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Prof Peter Pormann - publications

List of publications


  • Pormann, P. (2016). Al-Tarǧamāt al-Yūnānīya al-Suryānīya al-ʿArabīya li-l-nuṣūṣ al-ṭibbīya fī awāʾil al-ʿaṣr al-ʿAbbāsī. In P. Pormann, & P. Koetschet (Eds.), Našʾat al-Ṭibb al-ʿArabī fī l-qurūn al-wusṭā (La construction de la médecine arabe médiévale). (pp. 43-59). Beirut, Damascus, Cairo: IFPO. . Publication link: f1f38fbb-bac4-4a68-9838-1d1e0723d307
  • Pormann, P., & Koetschet, P. (Eds.) (2016). Našʾat al-Ṭibb al-ʿArabī fī l-qurūn al-wusṭā (La construction de la médecine arabe médiévale). Beirut, Damascus, Cairo: IFPO.. Publication link: ff8f5bb0-c59b-4529-b17d-9b54bb1da615




  • Pormann, P. E. (2013). review of: Glen M. Cooper, Galen, De Diebus Decretoriis, From Greek into Arabic: A Critical Edition, with Translation and Commentary, of Ḥunayn Ibn Isḥāq, Kitāb ayyām al-buḥrān, Medicine in the Medieval Mediterranean (Farnham: Ashgate, 2011). Journal of Islamic Studies, 24(1), 71-74. DOI: 10.1093/jis/ets073. Publication link: ed82cb09-2cab-4214-bd19-5b985bac0588
  • Pormann, P. E. (2013). Avicenna on Medical Practice, Epistemology, and the Physiology of the Inner Senses. In P. Adamson (Ed.), Interpreting Avicenna. (pp. 91-108). Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. . Publication link: c2ef26c5-8254-4778-a2b8-fd851b56a722
  • Pormann, P. E., Bhayro, S., & Sellers, W. I. (2013). Imaging the Syriac Galen Palimpsest: Preliminary Analysis and Future Prospects. Semitica et Classica, 6, 297-300. DOI: 10.1484/J.SEC.1.103745. Publication link: c86f4308-7e72-42a2-90d8-d031aeced3c7
  • Pormann, P. E. (2013). Classical Scholarship and Arab Modernity. In S. Humphreys, & R. Wagner (Eds.), Modernity’s Classics: Ruptures and Reconfigurations. (pp. 123-141). Heidelberg: Springer Verlag. . Publication link: 0f6af03a-0e21-4f3c-b1c3-55748121cb77
  • Pormann, P. E. (2013). Mirror of Health: Medical Science during the Golden Age of Islam. (1 ed.) London: Royal College of Physicians.. Publication link: 304f15e8-b815-4fdd-9c33-70a3177b5ca1
  • Pormann, P. E. (2013). Medical Epistemology and Melancholy: Rufus of Ephesus and Miskawayh. In W. V. Harris (Ed.), Mental Disorders in the Classical World. (pp. 223-243). Leiden: Brill. . Publication link: a44bd48e-6885-4d23-961f-20aec21028ad
  • Bhayro, S., Hawley, R., Kessel, G., & Pormann, P. E. (2013). The syriac galen palimpsest: Progress, prospects and problems. Journal of Semitic Studies, 58(1), 131-148. DOI: 10.1093/jss/fgs042. Publication link: 9a00107e-f395-4769-a6ce-a63168f958a5
  • Pormann, P. E. (2013). Qualifying and quantifying medical uncertainty in 10th-century Baghdad: Abu Bakr al-Razi. Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine, 106(9), 370-372. DOI: 10.1177/0141076813496515. Publication link: 82064f71-4c44-413f-acc5-f8c007658af8
  • Pormann, P. E. (2013). Hebrew Starrs. In S. Gunn (Ed.), The Treasures of Merton College. (pp. 24-5). Publication link: 7cbf5f87-46a8-4d08-90dd-343d68c0d74b


