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Prof Maia Green - publications

List of publications

Authored book

  • Maia Green. The Development State. Aid, Culture and Civil Society in Tanzania. African Issues. James Currey, 2014. eScholarID:254165
  • Green, M. Priests, Witches,Power: Popular Christianity and after Mission in Tanzania. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2003. eScholarID:4b75

Book contribution

  • Maia Green. "2012 Framing and Escaping: Knowledge Work in Anthropology and in International Development." In Differentiating Development, ed. Yarrow, T & Venkatesen, S, 42-57. Oxford: Berghahn, 2012. eScholarID:176899
  • Maia Green. "Calculating Compassion. Accounting for Some Categroical Practices in International Development." In 2011 Calculating Compassion: Accounting for Some Categorical Practices in International Development, in Mosse, D (ed) Adventures in Aidland: Adventures in Aidland :The Anthropology of Professionals in International Development, ed. David Mosse, 33-58. London: Berghahn, 2011. eScholarID:234898
  • Green, M. "The Social Distribution of Sanctioned Harm: Thinking Through Chronic Poverty, Durable Poverty and Destitution." In Poverty Dynamics : Interdisciplinary Perspectives, ed. Hulme, D, Addison, T & Kanbur, R, 309.Oxford University Press, 2009. eScholarID:3b3667
  • Green, M. "International Development, Social Analysis and Anthropology? Applying Anthropology in and to Development." In Applications of Anthropology, ed. Pink, S, London: Berghahn, 2005. eScholarID:3b743
  • Green, M. "Social development: Issues and approaches." In Development theory and practice, Critical Perspectives, ed. Kothari, U. Minogue, M, 52-70. Basingstoke: Palgrave, 2002. eScholarID:3b169
  • Green, M. "Procreation Theories and their Implications: Overcoming the Absent father in Southern Tanzania." In Conceiving Persons. Ethnographies of procreation, Fertility and growth, ed. Loizos, P. Heady, P, 47-67. London: Athlone, 1999. eScholarID:3b1667
  • Green, M. "Women's Work is Weeping: Contemporary Constructions of Gender in a Catholic Community." In Those who play with fire. Gender, Fertility and Transformation in East and Southern Africa, ed. Moore, H. Sanders, T. Kaare, B, 255-280. London: Athlone, 1999. eScholarID:3b1666
  • "Shaving Witchcraft in Ulanga. Kunyolewa and the Catholic Church." In Witchcraft in Contemporary Tanzania, ed. R G Abrahams, 23. Cambridge: African Studies Centre, 1994. eScholarID:83824

Journal article

  • Maia Green. "Anticipatory Development: Mobilizing Civil Society in Tanzania." Critique of Anthropology 32, no. 3(2012) : 309-333. eScholarID:176887 | DOI:10.1177/0308275X12449107
  • Green, M, Mercer, C & Mesaki, S. "Faith in Forms: Civil Society Evangelism and Development in Tanzania." Development in Practice 22, no. 5-6(2012) . eScholarID:164389 | DOI:10.1080/09614524.2012.685866
  • Green, M, Mercer, C, Mitlin, D & Kothari, U. "Saving, Spending and Future Making. Time, Discipline and Money in Development." Environment and Planning A 44, no. 7(2012) : 1641-1656. eScholarID:176901 | DOI:10.1068/a44640
  • "After Ujamaa? Cultures of Governance and the Representation of Power in Tanzania." Social Analysis 54, no. 1(2010) : 15-34. eScholarID:83813 | DOI:10.3167/sa.2010.540102
  • "Making Development Agents: Participation as Boundary Object in International Development." Journal of Development Studies 46, no. 7(2010) . eScholarID:83812 | DOI:10.1080/00220388.2010.487099
  • "Doing development and writing culture : Exploring knowledge practices in international development and anthropology." Anthropological Theory 9, no. 4(2009) : 395-417. eScholarID:83814 | DOI:10.1177/1463499609356043
  • Green, M. "Delivering Discourse. Some Ethnographic Reflections on the Practice of Policy Making in International Development." Critical Policy Studies 1, no. 2(2007) : 139-153. eScholarID:1b6707
  • Green, M. "Confronting Categorical Assumptions About The Power of Religion in Africa." Review of African Political Economy 110(2006) : 635-650. eScholarID:1b6708 | DOI:10.1080/03056240601119018
  • Green, M. "Presenting Poverty, Attacking Representations. Anthropological Perspectives on Poverty in Development." Journal of Development Studies 42 (7)(2006) : 1108-1129. eScholarID:1b6709 | DOI:10.1080/00220380600884068
  • Green, M. "A Discourses on Inequality: poverty, public bads and entrenching witchcraft in post-adjustment Tanzania." Anthropological Theory 5(3)(2005) : 247-266. eScholarID:1b4000 | DOI:10.1177/1463499605055959
  • Hulme, D., Green, M. "From Correlates and Characteristics to Causes: Thinking About Poverty from a Chronic Poverty Perspective." World Development 33(6)(2005) : 867-879. eScholarID:1b3029
  • Green, M., Simeon Mesaki. "The Birth of the "Salon": Poverty, "Modernization" and Dealing with Witchcraft in Southern Tanzania." American Ethnologist 32(3)(2005) . eScholarID:1b3999 | DOI:10.1525/ae.2005.32.3.371
  • Green, M. ""Applying Anthropology to Development"." Anthropology in Action: The Journal for Applied Anthropology in Policy and Practice 11(1)(2004) : 17-18. eScholarID:1b3998
  • Green, M. "Globalizing Development in Tanzania : Policy Franchising through Participatory Project Management." Critique of Anthropology 23(2)(2003) : 123-143. eScholarID:1b1485 | DOI:10.1177/0308275X03023002001
  • Green, M. "Remembering Christ and the Economy of Salvation: Interpreting Communion in Southern Tanzania." Culture and religion(2002) . eScholarID:1b344 | DOI:10.1080/01438300208567191
  • Green, M. "Anthropology and Development, Editorial." Critique of Anthropology 20(1)(2000) : 1-3. eScholarID:1b1486
  • Green, M. "Participatory Development, Change and the Appropriation of Agency in Southern Tanzania." Critique of Anthropology 20 (1)(2000) : 67-86. eScholarID:1b2952
  • Green, M. "Public Reform and the Privatisation of Poverty; Some Institutional Determinants of Health Seeking Behaviour in Southern Tanzania." Culture, Medicine and Psychiatry 24(4)(1999) : 403-430. eScholarID:1b323
  • Green, M. "Trading on Inequality. Gender and the Drinks Trade in Southern Tanzania." Africa 69 (3)(1999) : 83-114. eScholarID:1b2951
  • Green, M. "Too Sick Too Long: Why People Avoid the Hospital in Southern Taanzania." Tanzania Journal of Population Studies and development 5 (1 & 2)(1998) : 1-22. eScholarID:1b2950
  • Green, M. "Witchcraft Suppression Practices and Movements: Public Politics and the Logic of Purification." Comparative Studies in Society and History Vol. 39 No.3(1997) : pp. 319-345. eScholarID:1b2943
  • Green, M. "Medicines and the Embodiment of Substances among Pogoro Catholics, Southern Tanzania." Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute 2(1996) : pp 1-14. eScholarID:1b2953
  • "Why Christianity is the Religion of Business. Perceptions of the Church among Pogoro Catholics, Southern Tanzania." Journal of Religion in Africa 25, no. 1(1995) : 25-47. eScholarID:83821
  • "Mau Mau Oathing Rituals and Politcial Ideology in Kenya: A Reanalysis." Africa 60, no. 1(1990) : 69-87. eScholarID:83820
  • Green, M. "Practicas e Movimentos de Suppresao de Feiticaria: Processos Publicos e a Logica de Purificao." Religao e Sociedade 19 (2)31-60. eScholarID:1b89

