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Prof Andrew Doig - publications

List of publications





  • Amijee, H., Bate, C., Williams, A., Virdee, J., Jeggo, R., Spanswick, D., ... Doig, A. J. (2012). The N-methylated peptide SEN304 powerfully inhibits Aβ(1-42) toxicity by perturbing oligomer formation. Biochemistry, 51(42), 8338-8352. DOI: 10.1021/bi300415v. Publication link: 0416fc98-b14b-455f-8324-e62e754b2414


  • Altamore, T. M., Fernández-García, C., Gordon, A. H., Hübscher, T., Promsawan, N., Ryadnov, M. G., ... Gallagher, T. (2011). Random-coil:α-helix equilibria as a reporter for the Lewis X-Lewis X interaction. Angewandte Chemie - International Edition, 50(47), 11167-11171. DOI: 10.1002/anie.201101055. Publication link: ccaf7ffa-c798-4d24-a7a3-edbbf0c4d20b
  • Kinalwa, M., Blanch, E. W., & Doig, A. J. (2011). Determination of protein fold class from Raman or Raman optical activity spectra using random forests. Protein Science, 20(10), 1668-1674. DOI: 10.1002/pro.695. Publication link: d16934fd-25d6-4d1f-9364-41865356634f




  • Doig, A. J. (2008). Statistical thermodynamics of the collagen triple-helix/coil transition. Free energies for amino acid substitutions within the triple-helix. Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 112(47), 15029-15033. DOI: 10.1021/jp805979k. Publication link: ac518cbd-228e-40ad-8495-84629b7bf11e
  • Madine, J., Doig, A. J., & Middleton, D. A. (2008). Design of an N-methylated peptide inhibitor of α-synuclein aggregation guided by solid-state NMR. Journal of the American Chemical Society, 130(25), 7873-7881. DOI: 10.1021/ja075356q. Publication link: ca427e19-220e-498b-a5b4-88bdd8f89d6e
  • Madine, J., Hughes, E., Doig, A. J., & Middleton, D. A. (2008). The effects of alpha-synuclein on phospholipid vesicle integrity: a study using 31P NMR and electron microscopy. Molecular membrane biology, 25. . Publication link: d1507ae5-b6eb-48d8-9e31-e0d64921ccb8



  • Kokkoni, N., Stott, K., Amijee, H., Mason, J. M., & Doig, A. J. (2006). N-methylated peptide inhibitors of β-amyloid aggregation and toxicity. Optimization of the inhibitor structure. Biochemistry, 45(32), 9906-9918. DOI: 10.1021/bi060837s. Publication link: 14e465fa-7ffe-4e40-8f28-92ebb90b9f34
  • Iqbalsyah, T. M., Moutevelis, E., Warwicker, J., Errington, N., & Doig, A. J. (2006). The CXXC motif at the N terminus of an α-helical peptide. Protein Science, 15(8), 1945-1950. DOI: 10.1110/ps.062271506. Publication link: 83512248-5e9a-4a14-af7d-022f78c7d6bb | PubMed:16877711
  • Madine, J., Doig, A. J., & Middleton, D. A. (2006). A study of the regional effects of α-synuclein on the organization and stability of phospholipid bilayers. Biochemistry, 45(18), 5783-5792. DOI: 10.1021/bi052151q. Publication link: d99fc3af-5d88-4453-bb5c-4f9b8ce10c92






