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Prof Albena Yaneva - publications

List of publications


  • Yaneva, A. (2017). Five Ways to Make Architecture Political: An Introduction to the Politics of Design Practice. Bloomsbury Academic.. Publication link: fbf29169-d87f-46b9-bf51-86f9b04f1a67


  • Yaneva, A., Bille, M. (Ed.), & Sørensen, T. F. (Ed.) (2016). Politics of Architectural Imaging: Four Ways of Assembling a City. In Elements of Architecture: Assembling archaeology, atmosphere and the performance of building spaces. (pp. 238-255). London: Routledge. . Publication link: 430fcdd0-1ff9-429b-9dd9-41ec05086ba1


  • Yaneva, A., & Zaera-Polo, A. (Ed.) (2015). What is Cosmopolitical Design? In What is Cosmopolitical Design?: Design, Nature and the Built Environment. (pp. 1-20). Farnham: Ashgate. . Publication link: 81819f00-c805-4bc6-8cb1-92e54dcaf2ed
  • Yaneva, A., & Zaera-Polo, A. (2015). What is Cosmopolitical Design?: Design, Nature and the Built Environment. Farnham: Ashgate.. Publication link: 52656c7c-bbf6-43e4-9c02-eba4916d6c2a
  • Yaneva, A., Rölli, M. (Ed.), & Buurman, G. (Ed.) (2015). Mapping Controversies: Gerhard M. Buurman in Conversation with Albena Yaneva. In The Intrinsic Logic of Design. (pp. 194-199). Publication link: 2e236eaf-f9d3-4743-b688-7b1bfac99123
  • Yaneva, A., Rölli, M. (Ed.), & Buurman, G. (Ed.) (2015). The New Ethnographies: Steps Towards a Symmetric Anthropology of Design. In The Intrinsic Logic of Design. (pp. 136-147). Publication link: f8e73150-34af-40eb-8245-86e10dee37bd


  • Yaneva, A., Carusi, A. (Ed.), Hoel, A. S. (Ed.), Webmoor, T. (Ed.), & Woolgar, S. (Ed.) (2014). Mapping Networks: Learning from the Epistemology of the ‘Natives’. In Visualization in the Age of Computerization. (pp. 231-237). London: Routledge. . Publication link: bd69e06f-05aa-48e8-b0f4-50d1bf99378c


  • Yaneva, A., Orvell, M. (Ed.), & Benesch, K. (Ed.) (2013). Designing the City. In Re-thinking the American City: An International Dialogue. (pp. 119-143). Pennsylvania: University of Pennsylvania Press. . Publication link: c00d60c8-621b-471e-b918-d813f557ddcb
  • Yaneva, A., Graves-Brown, P. (Ed.), Harrison, R. (Ed.), & Piccini, A. (Ed.) (2013). Actor-Network-Theory Approach to Archaeology of Contemporary Architecture. In Oxford Handbook of the Archaeology of the Contemporary World. (pp. 121-135). Oxford: Oxford University Press. . Publication link: c4fa3bb4-b40e-4e49-802d-0ac043ae6024
  • Yaneva, A. (2013). Network Narratives: A Pragmatist Approach to Controversies in Architecture. In Culture, Theory and Space. Plymouth: Plymouth University Press. . Publication link: 7ca1b661-d1ce-4144-b27b-20c3dc7ec575



  • Yaneva, A., Houdart, S. (Ed.), & Thiery, O. (Ed.) (2011). La fabrique des installations: pragmatique de l’art contemporain. In Humains, non-humains: Comment repeupler les sciences sociales. (pp. 272-281). Paris: Éditions La Découverte. . Publication link: d94b9ebe-d078-48d0-95c9-e79ec035def7
  • Yaneva, A. (2011). Traceable Cities. City, Culture and Society (CCS), 3(2), 87-89. . Publication link: a4c29cde-ccc9-4412-a0b2-786d52e16b33


  • Yaneva, A., Gagliardi, P. (Ed.), Latour, B. (Ed.), & Memelsdorff, P. (Ed.) (2010). A Building Trajectory. In Coping with the past: Creative Perspectives on Conservation and Restoration. Venice: Leo S. Olschki, Civilta Veneziana Studi.. . Publication link: 9cc90d6a-41c9-4381-8944-aff2147065b5
  • Yaneva, A., Meusberger, P. (Ed.), & Jons, H. (Ed.) (2010). Is the Atrium More Important Than the Lab?: Designer Buildings for New Cultures of Creativity. In Geographies of Science. (pp. 139-151). Vienna, New York: Springer Verlag. . Publication link: 67a57130-4a91-45ba-96c7-7d12c72c85de
  • Yaneva, A. (2010). The Architectural as a Type of Connector. Perspecta 42: The Yale Architectural Journal, 138-143. . Publication link: 57e6cd5f-b38e-4b1e-9579-6c7d1a1a3189


