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Stargazing LIVE starts tonight!

08 Jan 2013

Jodrell Bank Observatory hosts the third series of this popular astronomy show

Nancy with Brian and Dara at Jodrell Bank
Nancy with Brian and Dara at Jodrell Bank

Presented by Professor Brian Cox and comedian Dara O’Briain, Stargazing LIVE starts tonight on BBC Two.

The programmes will be broadcast live from the Observatory Control Room and the Jodrell Bank Discovery Centre.

Every year Stargazing LIVE attracts millions of viewers, from amateur astronomers to complete novices.

This year audiences will get the chance to learn more about the search for life on Mars, including an opportunity for viewers to explore an uncharted area of the red planet from the comfort of their own homes.

Brian and Dara will show how we can see the history of the Universe by looking up at the night sky. The programme will also highlight the asteroids and comets which will be visible during 2013 and discuss dangers the Earth faces as it hurtles through space.  

The programme will also be attempting to build a modern version of the famous astronomer William Herschel’s historic 20 foot telescope with the help of the local community in Derby.   

Dr Tim O’Brien, Associate Director of the Observatory says: “We’re really pleased to be able to welcome back the Stargazing LIVE team to Jodrell Bank.  Over the last few years Stargazing LIVE has managed to open up astronomy to the public in a unique way. At Jodrell we’re incredibly proud to be part of the programme and to contribute to the growing passion for astronomy that it has ignited.”   

As well as the live programmes there are also Stargazing LIVE events happening across the country throughout January and February.

Behind the scenes tours

On Saturday 12 January Jodrell Bank will be offering a small number of behind the scenes tours of the Observatory. There are only a very limited number of tickets left, but to book a place visit:

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