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Prof Nick Crossley - research

Research interests

Specific research interests:

  • Music worlds and sociology of music
  • Social networks and network analysis.
  • Relational sociology.

Current research projects:

  • Music worlds. I am currently finishing a book on punk and post-punk music worlds for Manchester University Press (Networks of Sound, Style and Subversion: the Punk and Post-Punk Worlds of Liverpool, London, Manchester and Sheffield, 1975-1980). I have written a number further articles exploring this idea of music worlds (which I adapt from Howard Becker's concept of 'Art Worlds') and plan to continue doing so, picking up themes and issues only touched upon or hinted at in the book and exploring a number of different worlds (additional to punk and post-punk). Much of my work in this area has explored the networked nature of worlds, using social network analysis. This will continue but I have an interest in other aspects of music worlds and intend to further explore these too.
  • Covert Social Networks. Several years ago I conducted a project on covert social movement networks with my colleagues, Rachel Stevenson, Gemma Edwards and Ellie Harries. We looked at networks of the UK suffragettes and also the Provisional IRA. Myself and three other colleagues (Martin Everett, Gemma Edwards and Johan Koskinen) have just been awarded a Leverhulme grant for a further study, this time looking at covert networks more generally. That work has just begun.
  • Complexity in the Real World. I am part of a large research team, spanning Sociology, the Institute For Social Change, Physics and the Policy Modelling Centre based at Manchester Met, who are looking at the potential for using complexity science in social research. The project is funded by the EPSRC and focuses upon the possibility of using agent-based and more abstract mathematical modelling techniques to make sense of the impact of immigration and ethnic diversity within a number of different situations.