  • Yaneva, A. (2009). Made by the Office for Metropolitan Architecture: An Ethnography of Design. (1st ed.) Rotterdam: 010 Publishers.. Publication link: 553a26d8-e3ad-48c5-80be-4f002688cdf4
  • Yaneva, A. (2009). Making the Social Hold: Towards an Actor-Network Theory of Design. Design and Culture, 1(3), 273-288. DOI: 10.2752/174967809X12556950208826. Publication link: 4d78a7cb-ea8b-440a-b229-f1b63017b806
  • Yaneva, A., Rabesandratana, T. M., & Greiner, B. (2009). Staging scientific controversies: A gallery test on science museums' interactivity. Public Understanding of Science, 18(1), 79-90. DOI: 10.1177/0963662507077512. Publication link: 3ecbfbe2-9a5b-4fa6-bc96-cab18714ff1d
  • Yaneva, A. (2009). The Making of a Building : a pragmatist approach to architecture. (1st ed.) England: Peter Lang.. Publication link: b485ac5c-8a85-4750-b3a9-da66fa63c7fe
  • Yaneva, A., Fritz, R., Hsiao, C. P., & Johnson, B. R. (2009). Gizmo & WiiView: Tangible user interfaces enabling architectural presentations: Techniques and Politics. In ACADIA 09: reForm(): Building a Better Tomorrow - Proceedings of the 29th Annual Conference of the Association for Computer Aided Design in Architecture|ACADIA: reForm(): Build. Better Tomorrow - Proc. Annu. Conf. Assoc. Comput. Aided Des. Archit.. (pp. 278-280). Boca Raton, Florida, USA: Universal Publishers. . Publication link: e810dc50-6fa5-48b2-a672-dc0b9d7cdb32


  • Yaneva, A., Gleiter, J. H. (Ed.), Korrek, N. (Ed.), & Zimmermann, G. (Ed.) (2008). Obsolete Ways of Designing?: Scale Models at the Time of Digital Media Technologies. In Die Realität des Imaginären: Architektur und das digitale Bild. (pp. 83-91). Weimar: Verlag der Bauhaus-Universitat Weimar. . Publication link: 3e8edb29-4c36-4431-a885-fc1ac5b87686
  • Yaneva, A. (2008). How Buildings ‘Surprise’: the Renovation of the Alte Aula in Vienna. Science Studies, 21(1), 8-28. . Publication link: 888c2a09-9032-4f61-a5d3-a47902ebdfda
  • Yaneva, A., & Guy, S. (2008). Understanding Architecture, Accounting Society: A Dialogue of Architectural Studies and Science and Technology Studies. Science Studies (Print), 21(1), 3-8. . Publication link: 67b144d2-4c62-4e00-830b-ab75b40d7690
  • Yaneva, A., Latour, B., & Geiser, R. (Ed.) (2008). Give me a Gun and I will Make All Buildings Move: An ANT’s View of Architecture. In Explorations in Architecture: Teaching, Design, Research. (pp. 80-89). Basel: Birkhäuser. . Publication link: b43e60ff-8186-4f61-804b-0c317df5e164


  • Yaneva, A., Swenarton, M. (Ed.), Troiani, I. (Ed.), & Webster, H. (Ed.) (2007). Towards a New Understanding of Architecture of Addition: The Unrealized Extensions of Whitney Museum of American Art. In The Politics of Making. (pp. 159-168). Routeledge: Taylor & Francis Books Ltd. . Publication link: 21a4e205-df1f-4e0b-b3c9-c98497530edf


  • Yaneva, A., Hinterwaldner, I. (Ed.), & Buschhaus, M. (Ed.) (2006). Shaped by Constraints: Composite Models in Architecture. In The Picture’s Image. Wissenschaftliche Visualisierung als Komposit. (pp. 68-84). Munchen: Wilhelm Fink Verlag. . Publication link: 455c9db9-9ffa-4f86-a342-22b6da773ae0



  • Yaneva, A. (2004). Birds Make Traps for Humans: Hanimann’s Techniques of Artistic Entrapment. In Birdwatching. (pp. 65-76). Zürich: Neue Kunsthalle St.Gallen, Edition Fink. . Publication link: 3336f3cd-0600-4d71-942b-8bbde5d97fc9



  • Yaneva, A., Latour, B. (Ed.), & Weibel, P. (Ed.) (2002). Challenging the visitor to get the image. In Iconoclash, Beyond the Image War in Art, Science and Religion. (pp. 421-422). MIT Press. . Publication link: db7e5708-a3c6-4faf-ac3a-15e926b5bc76


  • Yaneva, A., & Hennion, A. (2000). Savoirs rares, objets de qualité, artisans d’exception : définir la qualité pour la maintenir et la produire. (Conseil des métiers d’art, DAP/DAPA-Ministère de la culture). Paris: CSI, ENSMP.. Publication link: 8b974d20-9c89-452a-ae8c-2fa15b35f0a9