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News archive - April 2012

New Head of Pharmacy announced
(02 Apr 2012)
The University of Manchester has appointed Professor Kay Marshall as the new Head of School for the School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences.

Babies’ brains are programmed by what mums eat
(02 Apr 2012)
Women who fall pregnant while dieting are more likely to have a child that could become obese or diabetic in later life, new research suggests.

Rise of new media spurs major change in Bollywood’s India
(10 Apr 2012)
India’s Bollywood stars have turned to new media in huge numbers to be closer to their fans as part of a radical transformation of the industry in its quest for greater audiences.

Ryman in running for world’s top SF prizes
(10 Apr 2012)
A University of Manchester lecturer is in line to win both of Science Fiction’s most coveted accolades after being placed on the final ballots for a both the Hugo and Nebula awards for his novelette ‘What We Found’.

University astronomers discover sandstorms in space
(12 Apr 2012)
Astronomers at The University of Manchester believe they have found the answer to the mystery of a powerful ‘superwind’ which causes the death of stars.

Black and youth unemployment in UK higher than US
(13 Apr 2012)
Britain has significantly higher unemployment among black people and the young than America because deindustrialisation and a flexible labour market has created a more unequal society, research from The University of Manchester says.

Researchers let loo-se on unique project
(17 Apr 2012)
University of Manchester researchers are beginning work on a prototype device for harvesting energy and clean drinking water from human waste.

Orang-utan nest-building shows high degree of sophistication
(17 Apr 2012)
Orangutans may be smarter than previously thought if a new study into the sophisticated way they build nests is any indication.

“You need each other”, writers tell artists and scientists
(24 Apr 2012)
Six of the UK’s top science fiction writers are calling for scientists and the creative community to work more closely together to improve the credibility of their work.

Global economic prospects harmed by Apple business model, says CRESC
(25 Apr 2012)
A team of experts at The University of Manchester’s Centre for Research on Socio-Cultural Change (CRESC) says the West’s globalised system of doing business- typified by the multinational company Apple– is hitting profits and jobs in Asia and the United States.

'Uninvited' Haiti earthquake teams neglected medical record keeping
(26 Apr 2012)
Some foreign medical teams need to improve the way they respond to future disasters, according to an analysis of the devastating January 2010 Haiti earthquake.

Politics Professor wins top teaching prize
(26 Apr 2012)
A Professor of Politics at The University of Manchester was been awarded one of the country’s top teaching prizes.

Obesity affects job prospects for women, study finds
(30 Apr 2012)
Obese women are more likely to be discriminated against when applying for jobs and receive lower starting salaries than their non-overweight colleagues, a new study has found.