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Prof Penelope Harvey - publications

List of publications



  • Ruppert, E., Harvey, P., Lury, C., Mackenzie, A., McNally, R., Baker, S., ... Lewis, C. (2015). Socialising Big Data: From concept to practice.. Publication link: de4dcfee-ae21-4b82-a282-636919bfa3d3
  • Harvey, P., & Pinker, A. (2015). Negotiating Uncertainty: neoliberal statecraft in contemporary Peru. Social Analysis, 59(4). DOI: 10.3167/sa.2015.590402. Publication link: abf88839-6b95-4a39-9607-0f6eaff6d756
  • Harvey, P., & Knox, H. (2015). Roads: An Anthropology of Infrastructure and Expertise. Ithaca: Cornell University Press.. Publication link: 2cf25418-0ee7-42a6-8f70-411b7792b483
  • Harvey, P., & Knox, H. (2015). Virtuous detachments in engineering practice - on the ethics of (not) making a difference. In T. Yarrow, M. Candea, C. Trundle, & J. Cook (Eds.), Detachment: Essays on the limits of relational thinking. Manchester University Press. . Publication link: 5653114d-d381-4ef5-8378-86cd3fe7475f


  • Harvey, P., & Dalakoglou, D. (2014). Roads and Anthropology: Ethnography, Infrastructures, (Im)mobility. London: Routledge.. Publication link: ed3fe0b5-0ce8-425b-925e-b6dd45545606


  • Harvey, P., Casella, E., Evans, G., Knox, H., Mclean, C., Silva, E., ... Woodward, K. (2013). Objects and Materials: A Routledge Companion. London: Routledge.. Publication link: dd889a8a-7105-46de-9f40-a4effc6cc0cb
  • Harvey, P. (2013). The Material Politics of Solid Waste: Decentralization and Integrated Systems. In Objects and Materials: A Routledge Companion. London: Routledge. . Publication link: cc34636d-d93c-4556-805a-64a7b61298ac
  • Harvey, P., Reeves, M., & Ruppert, E. (2013). ANTICIPATING FAILURE: Transparency devices and their effects. Journal of Cultural Economy, 6(3), 294-312. DOI: 10.1080/17530350.2012.739973. Publication link: 6f3729b8-b2e8-4ee8-a4c4-5c051cc7c629
  • Harvey, P. (2013). Anthropological Approaches to Contemporary Material Worlds. In Oxford Handbook of the Archaeology of the Contemporary World. Oxford: Blackwells. . Publication link: 0f4034c8-492d-411c-afe1-a910d8e19d51



  • Knox, H., & Harvey, P. (2011). Anticipating harm: Regulation and irregularity on a road construction project in the peruvian andes. Theory, Culture & Society: explorations in critical social science , 28(6), 142-163. DOI: 10.1177/0263276411420889. Publication link: c06660da-7848-4057-9663-ef4250259ad8


  • Venkatesan, S., Harvey, P., & Candea, M. (Ed.) (2010). Faith, reason and the ethics of craftsmanship: creating contingently stable worlds. In The social after Gabriel Tarde: debates and assessments. (pp. 129-142). London: Routledge. . Publication link: 9c4e970c-8a89-48ff-a62c-39adb384796f
  • Harvey, P., Knox, H., Dale, A. (Ed.), & Mason, J. (Ed.) (2010). Delivering Social Change: An anthropological approach to the ethnography of place. In Understanding Social Research: Thinking Creatively about Method. London: Sage. . Publication link: 916fab12-bae4-4ce8-be58-a93a87f8ab4e
  • Harvey, P., Edwards, J., & Wade, P. (2010). Technologized Images, Technologized Bodies. Oxford: Berghahn Books.. Publication link: 875d0b33-f0cb-4d9e-9fb8-a0e4bd2e1456
  • Harvey, P. (2010). Cementing relations: The materiality of roads and public spaces in provincial Peru. Social Analysis, 54(2), 28-46. DOI: 10.3167/sa.2010.540203. Publication link: 46ecd001-6390-4c87-b9ef-fcaacdaea42d



