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Prof Horst Zank - research

Research interests

Specific research interests:

Keywords: Decision Theory, Choice under Risk and Uncertainty, Social Choice and Welfare, Poverty Measurement, Game Theory, Experimental and Behavioural Economics.

Current research projects:

  • Pan, J. C.S. Webb and H. Zank "Separation of Risk and Time Preferences: A Parametric Approach."
  • Pan, J., C.S. Webb and H. Zank "Liminal Discounting."
  • Werner, K.M. and H. Zank "Foundations for General Prospect Theory through Probability Midpoint Consistency."
  • Schmidt, U. and H. Zank "Chance Theory: A Separation of Attitudes towards Risk and Wealth." 
  • Webb, C.S. and H. Zank "Using Proper Scoring Rules to Measure Loss Aversion." 
  • Dutta, I., L.S. Roope, and H. Zank "Endogenous Poverty Lines."