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Prof David Hulme - postgraduate opportunities

PhD Students

Current PhD Students

Abdulai Abdul-Gafaru - The state and poverty in Northern Ghana
Admire Nyamwanza - Adapting to climate change in the Zambezi Valley, Zimbabwe
L Peter Ragno - Social protection in urban Bangladesh: an analysis of the old age pension scheme
Mohammed Eusuf - Dynamics of Urban Poverty in Bangladesh
Mathilde Maitrot - Corporate governance and the social performance of MFIs in Bangladesh
Moustafa Khalil - Islamic organisations and poverty reduction in Egypt
Ganga Tilakaratna - The role of microfinance in poverty reduction in Sri Lanka
You-Ah Chung - The political economy of South Korean foreign aid

Completed PhD Students

Lucy Scott (2007 to 2010) - The Chars Livelihoods Programme and poverty reduction in Bangladesh
Daniel Neff (2005-2009) - A comparison of objective and subjective methods of assessing poverty
Alessandro Conticini (2002-2005)- Why do children in Bangladesh migrate to the street?
Jonathan Goodhand (1998-2005) - The role of NGOs in peace-building: a comparison of Afghanistan and Sri Lanka
Hiroko Tanaka (2000-2005) - Poverty reduction in Thailand: a comparison of universal and targeted approaches
Linda Norgrove (2000-2004) - Resisting the park: community conservation at Mount Elgon, Uganda
Admos Chimhowu (1999-2003) - Livelihood dynamics on land settlement schemes in Zimbabwe
Lauchlan Munro (1998-2001) - An evaluation of social protection programmes in Zimbabwe
Trevor Rees (1997-2001) - Community conservation in India: a study of World Bank Ecodevelopment Schemes
Takayuki Sahara (1996-2000) - Institutional development approaches in Japanese foreign aid
Amani Abou-Zeid (1996-2000) - A technical and political assessment of the Egyptian Social Fund
Jorge Barenstein (1996-2000) - Strengthening local government in Bangladesh: a fuzzy set analysis
Christopher Southgate (1994-1998) - Local governance and conservation at Kimana Swamp, Kenya
Mubina Khondkar (1995-1998) - Womens empowerment and microfinance in Bangladesh
Orovu Sepoe (1994-1998) - Womens empowerment and social change in Papua New Guinea
Deryck Brown (1993-1996) - Institutional development of enterprise promotion agencies in the Caribbean
Graeme Buckley (1992-1996) - Indigenous enterprise and microfinance in Africa
Md Noore Alam Siddiquee (1990-1994) - Decentralisation and development in Bangladesh: a study of the Upazila system

PhD Supervision

I supervise several PhD students and recruit 1 or 2 more each year. My students need to be very bright, well-organised and commited to creating useful knowledge.

At present I am especially keen to supervise students with interests in state effectiveness and improving governance; social protection; the analysis of ultra-poverty and policies to tackle ultra poverty; and, disability in low income countries.