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Prof Maia Green - publications

List of publications




  • Green, M., & Mosse, D. (Ed.) (2011). Calculating Compassion. Accounting for Some Categroical Practices in International Development. In 2011 Calculating Compassion: Accounting for Some Categorical Practices in International Development, in Mosse, D (ed) Adventures in Aidland: Adventures in Aidland :The Anthropology of Professionals in International Development,. (1 ed., Vol. 1, pp. 33-58). London: Berghahn. . Publication link: 7d92329f-1258-4e9c-8918-5762a1d6f408



  • Green, M. (2009). Doing development and writing culture: Exploring knowledge practices in international development and anthropology. Anthropological Theory, 9(4), 396-417. DOI: 10.1177/1463499609356043. Publication link: 00d06c53-09b9-49d8-881a-4715693dca43
  • Green, M., Hulme, D. (Ed.), Addison, T. (Ed.), & Kanbur, R. (Ed.) (2009). The Social Distribution of Sanctioned Harm: Thinking Through Chronic Poverty, Durable Poverty and Destitution. In Poverty Dynamics : Interdisciplinary Perspectives. (pp. 327). Oxford University Press. . Publication link: 82f94dde-c3da-4f40-940d-4863c1fc94c2
  • Green, M. (2009). Government Through Time. Partcipation and Poverty Reduction in Tanzania. (CPRC Working Papers; No. 147). Manchester.. Publication link: d5de604b-6ba0-4429-b3d2-4755fcb7177c



  • Green, M. (2007). Destitution, Social Relations and Social Ordering. Rethinking POverty and Destitution. In host publication.. Publication link: aa66db81-8f5e-4e7b-bdc6-88cf987f54ed
  • Green, M. (2007). Witchraft, Anthropology and Order. Reapprasing Gluckman. In host publication.. Publication link: 4e3bf178-ff8b-48fe-8164-b547e1f9fc04
  • Green, M. (2007). Delivering Discourse. Some Ethnographic Reflections on the Practice of Policy Making in International Development. Critical Policy Studies, 1(2), 139-153. . Publication link: 4a5f15e7-4a77-4090-8a05-f8d37d732cdc




  • Green, M. (2004). "Applying Anthropology to Development". Anthropology in Action: The Journal for Applied Anthropology in Policy and Practice, 11(1). . Publication link: 9a96f04f-e67c-4bc9-b150-c54f8a4e7d7b
  • Green, M. (2004). A Discourse on Inequality. Witchcarft as Public Bad in Tanzania. In host publication.. Publication link: bebe4250-ddfe-4a21-9b77-b40ffd9cf9f8


  • Green, M. (2003). International Development, Social Analysis ... and Anthropology? Applying Anthropology in and to Development. In host publication.. Publication link: c3535a8f-a215-47d9-962a-5aa2c34ceded
  • Green, M. (2003). Priests, Witches,Power: Popular Christianity and after Mission in Tanzania. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.. Publication link: b901fe95-3a61-4d69-b2bb-699925e4ab44
  • Green, M. (2003). After Ujamaa: Development Continuities and the Representation of Power in Post Socialist Tanzania. In host publication.. Publication link: afeab7d8-245d-43fd-97f9-5fe6308fac73
  • Green, M. (2003). Out of Darkness Towards Light? Envisioning Progress in Contemporary Tanzania. In host publication.. Publication link: 3dad63f4-aa72-4383-a62b-e101c6a7b1f4
  • Green, M. (2003). Presenting Poverty, Attacking Representations. Anthropological Percpectives on Poverty in Development. (CPRC Working Papers). Manchester.. Publication link: 1e43a584-7195-4624-995f-d026b1075523
  • Green, M. (2003). Globalizing development in Tanzania: Policy franchising through participatory project management. Critique of Anthropology, 23(2), 123-143. DOI: 10.1177/0308275X03023002001. Publication link: 6761c5df-7066-4171-a7f1-a42f739c2574




  • Green, M. (1999). Trading on inequality: Gender and the drinks trade in southern Tanzania. Africa, 69(3), 403-425. . Publication link: 291b6641-80e8-42ba-bff7-2167bffcd347
  • Green, M., Moore, H. S. (Ed.), & T. Kaare, B. (Ed.) (1999). Women's Work is Weeping: Contemporary Constructions of Gender in a Catholic Community. In Those who play with fire. Gender, Fertility and Transformation in East and Southern Africa. London: Athlone. . Publication link: 62c52324-3bf5-4b00-a1e9-c9e6d88b7c2d
  • Green, M. (1999). Public Reform and the Privatisation of Poverty; Some Institutional Determinants of Health Seeking Behaviour in Southern Tanzania. Culture, Medicine and Psychiatry, 24(4). . Publication link: a39dda7e-b9be-454d-8da6-901487c5da8c
  • Green, M., Loizos, . U. (Ed.), Heady, P. (Ed.), & P., . U. (Ed.) (1999). Procreation Theories and their Implications: Overcoming the Absent father in Southern Tanzania. In Conceiving Persons. Ethnographies of procreation, Fertility and growth. London: Athlone. . Publication link: ec7409bf-11e2-4234-953c-d6eec197ba09


  • Green, M. (1998). Too Sick Too Long: Why People Avoid the Hospital in Southern Taanzania. Tanzania Journal of Population Studies and development, 5 (1 & 2). . Publication link: 1c0e328e-6edf-455a-8810-bac976314420


  • Green, M. (1997). Witchcraft suppression practices and movements: Public politics and the logic of purification. Comparative Studies in Society and History, 39(2), 319-345. . Publication link: e9724229-9506-4a4d-9b8a-078b6475db47


  • Green, M. (1996). Medicines and the embodiment of substances among pogoro catholics, southern tanzania. Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute, 2(3), 485-498. . Publication link: f6d7fad3-b823-4608-91eb-ccbb47d2aa4e


  • Green, M. (1995). Why Christianity is the Religion of Business. Perceptions of the Church among Pogoro Catholics, Southern Tanzania. Journal of Religion in Africa, 25(1), 25-47. . Publication link: e2bff9fe-8649-4319-ba9a-460da1f861e0


  • Green, M., & Abrahams, R. G. (Ed.) (1994). Shaving Witchcraft in Ulanga. Kunyolewa and the Catholic Church. In Witchcraft in Contemporary Tanzania. (pp. 45). Cambridge: African Studies Centre. . Publication link: 4e3e20b5-2835-4dfa-bede-b19d96baf5f7