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Prof Julian Thomas - publications

List of publications


  • Thomas, J. (2015). The future of archaeological theory.Antiquity, 89(348).
    . Publication link: 349cf178-2c9d-4e6e-9d6b-f1ce5933f41f
  • Thomas, J., Renfrew, C. (Ed.), Boyd, M. (Ed.), & Morley, I. (Ed.) (2015). House societies and founding ancestors in Early Neolithic Britain. In Death Rituals, Social Order and the Archaeology of Immortality in the Ancient World: Death Shall Have No Dominion. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
    . Publication link: 20bcb40d-b81a-449a-a872-a857b7223354
  • Thomas, J., Hillerdal, C. (Ed.), & Siapkas, J. (Ed.) (2015). Why are archaeologists discussing 'the death of theory'?. In Debating Archaeological Empiricism. London: Routledge.
    . Publication link: c43f0cfd-d4bd-4b07-85ad-67bda462785b
  • Thomas, J., Fowler, C. (Ed.), Harding, J. (Ed.), & Hofmann, D. (Ed.) (2015). What do we mean by 'Neolithic societies'?. In The Oxford Handbook of Neolithic Europe. (pp. 1073-1092). Oxford: Oxford University Press.
    . Publication link: 8b9b7996-5ffb-45bc-a688-c06117b09e43
  • Thomas, J. (2015). Frightful neighbourhood.Antiquity, 89, 977-979. DOI:
    . Publication link: f19215f7-b44d-4820-bdf3-9678e682e2b0
  • Thomas, J. (2015). Dunragit and Droughduil: A Neolithic Monumental Complex in South-West Scotland. Oxford: Oxbow Books.
    . Publication link: 617b2092-ff9e-4619-bc2a-0f0768bbf797



  • Thomas, J., & Anderson-Whymark, H. (Ed.) (2012). Regional Perspectives on Pit Deposition: Beyond the Mundane. Oxford: Oxbow Books.
    . Publication link: 7353884a-7afc-4abb-b0bd-be89148a60cb
  • Thomas, J. (2012). In the house of the living. Unknown Journal, (2867), 32-33.
    . Publication link: 85eb8906-6ff1-466d-8b31-cfe5466a1804
  • Thomas, J., Fardon, R. (Ed.), Harris, O. (Ed.), Marchand, T. H. J. (Ed.), Nuttall, M. (Ed.), Shore, C. (Ed.), ... Wilson, R. A. (Ed.) (2012). Anthropology and archaeology. In The SAGE Handbook of Social Anthropology. (pp. 138-153). London: Sage.
    . Publication link: 82b20d6b-2929-49d1-81f1-7eea6b48c042
  • Thomas, J., Sanches, M. J. (Ed.), Cunha-Ribeiro, J. P. (Ed.), & Monteiro-Rodrigues, S. (Ed.) (2012). Archaeology and the politics of tradition. In Discursos em Arqueologia. (pp. 135-146). Porto: Coimbra.
    . Publication link: ad15f2b8-5965-4cd3-a496-241a7dd9880f
  • Thomas, J., & Anderson-Whymark, H. (Ed.) (2012). Introduction: beyond the mundane?. In Regional Perspectives on Neolithic Pit Deposition: Beyond the Mundane. (pp. 1-12). Oxford: Oxbow Books.
    . Publication link: 1cd61565-1733-4e27-8826-e7eecd8a1030
  • Thomas, J. (2012). Some deposits are more structured than others. Archaeological Dialogues, 19(2), 124-127. DOI:
    . Publication link: 5484815b-c8d9-44cc-ae30-0815e573fc83
  • Thomas, J., Guerra, M. A. R. (Ed.), Pena, R. G. (Ed.), & Lagran, I. G. M. D. (Ed.) (2012). Los monumentos megaliticos de Europa.In El Neolítico En La Península Ibérica Y Su Contexto Europeo. (pp. 55-70). Madrid: Catedra.
    . Publication link: b0d977c9-c35b-49c0-a78f-0d60f8bb692c
  • Thomas, J. (2012). 解釈考古学: 先史社会の時間・文化・アイデンティティ [単行本] (Time, Culture and Identity): Japanese translation of 'Time, Culture and Identity'. Tokyo: 同成社.
    . Publication link: d208d8ae-849a-414a-9f25-e1171a2c470a


  • Thomas, J., & Insoll, T. (Ed.) (2011). Ritual and religion in the Neolithic. In The Oxford Handbook of the Archaeology of Ritual and Religion. (pp. 361-386). Oxford: Oxford University Press.
    . Publication link: f2ccb76e-abd4-46a8-a616-ecb6796fc06d


