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Prof Julian Thomas - publications

List of publications


  • Thomas, J., Debert, J., & Larsson, M. (Eds.) (2016). In Dialogue: Tradition and Interaction in the Mesolithic-Neolithic Transition. Oxford: Archaeopress (British Archaeological Reports).. Publication link: b6ff5005-a210-47b4-859c-f4e050a0dba0
  • Thomas, J. (2016). Expanding a Neolithic landscape: Dorstone Hill, Herefordshire. Current Archaeology, (321), 16-17. . Publication link: c61899d8-f5ea-455b-ba78-802083348f90
  • Thomas, J. (2016). Cattle, consumption and causewayed enclosures: Response to Parmenter, Johnson and Outram. World Archaeology, 48, 1-16. DOI: 10.1080/00438243.2016.1229214. Publication link: 70c7a8a5-56a6-4e97-acc0-fbf75005be02
  • Thomas, J. (2016). House societies and the beginning of the British Neolithic. In J. Thomas, J. Debert, & M. Larsson (Eds.), In Dialogue: Tradition and Interaction in the Mesolithic-Neolithic Transition. (pp. 3-10). Oxford: Archaeopress (British Archaeological Reports). . Publication link: 165cce39-ff5b-4db1-af19-feec6dc0a5b0


  • Thomas, J. (2015). A Neolithic ceremonial complex in Galloway: excavations at Dunragit and Droughduil, 1999-2002. Oxford: Oxbow Books.. Publication link: 617b2092-ff9e-4619-bc2a-0f0768bbf797
  • Thomas, J. (2015). What do we mean by 'Neolithic societies'? In C. F., J. H., & D. H. (Eds.), The Oxford Handbook of Neolithic Europe. (pp. 1073-1092). Oxford: Oxford University Press. . Publication link: 8b9b7996-5ffb-45bc-a688-c06117b09e43
  • Thomas, J. (2015). The future of archaeological theory.Antiquity, 89(348). . Publication link: 349cf178-2c9d-4e6e-9d6b-f1ce5933f41f
  • Thomas, J. (2015). House societies and founding ancestors in Early Neolithic Britain. In C. R., M. B., & I. M. (Eds.), Death Rituals, Social Order and the Archaeology of Immortality in the Ancient World: Death Shall Have No Dominion. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. . Publication link: 20bcb40d-b81a-449a-a872-a857b7223354
  • Thomas, J. (2015). Why are archaeologists discussing 'the death of theory'? In C. H., & J. S. (Eds.), Debating Archaeological Empiricism. London: Routledge. . Publication link: c43f0cfd-d4bd-4b07-85ad-67bda462785b
  • Thomas, J. (2015). Frightful neighbourhood.Antiquity, 89, 977-979. DOI: 10.15184/aqy.2015.78. Publication link: f19215f7-b44d-4820-bdf3-9678e682e2b0



  • Thomas, J. (2012). Archaeology and the politics of tradition. In M. J. S., J. P. C-R., & S. M-R. (Eds.), Discursos em Arqueologia. (pp. 135-146). Porto: Coimbra. . Publication link: ad15f2b8-5965-4cd3-a496-241a7dd9880f
  • Thomas, J. (2012). Los monumentos megaliticos de Europa. In M. A. R. G., R. G. P., & I. G. M. D. L. (Eds.), El Neolítico En La Península Ibérica Y Su Contexto Europeo. (pp. 55-70). Madrid: Catedra. . Publication link: b0d977c9-c35b-49c0-a78f-0d60f8bb692c
  • Thomas, J. (2012). 解釈考古学: 先史社会の時間・文化・アイデンティティ [単行本] (Time, Culture and Identity): Japanese translation of 'Time, Culture and Identity'. Tokyo: 同成社.. Publication link: d208d8ae-849a-414a-9f25-e1171a2c470a
  • Thomas, J. (2012). Introduction: beyond the mundane? In H. A-W. (Ed.), Regional Perspectives on Neolithic Pit Deposition: Beyond the Mundane. (pp. 1-12). Oxford: Oxbow Books. . Publication link: 1cd61565-1733-4e27-8826-e7eecd8a1030
  • Thomas, J. (2012). Some deposits are more structured than others. Archaeological Dialogues, 19(2), 124-127. DOI: Publication link: 5484815b-c8d9-44cc-ae30-0815e573fc83
  • Thomas, J. (2012). In the house of the living. Unknown Journal, (2867), 32-33. . Publication link: 85eb8906-6ff1-466d-8b31-cfe5466a1804
  • Thomas, J. (2012). Anthropology and archaeology. In R. F., O. H., T. H. J. M., M. N., C. S., V. S., & R. A. W. (Eds.), The SAGE Handbook of Social Anthropology. (pp. 138-153). London: Sage. . Publication link: 82b20d6b-2929-49d1-81f1-7eea6b48c042
  • Thomas, J., & Anderson-Whymark, H. (Ed.) (2012). Regional Perspectives on Pit Deposition: Beyond the Mundane. Oxford: Oxbow Books.. Publication link: 7353884a-7afc-4abb-b0bd-be89148a60cb


