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Transformers conference comes to Manchester

09 Sep 2010

A major seminar bringing together experts from the world of electrical insulation will be held at The University of Manchester next week.

The two-day event, on 14th and 15th September, will feature speakers from industry, electrical insulation manufacturers and transformer manufacturers talking about all aspects of insulation for transformers.

Electrical power generation and distribution are hot topics currently and market conditions require the demand and challenge for new insulating materials and systems and new design of electrical equipment.

Transformers are main constituents in the electrical power distribution. In his key-note speech, Professor Dennis Allan will introduce the seminar participants to the technology advances and future trends of the transformer industry’.       

The key challenges and opportunities of today’s transformers are reliability and efficiency, as energy needs require the highest reliability.

Energy conservation asks for efficient transformers. Only through the close development of transformer and electrical insulation systems can these technical requirements be met.  

Dr Ulrich Häring, Seminar Chairman of the EEIM, said: “By gathering together researchers, engineers, specialists and decision makers from the University and industry, this seminar enables the exchange of trends of the technical requirements and developments on both energy transformation and electrical insulation.

Professor Zhongdong Wang, from the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, said: “The functions of the various materials involved in transformers will be discussed in view of the final efficiency and reliability.

“The exchange of information on future trends of the transformer design largely contributes to the technology advances.”

Speakers include key players from the transformer industry, specialists from the European electrical insulation manufacturers and from European universities.

Topics to be discussed include oil-filled and dry-type transformers, components and processes, design and reliability, testing and research and development.

This seminar, organised by the European Electrical Insulation Manufacturers (EEIM), supports the exchange of information by offering the opportunity to engineers, researchers, students and specialists to attend and discuss the values and influences from all stakeholders of the transformer applications.

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