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Prof James Thompson - publications

List of publications



  • Thompson, J., Barnes, H. (Ed.), & Coetzee, M-H. (Ed.) (2014). Introduction – Why These Stories – Or Singing the Songs of Freedom?. In Applied Drama/Theatre as Social Intervention in Conflict and Post-Conflict Contexts. (pp. xvi-xix). Newcastle: Cambridge Scholars Publishing.
    . Publication link: 0689509e-a7e1-4cc7-abcd-48422841a671
  • Thompson, J. (2014). Humanitarian Performance: From Disaster Tragedies to Spectacles of War. (Enactments). UK/US/India: University of Chicago Press.
    . Publication link: cad6c60f-79c9-4698-8918-8a75b7a872ad
  • Thompson, J., Rellstab, D. (Ed.), & Schlote, C. (Ed.) (2014). Questions on Performances: In Place of War.In Representations of War, Migration, and Refugeehood. (pp. 183-190). London: Routledge.
    . Publication link: 0ad5d451-953a-4009-9796-60decd0b109c




  • Thompson, J. (2009). Performance Affects: Applied Theatre and the End of Effect. London: Palgrave MacMillan.
    . Publication link: 2033f30e-23ae-46c6-b134-22c1aa0d3fe5
  • Thompson, J., Hughes, J., & Balfour, M. (2009). Performance In Place of War. (Enactments). London/Chicago: Seagull Books.
    . Publication link: 313c36e5-ac8a-4820-ad5e-eba4e692954b
  • Thompson, J., & Jennings, S. (Ed.) (2009). 'Ah pavu! Nathiye' Respecting silence and the performances of not-telling.In Dramatherapy and Social Theatre, Necessary Dialogues. (pp. 48-62). London: Routledge.
    . Publication link: c00cf848-aeba-406b-bd55-ee151eca7eb5


  • Thompson, J., Preston, S. (Ed.), & Prentki, T. (Ed.) (2008). The ends of Applied Theatre: Incidents of cutting and chopping. In The Applied Theatre Reader. (pp. 116-124). London: Routledge.
    . Publication link: 14e4378f-e6e2-4258-b399-432ec1fd8745


  • Thompson, J., Anheier, H. (Ed.), & Isar, Y. R. (Ed.) (2007). Performance, Globalization and Conflict Promotion/Resolution: Experiences from Sri Lanka. In The Cultures and Globalization Series - Vol 1: Conflicts and Tensions. London: Sage.. London: Sage.
    . Publication link: 65182c72-1687-44bc-88d0-6acdc6e99b88



  • Thompson, J. (2005). We're Not Canute's Courtiers: a personal response to the tsunami.TDR: the journal of performance studies, T186, 5-9.
    . Publication link: 0e56f5bf-e693-4454-b3a0-9d3af198ef24
  • Thompson, J. (2005). Digging up Stories: Applied theatre, performance and war. UK: Manchester University Press.
    . Publication link: 4e5436d0-3ebb-488b-b0e9-5d5aae940349
  • Thompson, J., Korhonen, P. (Ed.), & Airaksinen, R. (Ed.) (2005). Ugly and Brutal: Theatre of Relief, Reconciliation and Liberation in places of war. In Hyvä Hankaus: teatterilähtöiset menetelmät oppimisen ja osallisuuden mahdollisuuksina. Teatterikorkeakoulu TeaterHogskolan.
    . Publication link: d4d704b4-83fb-4766-a10c-cadd3a51fe65




  • Thompson, J., Bernadi, C. (Ed.), Dragone, M. (Ed.), & Schinina, G. (Ed.) (2002). Becoming ethical: Sri Lanka, Theatre and War / Questione di etica: teatro e guerra in Sri Lanka. In War Theatres and Actions for Peace: Community-Based Dramaturgy and the Conflict Scene / Teatri de Guerra e azioni di Pace: la Dramaturgia Communitaria e la Scena del Conflitto. EuresisEdizioni.
    . Publication link: db99e7bb-5c6b-4d7c-9e19-83be60ca2435
  • Thompson, J., & McMurran, M. (Ed.) (2002). Motivating Offenders to Change Through Theatre. In Motivating Offenders to Change. Wiley and Sons.
    . Publication link: 29b54acd-5e39-4068-aa16-7846f0fa80e7