

Priest, scientist bags national award
(22 Jun 2009)
An acclaimed ecologist from The University of Manchester is to receive a prestigious award by one of the discipline's leading bodies.

Pollution figures put Europe under spotlight
(23 Jun 2009)
European policy makers must collaborate more closely in the fight against global warming, according to a leading expert who compiled the most detailed ever record of greenhouse gas emissions across the continent.

Fabulous lives of the Pharaohs revealed in new book
(23 Jun 2009)
Egypt was the best place to live in the ancient world, according to ‘The Pharaohs’, a new book that gives a full but straightforward and colourful account of life there from 3100 BC to 30 BC.

Cartographic treasures show little change in city life
(24 Jun 2009)
A unique collection of rare Manchester maps reveals how worries about congestion and binge drinking were just as prevalent 100-years-ago as they are today.

National teaching award for medic
(25 Jun 2009)
Dr Ged Byrne, Hospital Dean for Clinical Studies at The University of Manchester, is one of 50 lecturers and support staff from across the UK to have been awarded a prestigious Individual National Teaching Fellowships (NTF) from The Higher Education Academy.

News coverage leaves public in the dark
(29 Jun 2009)
Journalists and the public have different ideas about what news is, according to a ground-breaking study by academics from the universities of Manchester and Leeds which raises concerns over the effectiveness of news reporting.

Young researcher bags prestigious award
(29 Jun 2009)
A University of Manchester post graduate researcher has bagged a prestigious award for Young Scholars.

Top young animators honoured in Manchester
(29 Jun 2009)
Some the UK’s best young animators have been recognised at a special awards ceremony in Manchester.

Manchester law students win top competition
(29 Jun 2009)
A University of Manchester team has won this year’s Essex Court Chambers (ESU)National Mooting Competition – receiving the coveted silver mace.

Academics honoured with OBEs
(29 Jun 2009)
Two leading academics from The University of Manchester have been awarded OBEs in the Queen’s Birthday Honours List for their services to science.

Working mums’ 'pay penalty' one of Europe’s worst
(30 Jun 2009)
The pay penalty endured by Britain’s working mums is one of the biggest in Western Europe, according to a new report.