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News archive - February 2012

Could brain size determine whether you are good at maintaining friendships?
(01 Feb 2012)
Researchers are suggesting that there is a link between the number of friends you have and the size of the region of the brain – known as the orbital prefrontal cortex – that is found just above the eyes.

Tool is new weapon in fight against climate change
(01 Feb 2012)
A new service, developed by experts at The University of Manchester and The Mersey Forest, will provide vital information to help urban neighbourhoods avoid the potentially dangerous effects of climate change.

Better NHS services reduce suicide rates
(02 Feb 2012)
Researchers at The University of Manchester have for the first time shown a positive link between improvements in mental health services and a reduction in suicide rates.

New investment aims to establish the UK as a global graphene research hub
(02 Feb 2012)
Today sees the announcement of full details of how an additional £50 million will be spent to keep the UK at the forefront of research into ‘wonder material’ graphene. Also below are details of further investment strands for graphene engineering and research technology.

Graphene electronics moves into a third dimension
(03 Feb 2012)
Wonder material graphene has been touted as the next silicon, with one major problem – it is too conductive to be used in computer chips. Now scientists from The University of Manchester have given its prospects a new lifeline.

New study probes radical rethink on culture
(06 Feb 2012)
The University of Manchester is to host a £1.5 million investigation, funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC), into how society can get the most out of the vast array of often overlooked cultural activities Britons take part in.

Prime Minister calls on Prof Dame Nancy Rothwell to advise on science
(07 Feb 2012)
The Prime Minister David Cameron has appointed Professor Dame Nancy Rothwell, the President and Vice-Chancellor of The University of Manchester, to the Council for Science and Technology as its new Co-Chair today.

Director appointed for inflammation research centre
(08 Feb 2012)
The University of Manchester, GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) and AstraZeneca have appointed Professor Tracy Hussell as Director of the new Manchester Collaborative Centre for Inflammation Research (MCCIR).

Gap between Scottish and English suicide rates widens
(09 Feb 2012)
A new study has revealed the widening gap in suicide rates between Scotland and England & Wales due to a large extent to the number of young Scottish men taking their lives.

Fund raising boost for The University of Manchester
(10 Feb 2012)
The UK’s leading technology investment manager MTI has confirmed it is actively fundraising for the world’s largest unquoted investment fund dedicated to university spin-outs.

Students still strolling after 51 years
(10 Feb 2012)
Manchester students are hoping to raise £50,000 for charity with this year’s annual 55-mile Bogle Stroll.

Massacre survivor has arm saved by doctors
(10 Feb 2012)
A Congolese aid worker who survived a massacre in which seven of his colleagues were killed has had his arm rebuilt in the UK thanks to the plea of a University academic who worked with him.

‘Invisibility’ cloak could protect buildings from earthquakes
(14 Feb 2012)
University of Manchester mathematicians have developed the theory for a Harry Potter style ’cloaking’ device which could protect buildings from earthquakes.

Graphene enjoys a Royal visit
(17 Feb 2012)
His Royal Highness The Duke of York visited the University this week to learn more about wonder material graphene and commercialising research.

Remarkable student sees lost novel in print
(20 Feb 2012)
A former trainee corporate lawyer who spent three months in a coma is to finally see her novel in print after completely forgetting she had written it.

Modernist makeover was Mancunians' way
(23 Feb 2012)
Manchester was a stone's throw away from a brave new world of helipads, boulevards, tunnels and moving pavements, according to unrealised plans unearthed by researchers at The University of Manchester and Manchester School of Architecture.

Time for a rethink on climate change, say top environmental economists
(27 Feb 2012)
Governments have done so little to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, they should consider investing into the Rand D of large scale geo-engineering projects and their governance, according to 26 of the world’s leading environmental economists.

Renowned poet makes his mark on The University of Manchester
(28 Feb 2012)
A new mural poem by renowned writer Lemn Sissay – celebrating the virtues of peace and quiet – has been unveiled at The University of Manchester.