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Student diaries

Adela, an international student from Argentina, shows us her diary of a typical week at The University of Manchester:


We know that the week begins on Sunday, but for a student, it really begins on Monday. To me, this is a particularly tough day, not so much because it's Monday, but because I have three lectures and every other week I add a seminar. But the rest of the week is more relaxed. Most of the subjects I take have fortnightly seminars, which means that in odd weeks I have plenty of time, but in even weeks I need to be careful with my time and plan ahead what I'm going to do.


I have only one or two lectures each day, so I try to use the rest of the time for reading (with some breaks of course).


These are usually the days to chill out, have a cup of coffee with a friend or go on an outing.


On Sunday I go to mass in the morning, cook lunch and try to study a bit. But life in uni isn't only about studying and working hard. Probably the best place to meet people is in class, but there are other ways too.

Sometimes, I join the activities that the RC Chaplaincy proposes, like retreats (the last one was just before Easter and we had a lovely meal all together) or talks on different subjects. It's an easy way to make friends and there will always be someone to talk to. Also, the International Society has day trips to lots of beautiful locations quite close to Manchester, such as Chester, several towns in North Wales, York and more.