  • Adamson, P., & Pormann, P. E. (2012). More Heat than Light: Miskawayh’s Epistle on Soul and Intellect. Muslim World, 102(3-4), 478-524. . Publication link: 8f69e445-ed16-4a96-9134-2938b338e95d
  • Pormann, P. E. (2012). Epidemics in Context: Greek Commentaries on Hippocrates in the Arabic Tradition. (Scientia Graeco-Arabica). Berlin: de Gruyter.. Publication link: 611f8515-5be7-4eae-afe0-2c4e7349a777
  • Pormann, P. E. (2012). The Development of Translation Techniques from Greek into Syriac and Arabic: The Case of Galen’s On the Faculties and Powers of Simple Drugs, Book Six. In R. Hansberger, M. Afifi Al-Akiti, & C. Burnett (Eds.), Medieval Arabic Thought: Essays in Honour of Fritz Zimmermann. (1 ed., pp. 143-162). London: Warburg Institute. . Publication link: 17181b3d-b4f7-4156-9603-54d8095221d0
  • Pormann, P. E., Kessel, G., Bhayro, S., & Hawley, R. (2012). Collaborative Research on the Digital Syriac Galen Palimpsest. Semitica et Classica, 5, 261-265. DOI: 10.1484/J.SEC.1.103064. Publication link: 153e7e0b-d657-417e-af9d-891bd9e35cb5
  • Pormann, P. E., & Joosse, N. P. (2012). Commentaries on the Hippocratic Aphorisms in the Arabic Tradition: The Example of Melancholy. In Epidemics in Context: Greek Commentaries on Hippocrates in the Arabic Tradition. (1 ed., pp. 211-249). Berlin: de Gruyter. . Publication link: b417ef70-994e-4bbf-958f-9538bcb98d13
  • Adamson, P., & Pormann, P. E. (2012). The Philosophical Works of Al-Kindi: Studies in Islamic Philosophy. Karachi: Oxford University Press.. Publication link: d2263564-6be7-4012-9a8c-dfc2b459ee88
  • Joosse, N. P., & Pormann, P. E. (2012). Abd al-Laṭīf al-Baġdādī’s Commentary on Hippocrates’ “Prognostic ”:: A Preliminary Exploration. In Epidemics in Context: Greek Commentaries on Hippocrates in the Arabic Tradition. (1 ed., pp. 251-283). Berlin: de Gruyter. DOI: 10.1515/9783110259803.251. Publication link: d9c1446c-718d-4489-8e74-a749f629c121



  • Pormann, P. E. (2010). Medical education in late antiquity from Alexandria to Montpellier. In Studies in ancient medicine|Stud Anc Med. (Vol. 35, pp. 419-441). Leiden: Brill. . Publication link: b63f2bc5-a6e5-4fad-bf44-492ce6788e88
  • Pormann, P. E. (2010). The Dispute between the Philarabic and Philhellenic Physicians and the Forgotten Heritage of Arabic Medicine. In Islamic Medical and Scientific Tradition. (Vol. ii, pp. 283-316). Routledge. . Publication link: fb2631ea-e1db-4799-ad64-e293111bc472
  • Pormann, P. E. (2010). The continuing tradition of Arab humanism. International Journal of the Classical Tradition, 17(1), 95-103. DOI: 10.1007/s12138-010-0167-6. Publication link: 1e44ecd5-2d6e-4c75-8b11-6be4475dbb11
  • Joosse, N. P., & Pormann, P. E. (2010). Decline and decadence in Iraq and Syria after the age of avicenna? Abd al-latīf al-baghdādī (1162-1231) between myth and history. Bulletin of the History of Medicine, 84(1), 1-29. DOI: 10.1353/bhm.0.0310. Publication link: 950d4011-1fbe-40b0-8560-9f5dd756e093
  • Pormann, P. E. (2010). Islamic Hospitals in the Time of al-Muqtadir. In J. Nawas (Ed.), Abbasid Studies II: Occasional Papers of the School of ‘Abbasid Studies, Leuven, 28 June – 1 July 2004. (pp. 337-382). Leuven: Dudley. . Publication link: 623aca2b-df15-4f49-9f60-ec6ddc68b8ed
  • Pormann, P. E. (2010). Arabic Astronomy and the Copernican ‘Revolution’, review article of George Saliba, Islamic Science and the Making of the European Renaissance. Annals of Science, 67, 243-248. DOI: 10.1080/00033790902741641. Publication link: 5d04582e-663e-4c8c-94e7-5ed55a3f1506


