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Teaching quality

We are committed to ensuring that you are taught by leading academics. They are experts in their fields and they will help you develop the skills and experience needed to succeed in your chosen career.

You can expect consistently high standards of teaching because our strong research profile keeps our teaching up to date with cutting-edge thinking and technology.

We offer the widest spread of disciplines in the UK and, with advice from industry, we are constantly developing our courses so that they remain up to date and relevant to employers.

We provide innovative programmes of study that have made us an international leader in the enquiry-based approach to learning. This allows you to follow your own lines of interest and formulate your own ideas while working with renowned academics. This approach is the best way to prepare you for a successful career after graduation.

Teaching quality assessment

The most recent institutional audit of the University by the Quality Assurance Agency was carried out in April 2011. This audit reviews the processes each University has in place to manage the quality of its degree programmes and the standard of its awards.

The audit findings stated that "confidence can reasonably be placed in the soundness of the institution's present and likely future management of the quality of the learning opportunities available to students."

This was the best possible outcome and is particularly pleasing as it demonstrates high academic standards and levels of student achievement.

Multidisciplinary learning

Our curriculum is cross-departmental and this allows students to meet other students from different disciplines and explore ideas from different perspectives.

You will experience a variety of teaching methods during your time with us. Lab-based work and
e-learning are given equal time with traditional learning methods such as lectures and seminars.

There are also a number of personalised facilities that which will help you make the most of your studies. We have a large and well-resourced IT service and a library with many thousands of items available online.