Conference contribution

  • Maia Green, Victorial Lawson. 2008. Care and Poverty. In Spaces of Care. University of Durham, UK. eScholarID:83829
  • 2008. Doing Development and Writing Culture. Knowledge Practcies in Anthropology and International Development. In American Anthropological Association Annual Meetings. San Francisco. eScholarID:83828
  • 2008. The Local Government of Chronic Poverty in Tanzania. In The Government of Chronic Poverty. Machester University. eScholarID:83826
  • 2007. Destitution, Social Relations and Social Ordering. Rethinking POverty and Destitution. In Wellbeing and Development. University of Bath. eScholarID:83831
  • 2007. Witchraft, Anthropology and Order. Reapprasing Gluckman. In Anthropology and History Workshop. University of Leeds. eScholarID:83830
  • 2006. Thinking Through Chronic Poverty and Destitution. In Conceptualising Poverty. Chronic Poverty Reseaarch Centre, Manchester. eScholarID:83833
  • 2005. Calculating Compassion. Accounting for Some Categorical Pratcies in International Development. In American Anthropological Association Annual Meetings. Washington DC. eScholarID:83839
  • 2004. A Discourse on Inequality. Witchcarft as Public Bad in Tanzania. In African Studies Association Annual Meetings. New Orleans. eScholarID:83852
  • Green, M. 2003. After Ujamaa: Development Continuities and the Representation of Power in Post Socialist Tanzania. eScholarID:2b78
  • Green, M. 2003. International Development, Social Analysis ... and Anthropology? Applying Anthropology in and to Development. eScholarID:2b76
  • Green, M. 2003. Out of Darkness Towards Light? Envisioning Progress in Contemporary Tanzania. In American Anthropological Association. Washington. eScholarID:2b77

Working paper

  • Maia Green. "Co Producing Ineffective States. Social KNowlegde, Social Policy and Social Citizenship in Africa and in Development." ESID Working Paper Series(2012) . eScholarID:177052
  • "Government Through Time. Partcipation and Poverty Reduction in Tanzania." CPRC Working Papers(2009) . eScholarID:83822
  • "Presenting Poverty, Attacking Representations. Anthropological Percpectives on Poverty in Development." CPRC Working Papers(2003) . eScholarID:83847


  • 2006. Improving Ooutcomes for Children Affected by HIV and AIDS. Recapacitating the State and Social Welfare in Africa. New York: UNICEF. eScholarID:83849
  • 2005. Strengthening National Responses to Chidlren Affected by HIV and AIDS: What is the Role of the State and Social Welfare in Africa?. Wilton Park/ UNICEF. eScholarID:83851