  • Thomas, J. (2010). The return of the rinyo-clacton folk? The cultural significance of the Grooved Ware complex in Later Neolithic Britain. Cambridge Archaeological Journal, 20(1), 1-15. DOI:10.1017/S0959774310000016
    . Publication link: 6e56c5e7-40e0-4d78-aab1-82821999b2b7
  • Thomas, J., Garrow, D. (Ed.), & Yarrow, T. (Ed.) (2010). Commentary: walls and bridges.In Archaeology and Anthropology: Understanding Similarities, Exploring Differences. (pp. 179-184). Oxford: Oxbow Books.
    . Publication link: 3cc89874-70a0-4087-bcc3-f653d8af7b4d


  • Thomas, J., Marshall, P., Pearson, M. P., Pollard, J., Richards, C., Tilley, C., & Welham, K. (2009). The date of the greater stonehenge cursus. Antiquity, 83(319), 40-53.
    . Publication link: f9c25c2a-1aa1-4d85-90ec-d33416fc7a88
  • Thomas, J., & Jorge, V. (Ed.) (2009). Archaeology and the Politics of Vision in a Post-Modern Context. Cambridge: Cambridge Scholar's Press.
    . Publication link: 43c8deda-a67a-49cc-a5ac-89efd9993521
  • Thomas, J., Holtorf, C. (Ed.), & Piccini, A. (Ed.) (2009). Sigmund Freud's archaeological metaphor and archaeology's self-understanding.In Contemporary Archaeologies: Excavating Now. (pp. 33-45). London: Peter Lang.
    . Publication link: 301dde6a-9eed-4164-a67e-58b394cb3442
  • Pearson, M. P., Chamberlain, A., Jay, M., Marshall, P., Pollard, J., Richards, C., ... Welham, K. (2009). Who was buried at stonehenge?. Antiquity, 83(319), 23-39.
    . Publication link: 72b9bbef-6a61-4a75-9bf4-78827adb8414
  • Thomas, J., & Jorge, V. (Ed.) (2009). On the ocularcentrism of archaeology.In Archaeology and the Politics of Vision in a Post-Modern Context. (pp. 1-12). Cambridge: Cambridge Scholar's Press.
    . Publication link: 1d1cf4ea-979e-45f2-8fd5-57213a6e850b
  • Thomas, J. (2009). Response to Appel and Darmark: evolution and material culture. Current Swedish Archaeology, 17, 41-46.
    . Publication link: e9847ef7-ad52-4e9d-a29b-0cba0c87895e


  • Thomas, J. S., & Pollard, J. (Ed.) (2008). The Mesolithic-Neolithic transition in Britain. In Prehistoric Britain. (pp. 58-89). Oxford: Blackwell.
    . Publication link: aea9013b-0dcc-4ce9-91eb-1dd2564ede10
  • Thomas, J., & David, B. (Ed.) (2008). Handbook of Landscape Archaeology. (World Archaeological Congress Research Handbooks in Archaeology). Walnut Creek: Left Coast Press.
    . Publication link: 03b7aba1-62fa-4ce4-b44e-71878e7d3a9f
  • Thomas, J. S. (2008). Comments on ‘Past Practices: Rethinking Individuals and Agents in Archaeology’ by A.B. Knapp and P. van Dommelen. Cambridge Archaeological Journal, 18.
    . Publication link: 74974f60-24ed-4471-9367-fc8e9cf710af
  • Thomas, J., & David, B. (Ed.) (2008). Archaeology, landscape and dwelling. In Handbook of Landscape Archaeology. (pp. 300-306). Walnut Creek: Left Coast Press.
    . Publication link: 09db7d56-420b-44e1-8243-382c5eca8b26
  • Thomas, J., Parker Pearson, M., Pollard, J., Richards, C., Tilley, C., & Welham, K. (2008). The Stonehenge Riverside Project: exploring the Neolithic landscape of Stonehenge.Documenta Praehistorica, 35, 153-166.
    . Publication link: 21db4c50-f744-4a23-a1c9-b6d7ce5ff03e
  • Thomas, J., & David, B. (2008). Landscape archaeology: introduction. In Handbook of Landscape Archaeology. (pp. 27-43). Walnut Creek: Left Coast Press.
    . Publication link: c175f2fb-5e78-4c9c-9f4a-526d0d7123bb


