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The city of Manchester

Manchester is a truly multicultural city and international students are well catered for.

With a variety of cultures, traditions and ethnicities living together, Manchester has amenities for people of all backgrounds.


There is a great range of food on offer in Manchester, whether you want to want to eat out or cook at home.

In the city centre there are plenty of international restaurants, including Thai, Chinese, Japanese, Italian and Spanish, while the Curry Mile in Rusholme is host to over 50 restaurants serving Indian and Pakistani food.

Manchester's bustling Chinatown is not only host to many restaurants, but also Chinese supermarkets and bakeries.

There are also plenty of halal and kosher retailers around the city, as well as a Japanese food market and a range of vegetarian and vegan cafes and cooperative stores.

Religions and faiths

Manchester is home to people of many religions and faiths, and there are places of worship for all religions across the city, as well as dedicated religious clubs and societies within the Students' Union.

On campus there are two chaplaincy centres for the major Christian faiths. St. Peter's House provides chaplains for the Anglican, Baptist, Methodist and United Reformed churches, while the Roman Catholic chaplaincy is at Avila House.

There are two prayer rooms provided on campus and there are a number of mosques located near the University and student areas.

The city centre is also home to Buddhist centres, Jewish synagogues, and facilities for Sikh and Hindu worship close to student halls of residence.


Manchester is also in an ideal location to explore the nearby cities of Leeds and Liverpool. We are just an hour away from the beautiful Lake District, and the UK capital city of London is just two hours away by train.

There are direct flights from Manchester International Airport to all major European cities, and many long-haul flights are also available from Manchester.