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Prof David Denison - postgraduate opportunities

Current supervision

I have been particularly interested in supervising research projects in the syntax or semantics of English, especially if they concern change – whether the time period(s) involved are past or present.  For my other principal research interests, see the Research tab.


Current research students

Mary Begley (joint supervision with David Matthews), 'Semantic change in the lexical field of madness'. E-mail: mary dot begley at postgrad dot manchester dot ac dot uk

[Henri Kauhanen (joint supervision for first year+, continuing under the supervision of George Walkden, Ricardo Bermúdez-Otero and Tobias Galla), 'Neutrality, biases and social network effects in language change'. E-mail: henri dot kauhanen at postgrad dot manchester dot ac dot uk]

Former research students

Linda van Bergen, 'Pronouns and word order in Old English, with particular reference to the indefinite pronoun man'. PhD 2000 (publ. Routledge, 2003), then 3-year BA post-doc. Lectureship at Edinburgh.

Pauline Harries (joint spvsn with Kersti Börjars; later stages KEB sole supervisor), 'The distribution of definiteness markers and the growth of syntactic structure from Old Norse to Modern Faroese'. PhD 2015. Lectureship at UCLAN.

Marije van Hattum (joint spvsn with Nuria Yáñez-Bouza), 'Irish English modal verbs from the 14th to the 20th centuries'. PhD 2012. Lectureship at Liverpool Hope, followed by post-doc at Lausanne.

Willem Hollmann (joint spvsn with Bill Croft), 'Synchrony and diachrony of English periphrastic causatives: a cognitive perspective'. PhD 2003. Senior lectureship at Lancaster.

Ayumi Miura (joint spvsn with Nuria Yáñez-Bouza), 'Verbs of emotion and impersonals in Old and Middle English: A diachronic study in the syntax-semantics interface'. PhD 2011 (publ. OUP, 2015). Post at Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, now associate professorship at Kansai Gaidai University. E-mail: amiura at kansaigaidai dot ac dot jp

Emma Moore (joint spvsn with Richard Hogg), 'Learning style and identity: a sociolinguistic analysis of a high school'. PhD 2003. Senior lectureship at Sheffield.

Petra Storjohann (joint spvsn with Martin Durrell), 'Diachronic comparative lexical field analysis of verbs of locomotion from Old High German and Old English to the present: a paradigmatic and syntagmatic approach'. PhD 2001 (publ. Peter Lang , 2003). Post at Institut für Deutsche Sprache, Mannheim (IDS).

Junichi Toyota, 'Diachronic change in the passive: conceptual development and gradience'. PhD 2004. Post at Lund University, followed by posts at International Christian University, Tokyo, and Osaka City University.

Makoto Yamashita, 'On the history of synthetic compounds in English'. PhD 2002. Retired and back in Japan.

Nuria Yáñez Bouza, 'Preposition stranding and prescriptivism in English from 1500 to 1900: a corpus-based approach'. PhD 2007 (much-revised version publ. CUP, 2015). Lectureship at Manchester / Ramón y Cajal research fellowship at Vigo.