  • Andrew, C. D., Penel, S., Jones, G. R., & Doig, A. J. (2001). Stabilizing nonpolar/polar side-chain interactions in the α-helix. Proteins: Structure, Function and Bioinformatics, 45(4), 449-455. DOI: 10.1002/prot.1161. Publication link: 429506fd-a018-4a06-8538-f41376a820d5 | PubMed:11746692
  • Errington, N., Iqbalsyah, T. I., & Doig, A. J. (2001). Structure and Stability of the alpha-Helix. Lessons for Design. In Methods in Molecular Biology. (pp. 3-26). Humana Press. . Publication link: 0e1bafe9-d767-4816-9c15-3637ed48d0ea
  • Penel, S., & Doig, A. J. (2001). Rotamer strain energy in protein helices - Quantification of a major force opposing protein folding. Journal of Molecular Biology, 305(4), 961-968. DOI: 10.1006/jmbi.2000.4339. Publication link: 0701424d-bdd5-4e81-918e-b0eb7abecb79 | PubMed:11162106
  • Cochran, D. A., & Doig, A. J. (2001). Effect of the N2 residue on the stability of the alpha-helix for all 20 amino acids.Protein science : a publication of the Protein Society, 10(7). . Publication link: 74c87458-df27-4236-a26f-d9a29c85821c | PubMed:11420432
  • Doig, A. J., Andrew, C. D., Cochran, D. A., Hughes, E., Penel, S., Sun, J. K., ... Jones, G. R. (2001). Structure, stability and folding of the alpha-helix. In host publication.. Publication link: dfeb4c91-a911-4be1-8570-2340ce0bad84 | PubMed:11573350
  • Cochran, D. A. E., Penel, S., & Doig, A. J. (2001). Effect of the N1 residue on the stability of the α-helix for all 20 amino acids. Protein Science, 10(3), 463-470. DOI: 10.1110/ps.31001. Publication link: b0eb086c-4ff8-4aca-bb42-d3915d42362f | PubMed:11344315


  • Hughes, E., Burke, R. M., & Doig, A. J. (2000). Inhibition of toxicity in the β-amyloid peptide fragment β-(25-35) using N-methylated derivatives. A general strategy to prevent amyloid formation. Journal of Biological Chemistry, 275(33), 25109-25115. DOI: 10.1074/jbc.M003554200. Publication link: b7bf4b0a-536c-41f8-9fe1-9777e101b39a | PubMed:10825171
  • Sun, J. K., Penel, S., & Doig, A. J. (2000). Determination of alpha-helix N1 energies after addition of N1, N2, and N3 preferences to helix/coil theory.Protein science : a publication of the Protein Society, 9(4). . Publication link: fbe0ea0b-6c2b-4892-8dd4-e620d2148e62 | PubMed:10794417
  • Blanch, E. W., Morozova-Roche, L. A., Cochran, D. A. E., Doig, A. J., Hecht, L., & Barron, L. D. (2000). Is polyproline II helix the killer conformation? A Raman optical activity study of the amyloidogenic prefibrillar intermediate of human lysozyme. Journal of Molecular Biology, 301(2), 553-563. DOI: 10.1006/jmbi.2000.3981. Publication link: f791f92b-167f-47d5-987f-bd6307aab0a0 | PubMed:10926527



  • Sun, J. K., & Doig, A. J. (1998). Addition of side-chain interactions to 3(10)-helix/coil and alpha-helix/3(10)-helix/coil theory.Protein science : a publication of the Protein Society, 7(11). . Publication link: e77418c9-62f9-468b-8459-59e3ed59275f | PubMed:9828003



  • Rohl, C. A., & Doig, A. J. (1996). Models for the 3(10)-helix/coil, pi-helix/coil, and alpha-helix/3(10)-helix/coil transitions in isolated peptides.Protein science : a publication of the Protein Society, 5(8). . Publication link: 782ce802-4083-474f-8068-acc066a36e1f | PubMed:8844857


  • Doig, A. J., & Sternberg, M. J. E. (1995). Side-chain conformational entropy in protein folding. Protein Science, 4(11), 2247-2251. . Publication link: c8319849-4ccc-496c-90ef-84336b7b8eb6 | PubMed:8563620
  • Doig, A. J., & Baldwin, R. L. (1995). N- and C-capping preferences for all 20 amino acids in alpha-helical peptides.Protein science : a publication of the Protein Society, 4(7). . Publication link: 12e57a5a-e0ae-49ca-a701-9142f4bc94b7 | PubMed:7670375
  • Stapley, B. J., Rohl, C. A., & Doig, A. J. (1995). Addition of side chain interactions to modified Lifson-Roig helix-coil theory: Application to energetics of phenylalanine-methionine interactions. Protein Science, 4(11), 2383-2391. . Publication link: 03269640-752b-44fc-91ab-f7dc4cd964b0 | PubMed:8563636


  • Doig, A. J., Chakrabartty, A., Klingler, T. M., & Baldwin, R. L. (1994). Determination of free energies of N-capping in alpha-helices by modification of the Lifson-Roig helix-coil therapy to include N- and C-capping.Biochemistry, 33(11). DOI: 10.1021/bi00177a033. Publication link: 91c650b8-f7c0-4072-8437-067b767f76c4 | PubMed:8136377