  • Harvey, P. M., & Poole, D. (Ed.) (2008). Language States. In Companion to Latin American Anthropology. (pp. 193-213). New York: Blackwell Publishing. . Publication link: 4005edfb-f30c-44f7-ac91-5474109efa65
  • Harvey, P., Bullen, M. (Ed.), & Mintegui, C. D. (Ed.) (2008). Relaciones Experimentales: la antopologia y la ciencia imprecisa de la ingenieria. In Retos Teoricos y Nuevas Practicas. (pp. 29-53). Donostia: ANKULEKI. . Publication link: 6d8f2767-7a05-4ad2-845e-9f9fa5ff408e
  • Harvey, P., Knox, H., & Harvey, P. (2008). "Otherwise Engaged": Culture, Deviance and the Quest for Connectivity through Road Construction. Journal of Cultural Economy, 1(1), 79-92. DOI: 10.1080/17530350801913726. Publication link: c05a8fd0-3da5-4716-a65c-119a36f50ba1


  • Harvey, P. (2007). Introduction: Expertise, Technology and Public Culture. sociological review, 55(1), 1-4. . Publication link: 5119d12a-a5ca-44ff-92c2-028362c1e94d
  • Harvey, P., Wade, P., & Edwards, J. (2007). Anthropology and Science: Epistemologies in Practice. Oxford: Berg.. Publication link: 65a3bbb3-50f9-4bb9-b347-3507949b8011
  • Harvey, P., Lien, M. (Ed.), & Melhuus, M. (Ed.) (2007). Arresting Mobility or Locating Expertise: "Globalisation" and the "Knowledge Society". In Holding Worlds Together: Ethnographies of Knowing and Belonging. (pp. 163-183). Oxford: Berghahn. . Publication link: bd02ba50-1b1c-41c5-a376-7665323708cb



  • Harvey, P. M., Bouquet, M. (Ed.), & Porto, N. (Ed.) (2005). Memorialising the Future at the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester. In Science, Magic and Religion: the Ritual Process of Museum Magic. (pp. 29-50). Oxford: Berghahn. . Publication link: 7d65ef4d-d6fd-4f74-8e1e-bd77b9d1ddaa
  • Harvey, P., Krohn-Hansen, C. (Ed.), & Nustad, K. (Ed.) (2005). The Materiality of State Effects: an Ethnography of a Road in the Peruvian Andes. In State Formation: Anthropological Explorations. (pp. 216-247). Cambridge: Pluto Press. . Publication link: ddf46c68-12e7-46ef-9c21-f37210d6bfba


  • Harvey, P. M., & Shore, C. (Ed.) (2003). Elites on the Margins: Mestizo Traders in the Southern Peruvian Andes. In Elite Cultures: Anthropological Perspectives. London: Routledge. . Publication link: 4080357f-3a5c-44f7-9f61-a979613f52d5


  • Harvey, P., P, M., Green, S., Agar, J., & Woolgar, S. (Ed.) (2002). From Cotton to Computers: the Social Contexts of Virtual Manchester. In Virtual Society. Oxford University Press. . Publication link: 96f3d1a7-7341-4276-8df5-3e57b3f55138
  • Green, S., Harvey, P., Agar, J., & Woolgar, S. (Ed.) (2002). From cotton to computers: the social contexts of virtual Mancheter. In Virtual Society? Technology, cyberbole, reality. (pp. 264-285). Oxford: Oxford University Press. . Publication link: 3c5e5eb8-8fe5-4392-b2d2-670dce1884fb


