Conservative Party Conference: media experts

  • Leading academics and experienced media commentators give their take on the Tories in Manchester

With the Conservative Party Conference in Manchester next week, The University of Manchester can offer the following experts to speak to the media:

Dr Rob Ford, psephologist and Senior Lecturer in Politics (Bio) @robfordmancs

Dr Nick Turnbull, Lecturer and expert on political speeches (Bio) @nicktmancheste

Professor Jane Green, Professor of Political Science and co-director of the 2015 British Election Study (Bio) @ProfJaneGreen

Professor Andrew Russell, Professor of Politics and former Head of Politics (Bio) @PoliBlogManc

The University of Manchester's Democracy and Elections Group and The British Election Study are hosting the following event on the conference fringe:

Bolt from the Blue: Why the Tories triumphed (and what it means for 2020).

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