  • Thomas, J., J, S., & Jorge, V. (2007). Overcoming the Modern Conception of Material Culture. ADECAP.
    . Publication link: d825a1e0-7b98-40d4-859c-2f3c01c11446
  • Thomas, J. S. (2007). Place and Memory: Excavations at the Pict's Knowe, Holywood and Holm Farm, Dumfries and Galloway, 1994-8. Oxford: Oxbow Books.
    . Publication link: 5a6297af-bbfa-43bd-8ae4-229027f422aa
  • Thomas, J., Larsen, M. (Ed.), & Pearson, M. P. (Ed.) (2007). The internal features at Durrington Walls: investigations in the Southern Circle and Western Enclosures 2005-6.In From Stonehenge to the Baltic: Living with Cultural Diversity in the Third Millennium BC. (pp. 145-158). Oxford: British Archaeological Reports.
    . Publication link: 307f2371-4df2-4ebd-b396-71d37a1c1382
  • Pearson, M. P., Cleal, R., Marshall, P., Needham, S., Pollard, J., Richards, C., ... Richards, M. (2007). The age of Stonehenge. Antiquity, 81(313), 617-639.
    . Publication link: 108c971f-f255-4cb1-afa5-be1b62ee0fe1
  • Thomas, J. (2007). Mesolithic-Neolithic transitions in Britain: From essence to inhabitation. Proceedings of the British Academy, 144, 423-439. DOI:10.5871/bacad/9780197264140.003.0022
    . Publication link: 71fbec03-7c83-4206-9ef5-3e9c3cb8745f
  • Thomas, J. S. (2007). The trouble with material culture. Journal of Iberian Archaeology, 9/10, 11-24.
    . Publication link: c226befc-4069-4ec8-a691-f730f4ff618f


  • Thomas, J. S. (2006). Gene-flows and social processes: the potential of genetics and archaeology. Documenta Prehistorica, 33, 51-59.
    . Publication link: 17d495a6-4eec-4e91-a285-2592b7017134
  • Thomas, J. S., Tilley, C. (Ed.), Keane, W. (Ed.), Kuchler, S. (Ed.), Rowlands, M. (Ed.), & Spyer, P. (Ed.) (2006). Phenomenology and material culture. In Handbook of Material Culture. (pp. 43-59). London: Sage.
    . Publication link: 373ac85e-58fe-468b-a265-b19296ccae3b
  • Thomas, J. (2006). On the origins and development of cursus monuments in Britain. Proceedings of the prehistoric Society, 72, 229-241.
    . Publication link: a515f46a-076f-4af8-b0f5-be05b8aeed5f
  • Thomas, J. S. (2006). From dwelling to building. Journal of Iberian Archaeology, 8, 349-359. DOI:10.5026/jgeography.117.479
    . Publication link: 435f7497-cdd6-467e-a066-0733f656c2f6
  • Pearson, M. P., Pollard, J., Richards, C., Thomas, J., Tilley, C., & Welham, K. (2006). Stonehenge, its river and its landscape: Unravelling the mysteries of a prehistoric sacred place. Archaologischer Anzeiger, 1, 237-258.
    . Publication link: ee265412-5e8c-479d-a730-cb98ae46405e
  • Pearson, M. P., Pollard, J., Richards, C., Thomas, J., Tilley, C., Welham, K., & Albarella, U. (2006). Materializing Stonehenge: The Stonehenge Riverside Project and new discoveries. Journal of Material Culture, 11(1-2), 227-261. DOI:10.1177/1359183506063024
    . Publication link: 96c9c38b-2d83-4630-8f2e-275f72be913b
  • Thomas, J. S. (2006). A reply to Christopher Witmore, Håkon Glørstad, Søren Kjørup and Ola W. Jensen. Norwegian archaeological Review, 39, 62-69.
    . Publication link: 3afe05f1-d7f8-4ce9-8275-efe7136a581f


  • Thomas, J. S. (2005). Ambiguous symbols: why there were no figurines in Neolithic Britain. Documenta Prehistorica, 32, 167-175.
    . Publication link: 79a6f5a6-6e01-4884-8ad2-0902c9b20168
  • Thomas, J. S., Rojo-Guerra, M. G-P. (Ed.), & R. García-Martínez De, I. (Ed.) (2005). Ceremonies of the horsemen? From megalithic tombs to Beaker burials in prehistoric Europe.In Bell Beakers in the Iberian Peninsula and Their European Context. (pp. 107-135). University of Valladolid.
    . Publication link: 58049e6f-a6f3-4118-903b-2f110fd46d2f
  • Thomas, J. S., Funari, P. (Ed.), Zarankin, A. (Ed.), & Stovel, E. (Ed.) (2005). Materiality and the social. In Global Archaeological Theory: Contextual Voices and Contemporary Thoughts. (pp. 11-18). Kluwer.
    . Publication link: 9d11cbcd-5c8b-4fb3-8173-680a2686a77e
  • Thomas, J., & Jones, A. (2005). Comments VIII: Between 'material qualities' and 'materiality'. Archaeometry, 47(1), 198-207. DOI:10.1111/j.1475-4754.2005.195-8.x
    . Publication link: 066fd5f1-d7ca-4b0c-9d3d-7ba7a5b23025