  • Harvey, P. M., Bender, B. (Ed.), & Winer, M. (Ed.) (2001). Landscape and Commerce: creating contexts for the exercise of power. In Contested Landscapes: Movement, Exile and Place. Oxford: Berg. . Publication link: 5f6a5058-a17e-413e-998d-9fd97beb1468
  • Harvey, P. M., Kruggeler, T., & Mucke, U. (2001). La construccion de la contradiccion y el anacronismo: la importancia de la ambiguedad en el sur andino del Peru contemporaneo. In Muchas Hispanoamericas: antropologia, historia y enfoques culturales en los estudios latinoamericanistas.. Publication link: 75e0ca90-69d2-40d5-94fb-b4bd4e283562


  • Harvey, P., P, M., & Porter, G. (1999). Infocities: from Information to Conversation. In On/Off + Across: Language, Identity and New Technologies. London: I. B. Tauris. . Publication link: 003007f9-4f45-45cd-923a-544b66113de9
  • Harvey, P. M., & Dilley, R. (Ed.) (1999). Culture and Context: The Effects of Visibility. In The Problem of Context, perspectives from Social Anthropology and Elsewhere. Oxford: Berghahn. . Publication link: 3b6cbac8-72da-4fdf-a5fe-010eb3a7ab45
  • Harvey, P., P, M., & Porter, G. (1999). From information to conversation in Cutting Edge Research Group. In On/Off + Across: Language, Identity and New technologies. London: I. B. Tauris. . Publication link: 27ee14fb-e260-4dc7-9ec8-53242ab00778
  • Harvey, P. M., & Isla, A. (Ed.) (1999). El Poder Seductor da la Violencia y de la Desigualdad. In Identity and Terror inLatin America. Brazil. . Publication link: e6f9e002-6d5c-441b-b655-116278a88d94


  • Harvey, P. M., Jackson, . U. (Ed.), Jones, S. (Ed.), & J., . U. (Ed.) (1998). Feminism and Anthropology. In Contemporary Feminist Theories. London: Macmillan. . Publication link: 102784d4-374c-4b1c-8fe9-0211fb77e12d


  • Harvey, P. M. (1997). Die Geschlechtliche Konstitution Von Gewalt: Eine vergleichende Studie uber Geschlecht und Gewalt'. Kolner, Zeitschrift fur Soziologie und Sozialpyschologie, Special Edition. . Publication link: b53e9d99-22ec-4e2f-85af-4bfb1304023b
  • Harvey, P. M., & Howard-Malverde, R. (Ed.) (1997). Peruvian Independence Day: Ritual, Memory and The Erasure of Narrative. In Creating Context in Andean Cultures. Oxford: Oxford University Press. . Publication link: dd3a6659-0465-404b-86af-af5fe16a69d3
  • Harvey, P. M., & Macdonald, S. (Ed.) (1997). Technology and Culture in Expo'92. In The Politics of Display. London: Manchester University Press. . Publication link: 9cc980bc-7639-4a65-8fde-e52f530d7cc8
  • Harvey, P. M. (1997). Technology as Skilled Practice: approaches from anthropology, psychology and history. Social Analysis, 41(1). . Publication link: 316e55b4-0fc8-4e14-83c2-83ba77be0615


  • Harvey, P. M. (1996). Hybrids of Modernity: Anthropology, the Nation State and the Universal Exhibition. London: Routledge.. Publication link: 4b20052f-15c9-438f-a364-796318561728
  • Harvey, P. M. (1996). Bulimia and Force Feeding: Contrasting Techniques of Revealing the Self. Renaissance and Modern Studies, 39. . Publication link: 99d4d5f5-22cc-4c06-ba04-e19178bafa69
  • Harvey, P. (1996). Multiculturalism without responsibility? The contemporary universal exhibition. Critical Quarterly, 38(3), 30-44. . Publication link: 74e1b6a4-b74e-43ff-9e33-65e219ee8cd1



  • Harvey, P., Cameron, D., Frazer, E., Rampton, B., & Richardson, K. (1992). Researching Language: Issues of Power and Method. London: Routledge.. Publication link: a7576dde-aa06-476e-99a7-6e1f21f3b502