Expert comment - Shakespeare’s 400th Anniversary


A Shakespearian expert, based at The University of Manchester, who can talk about the legacy of the Bard in terms of his relevance today, is available for interview.

Dr Fred Schurink, a lecturer in Early Modern Literature, said: “Shakespeare’s plays are as relevant today as they were when they were written over 400 years ago. From the language we use every day to performances and adaptations of his plays in the theatre and the cinema and the vast number of novels, plays and poems inspired by his writings, Shakespeare’s legacy has shaped the world we live in.

“When we say we hurry, grovel, or undress, we’ve had too much of a good thing or are in stitches at a joke, we are using Shakespeare’s language—probably without knowing it. From Milton to Verdi and from Blake to Freud, many of the greatest writers, artists and philosophers have taken inspiration from Shakespeare. And plays like Hamlet, Henry V, and Othello continue to be central to our thinking about subjects such as identity, Englishness, and race.

“By reading the plays and poems, we are not only able to understand this rich heritage better, but we can experience at first hand Shakespeare’s unique talent for using language in new and creative ways to bring people and ideas to life. As we enter the fifth century after his death, there is no doubt that his words will continue to be a source of pleasure and inspiration for writers, performers, and indeed anyone with an interest in language and creativity.”


John Mcauliffe, Reader in Modern Literature and Creative Writing and Co-Director of the Centre for New Writing, speaks about Shakespeare’s influence:

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