  • Thomas, J. S. (2004). Recent debates on the Mesolithic-Neolithic transition in Britain and Ireland.Documenta Praehistorica, 31.
    . Publication link: 019590a6-6028-4e76-9e66-6bf4ceb6353f
  • Thomas, J. S., & Bintliff, J. (Ed.) (2004). The great dark book: archaeology, experience and interpretation. In A Companion to Archaeology. Blackwell.
    . Publication link: efa32049-61ab-41e3-8e47-ca2b35f9d89b
  • Thomas, J., Schnapp, J., Shanks, M., & Tiews, M. (2004). Archaeology, modernism, modernity editors' introduction to "archaeologies of the modern," a special issue of modernism/modernity. Routledge.
    . Publication link: 0904c541-4917-4cbd-8740-fb1d646c8cb9
  • Thomas, J. S., & Matsumoto, N. (Ed.) (2004). Identity, power and material culture in Neolithic Britain. In Cultural Diversity and the Archaeology of the 21st Century. Society of Archaeological Studies.
    . Publication link: 9eab1fb8-5a76-4e5c-8b1f-bfbc6efe52d9
  • Thomas, J. S., & Matsumoto, N. (Ed.) (2004). Archaeology, modernity and society. In Cultural Diversity and the Archaeology of the 21st Century. Society of Archaeological Studies.
    . Publication link: 5ea8dcab-2df3-4c4e-9f26-829612e8109e
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    . Publication link: 3d37abdb-18fc-4751-bf6f-050ebf92962d
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    . Publication link: a436bf2e-1d54-48b8-a488-2281a6cc6af8
  • Thomas, J. S. (2004). Archaeology?s place in modernity.Modernism/Modernity, 11, 17-34. DOI:10.1353/mod.2004.0028
    . Publication link: 9a6ff597-7537-4bfc-b81c-2bed9fde543b
  • Thomas, J. S., Cleal, R. (Ed.), & Pollard, J. (Ed.) (2004). The later Neolithic architectural repertoire: the case of the Dunragit complex. In Monuments and Material Culture: Papers on Neolithic and Bronze Age Britain in Honour of Isobel Smith,. Hobnob Press.
    . Publication link: 49d2f2a4-3deb-48a3-80d1-9712472af9ca
  • Thomas, J. S., Renfrew, C. (Ed.), & Bahn, P. (Ed.) (2004). Notions of the person. In Archaeology: The Key Concepts,. Routledge.
    . Publication link: d833d414-d72f-436b-8fd3-c3a3435e091c
  • Thomas, J. S., & Royo, A. L. Y. (Ed.) (2004). Materiality, authenticity, and skilled engagement: a commentary. In Archaeology and Performance. Traumwerk.
    . Publication link: dca3feee-8274-46db-8e5a-bada2d48599e


  • Thomas, J. (2003). Thoughts on the 'repacked' neolithic revolution. Antiquity, 77(295), 67-74.
    . Publication link: b28dc12c-3326-429e-b7bf-2a2a16cd7b07
  • Thomas, J. S., & Pearson, M. P. (Ed.) (2003). In the Kinship of Cows: the Social Centrality of Cattle in the Earlier Neolithic of Southern Britain. In Food, Culture and Identity in the Neolithic and Early Bronze Age. British Archaeological Reports.
    . Publication link: 882ff27e-8d1a-4599-b9d9-25b24c43febd


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    . Publication link: d1f0e091-9220-4573-b5c4-a752852544ff
  • Thomas, J. S., & M., O. (Ed.) (2002). Taking power seriously. In The Dynamics of Power. Southern Illinois University Press.
    . Publication link: aa220661-96f5-43a1-86d1-1d83214284f1


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    . Publication link: 84f325c5-f681-488e-92cd-a45ecb1354a1
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    . Publication link: 0c634a79-05d3-49e4-a9d1-4ff01ce4d94d



  • Thomas, J. S. (1998). The socio-semiotics of material culture. Journal of Material Culture, 3.
    . Publication link: c851bce7-8198-499c-a294-2643d4306df1
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    . Publication link: 51a0781f-4b84-4f28-be43-fff66808f28e