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News archive - March 2011

Archbishops give Uni lecture
(01 Mar 2011)
The Archbishops of Canterbury and York, Drs Rowan Williams and John Sentamu are to deliver a lecture at The University of Manchester today ( March 1).

Scientists reveal new insights into tendon injury
(01 Mar 2011)
Scientists have discovered how tendons – the fibrous tissue that connects muscle to bone – become damaged through injury or the ageing process in what could lead to new treatments for people with tendon problems.

Solving the riddle of nature’s perfect spring
(01 Mar 2011)
Scientists have unravelled the shape of the protein that gives human tissues their elastic properties in what could lead to the development of new synthetic elastic polymers.

Microscope could ‘solve the cause of viral diseases’
(01 Mar 2011)
University of Manchester scientists have produced the world’s most powerful optical microscope, which could help understand the causes of many viruses and diseases.

Map sheds light on English Civil War
(02 Mar 2011)
A geographical map depicting landowners’ loyalties to the restored King Charles II after the English Civil War has shown that contrary to popular opinion, peace was not assured in the 1660s, long after the war had ended in 1651.

Sexual freedoms of long ago tamed by modern times
(02 Mar 2011)
A study by a University of Manchester historian has cast doubt on the widespread belief that the Victorians and Edwardians were prudes who had few sexual freedoms.

Manchester one of country’s best for teacher training, finds report
(03 Mar 2011)
An Ofsted report has described The University of Manchester as one of country’s best teacher training institutions.

Health and support services fail deaf children with complex disabilities
(03 Mar 2011)
Parents of deaf children with complex disabilities are locked in battle with health, social care and education professionals to access vital support and medical care for their child, a report published today (Thursday) has revealed.

Composers, writers and artists celebrate World Book Night
(04 Mar 2011)
The School of Arts, Histories and Cultures at The University of Manchester is to celebrate World Book Night with a special event at the Martin Harris centre today (4 March)

New take on Tennessee Williams play hits the stage
(04 Mar 2011)
A radical interpretation of the Tennessee Williams’ masterpiece The Glass Menagerie is being performed at Liverpool's Capstone Theatre.

Diary of Witchfinder General trials published online
(04 Mar 2011)
A 350-year-old notebook which describes the execution of innocent women for consorting with the Devil, has been published online by The University of Manchester’s John Rylands Library.

Unique frog helps amphibian conservation efforts
(07 Mar 2011)
A tropical frog – the only one of its kind in the world – is providing conservationists with exclusive insights into the genetic make-up of its closest endangered relatives.

Calling the world’s best engineers and scientists
(09 Mar 2011)
The University of Manchester is offering 10 fully funded PhD Studentships to the most outstanding engineers and physical scientists.

Manchester student’s artwork is top draw
(10 Mar 2011)
An architecture student from The University of Manchester has been chosen as a finalist in Lloyds TSB Commercial Finance’s national Art of Nurture competition.

Exclusive Goon Squad extract published
(14 Mar 2011)
Online Arts Journal the Manchester Review is this afternoon publishing an exclusive extract from Jennifer Egan's award-winning novel ‘A Visit from the Goon Squad’.

Nanoscale whiskers from sea creatures could grow human muscle tissue
(14 Mar 2011)
Minute whiskers of nanoscale dimensions taken from sea creatures could hold the key to creating working human muscle tissue, University of Manchester researchers have discovered.

New York gets down to British Bhangra beat
(15 Mar 2011)
New Yorkers are to be treated to the sounds and sights of British Bhangra music in an exhibition co-curated by a Senior Lecturer in Drama from The University of Manchester.

University Language Centre named as Centre of Excellence
(15 Mar 2011)
The University of Manchester’s Language Centre and English Language Teaching programme has been named as a Centre of Excellence by the English Language Gazette for the second year running.

Sir Partha wins top environmental prize
(15 Mar 2011)
A University of Manchester economist has won one of the world’s top environmental awards.

Treatment breakthrough for rare disease linked to diabetes
(16 Mar 2011)
University of Manchester scientists have led an international team to discover new treatments for a rare and potentially lethal childhood disease that is the clinical opposite of diabetes mellitus.

Students and staff celebrate International Women’s Day
(17 Mar 2011)
Among The University of Manchester’s week-long festivities in celebrating the 100th International Women’s Day last week, WiSET (Women in Science and Engineering) hosted an inspirational networking event, reaching students and staff throughout the Faculty.

Groundbreaking research of politics lecturer praised
(17 Mar 2011)
The work of a Senior Lecturer in Politics from The University of Manchester has been recognised by the UK‘s leading professional body in political science.

Students get virtual treat from comic book supremo
(21 Mar 2011)
One of the world’s most renowned comic book writers and graphic novelists is to give a virtual lecture to University of Manchester students on Monday (21 march)

Festival shows variety is the spice of life
(21 Mar 2011)
A theatre festival which celebrates the languages taught and spoken at The University of Manchester is entering it’s fifth year with a week of performances in March.

Manchester delegates take part in student UN assembly
(21 Mar 2011)
Manchester politics students are returning home today from  Singapore where they took part in WorldMUN – a student version of the United Nations.

Jodrell Bank shortlisted as a World Heritage site
(22 Mar 2011)
The University of Manchester’s world-famous Jodrell Bank Observatory has been put on the UK shortlist as a potential UNESCO World Heritage site.

First image of protein residue in 50 million year old reptile skin
(23 Mar 2011)
The organic compounds surviving in fifty million year old fossilized reptile skin can be seen for the first time today, thanks to a stunning infra-red image produced by University of Manchester palaeontologists and geochemists.

Statement on tuition fees and student funding
(23 Mar 2011)
The University of Manchester has announced plans to charge a headline fee of £9,000 per year to UK and EU undergraduates from 2012.

Students clean up with Operation Impact
(25 Mar 2011)
More than 200 students will take to the streets of south Manchester next week to clean up their communities and make a difference.

Sustainable futures - Tyndall Centre researchers' international conference
(28 Mar 2011)
An international conference assessing future sustainability has been organised by doctoral students at the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research and the Sustainable Consumption Institute at the University of Manchester.

Whitworth Gallery scoops two top awards
(28 Mar 2011)
University of Manchester’s Whitworth Art Gallery has been awarded £250,000 by the Clore Duffield Foundation, to fund an educational art studio.

Multiculturalism ‘not to blame’ for failed sense of community
(29 Mar 2011)
Multiculturalism is associated with strengthening the ties between different ethnic groups, according to an extensive study of English data.

Premier League winner’s medal for Manchester student
(30 Mar 2011)
Manchester student Max Drakeley has just helped his side to win the Premier League.

Proposals for new state-of-the-art cancer research building announced
(31 Mar 2011)
The Manchester Cancer Research Centre (MCRC) today announced proposals for a new state-of-the-art research building which will be crucial in helping the MCRC to develop and improve cancer treatment.