  • Thomas, J., & Insoll, T. (Ed.) (2011). Ritual and religion in the Neolithic. In T. I. (Ed.), The Oxford Handbook of the Archaeology of Ritual and Religion. (pp. 361-386). Oxford: Oxford University Press. . Publication link: f2ccb76e-abd4-46a8-a616-ecb6796fc06d


  • Thomas, J. (2010). The return of the rinyo-clacton folk? The cultural significance of the Grooved Ware complex in Later Neolithic Britain. Cambridge Archaeological Journal, 20(1), 1-15. DOI: 10.1017/S0959774310000016. Publication link: 6e56c5e7-40e0-4d78-aab1-82821999b2b7
  • Thomas, J. (2010). Commentary: walls and bridges. In D. G., & T. Y. (Eds.), Archaeology and Anthropology: Understanding Similarities, Exploring Differences. (pp. 179-184). Oxford: Oxbow Books. . Publication link: 3cc89874-70a0-4087-bcc3-f653d8af7b4d


  • Thomas, J. (2009). Sigmund Freud's archaeological metaphor and archaeology's self-understanding. In C. H., & A. P. (Eds.), Contemporary Archaeologies: Excavating Now. (pp. 33-45). London: Peter Lang. . Publication link: 301dde6a-9eed-4164-a67e-58b394cb3442
  • Thomas, J., & Jorge, V. (Ed.) (2009). Archaeology and the Politics of Vision in a Post-Modern Context. Cambridge: Cambridge Scholar's Press.. Publication link: 43c8deda-a67a-49cc-a5ac-89efd9993521
  • Thomas, J. (2009). On the ocularcentrism of archaeology. In V. J. (Ed.), Archaeology and the Politics of Vision in a Post-Modern Context. (pp. 1-12). Cambridge: Cambridge Scholar's Press. . Publication link: 1d1cf4ea-979e-45f2-8fd5-57213a6e850b
  • Pearson, M. P., Chamberlain, A., Jay, M., Marshall, P., Pollard, J., Richards, C., ... Welham, K. (2009). Who was buried at stonehenge?Antiquity, 83(319), 23-39. . Publication link: 72b9bbef-6a61-4a75-9bf4-78827adb8414
  • Thomas, J. (2009). Response to Appel and Darmark: evolution and material culture. Current Swedish Archaeology, 17, 41-46. . Publication link: e9847ef7-ad52-4e9d-a29b-0cba0c87895e
  • Thomas, J., Marshall, P., Pearson, M. P., Pollard, J., Richards, C., Tilley, C., & Welham, K. (2009). The date of the greater stonehenge cursus. Antiquity, 83(319), 40-53. . Publication link: f9c25c2a-1aa1-4d85-90ec-d33416fc7a88


  • Thomas, J., & David, B. (2008). Landscape archaeology: introduction. In Handbook of Landscape Archaeology. (pp. 27-43). Walnut Creek: Left Coast Press. . Publication link: c175f2fb-5e78-4c9c-9f4a-526d0d7123bb
  • Thomas, J. S. (2008). The Mesolithic-Neolithic transition in Britain. In J. P. (Ed.), Prehistoric Britain. (pp. 58-89). Oxford: Blackwell. . Publication link: aea9013b-0dcc-4ce9-91eb-1dd2564ede10
  • Thomas, J., & David, B. (Ed.) (2008). Handbook of Landscape Archaeology. (World Archaeological Congress Research Handbooks in Archaeology). Walnut Creek: Left Coast Press.. Publication link: 03b7aba1-62fa-4ce4-b44e-71878e7d3a9f
  • Thomas, J. (2008). Archaeology, landscape and dwelling. In B. D. (Ed.), Handbook of Landscape Archaeology. (pp. 300-306). Walnut Creek: Left Coast Press. . Publication link: 09db7d56-420b-44e1-8243-382c5eca8b26
  • Thomas, J. S. (2008). Comments on ‘Past Practices: Rethinking Individuals and Agents in Archaeology’ by A.B. Knapp and P. van Dommelen. Cambridge Archaeological Journal, 18. . Publication link: 74974f60-24ed-4471-9367-fc8e9cf710af


  • Thomas, J. S. (2007). Place and Memory: Excavations at the Pict's Knowe, Holywood and Holm Farm, Dumfries and Galloway, 1994-8. Oxford: Oxbow Books.. Publication link: 5a6297af-bbfa-43bd-8ae4-229027f422aa
  • Thomas, J. (2007). Mesolithic-Neolithic transitions in Britain: From essence to inhabitation. Proceedings of the British Academy, 144, 423-439. DOI: 10.5871/bacad/9780197264140.003.0022. Publication link: 71fbec03-7c83-4206-9ef5-3e9c3cb8745f
  • Pearson, M. P., Cleal, R., Marshall, P., Needham, S., Pollard, J., Richards, C., ... Richards, M. (2007). The age of Stonehenge. Antiquity, 81(313), 617-639. . Publication link: 108c971f-f255-4cb1-afa5-be1b62ee0fe1
  • Thomas, J. (2007). The internal features at Durrington Walls: investigations in the Southern Circle and Western Enclosures 2005-6. In M. L., & M. P. P. (Eds.), From Stonehenge to the Baltic: Living with Cultural Diversity in the Third Millennium BC. (pp. 145-158). Oxford: British Archaeological Reports. . Publication link: 307f2371-4df2-4ebd-b396-71d37a1c1382
  • Thomas, J., & Jorge, V. (2007). Overcoming the Modern Conception of Material Culture. ADECAP.. Publication link: d825a1e0-7b98-40d4-859c-2f3c01c11446
  • Thomas, J. S. (2007). The trouble with material culture. Journal of Iberian Archaeology, 9/10, 11-24. . Publication link: c226befc-4069-4ec8-a691-f730f4ff618f


  • Pearson, M. P., Pollard, J., Richards, C., Thomas, J., Tilley, C., & Welham, K. (2006). Stonehenge, its river and its landscape: Unravelling the mysteries of a prehistoric sacred place. Archaologischer Anzeiger, 1, 237-258. . Publication link: ee265412-5e8c-479d-a730-cb98ae46405e
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  • Thomas, J. S. (2006). A reply to Christopher Witmore, Håkon Glørstad, Søren Kjørup and Ola W. Jensen. Norwegian archaeological Review, 39, 62-69. . Publication link: 3afe05f1-d7f8-4ce9-8275-efe7136a581f
  • Thomas, J. S. (2006). Gene-flows and social processes: the potential of genetics and archaeology. Documenta Prehistorica, 33, 51-59. . Publication link: 17d495a6-4eec-4e91-a285-2592b7017134


  • Thomas, J., & Jones, A. (2005). Comments VIII: Between 'material qualities' and 'materiality'. Archaeometry, 47(1), 198-207. DOI: 10.1111/j.1475-4754.2005.195-8.x. Publication link: 066fd5f1-d7ca-4b0c-9d3d-7ba7a5b23025
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