  • Pormann, P. E. (2009). Female patients and practitioners in medieval Islam.The Lancet, 373(9675), 1598-1599. DOI: 10.1016/S0140-6736(09)60895-3. Publication link: 4a167e53-75df-459c-8b73-8de18233bd5c
  • Pormann, P. E. (2009). Al-Kaskarī (10th cent.) and the Quotations of Classical Authors: A Philological Study. In . I. Garofalo, A. Lami, & . A. Roselli (Eds.), Sulla tradizione indiretta dei testi medici greci: Atti del II Seminario Internazionale di Siena Certosa di Pontignano, 19–20 settembre 2008. (pp. 107-139). Rome: F Serra. . Publication link: 2a7b2402-b153-4fdd-b166-dbcaa116704c
  • Pormann, P. E. (2009). Aristotle’s Categories and the Soul: an Annotated Translation of al-Kindī’s That There are Separate Substances. In J. Dillon, & M. El Kaisy-Friemuth (Eds.), The Afterlife of the Platonic Soul. Reflections on Platonic Psychology in the Monotheistic Religions: Platonism, Neoplatonism and the Platonic Tradition. (pp. 95-106). Leiden: Brill. . Publication link: 274db3af-9ec9-4c53-abc6-3f8dbeefb328
  • Pormann, P. E. (2009). Classics and Islam: From Homer to al-Qaida. International Journal of the Classical Tradition, 84, 197-233. . Publication link: 8ac0c9fc-ac39-44b0-9260-e7d6718c3953
  • Pormann, P. E. (2009). David Colville. In Oxford Dictionary of National Biography. (Online ed.). Publication link: ada2928b-312e-4341-aa67-00f5fcc7d593


  • Pormann, P. E. (2008). Medisch Onderwijs in de Late Oudheid: Van Alexandrië naar Montpellier. Geschiedenis der Geneeskunde, 12, 175-180. . Publication link: 22f1648f-8473-4314-aa68-f8ea61ec7c2d
  • Pormann, P. E. (2008). Melancholy in the Medieval World: The Christian, Jewish, and Muslim Traditions. In Rufus of Ephesus: On Melancholy. (pp. 179-196). Tübingen: Mohr Siebeck. . Publication link: 0ac04ad1-daa6-4f34-addf-f0615853d21c
  • Pormann, P. E. (2008). Rufus of Ephesus: On Melancholy. (SAPERE). Tübingen: Mohr Siebeck.. Publication link: 4526916f-bbbe-4fdf-98ae-b0c79308382c
  • Pormann, P. E. (2008). ابن سرابيون: طبيب على مفترق طرق الحضارات بين الشرق والغرب (Ibn Serapion: A Physician at the Crossroads of Cultures between East and West. In al-Mašriq. (Vol. 82, pp. 343-359). Publication link: 4a1ba41f-2ffe-4988-a11e-0d97defcba03
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  • Pormann, P. E. (2008). الترجمات العربية لأعمال جالينوس بين التأريخ والتحديات: دراسة في المواضع الآلمة (Historical Aspects and Future Challenges for the Arabic Translations of Galen’s Works: Case Study on the Affected Parts). In O. F. Riyadh (Ed.), كلاسيكية (Classical Papers). (Vol. 8, pp. 59-76). Cairo. . Publication link: f3fc8cf4-c53a-4e8f-a282-4db25485c042
  • Pormann, P. E. (2008). Medical Methodology and Hospital Practice: The Case of Tenth-century Baghdad. In P. A. (Ed.), In the Age of al-Farabi: Arabic Philosophy in the 4th/10th Century. (pp. 95-118). London: Warburg Institute. . Publication link: d6800cac-aa5d-4646-9483-11dc32e3cbe8
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  • Pormann, P. E. (2008). Case notes and clinicians: Galen's commentary on the hippocratic Epidemics in the Arabic tradition. Arabic Sciences and Philosophy, 18(2), 247-284. DOI: 10.1017/S0957423908000568. Publication link: b408a8ea-ad88-4f30-aea5-1519501c01ec
  • Joosse, N. P., & Pormann, P. E. (2008). Archery, Mathematics, and Conceptualising Inaccuracies in Medicine in 13th Century Iraq and Syria. Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine, 101, 425-427. DOI: 10.1258/jrsm.2008.08k003. Publication link: ff307796-2d63-4e8e-9b9d-1f467a7b88f0


  • Pormann, P. E. (2007). The Arabic Homer: An Untold Story. Classical and Modern Literature, 27-44. . Publication link: e494d694-c30a-4594-b41e-839da0cf0d72
  • Pormann, P. E., Akasoy, A. (Ed.), & Montgomery, J. E. (Ed.) (2007). Islamic Crosspollinations: Interactions in the Medieval Middle East. Oxford: Oxbow Books.. Publication link: db3bdde2-f69e-4700-9f4c-5cbd1abd4769
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  • Pormann, P. E. (2007). روفس الإفسيسي وكتابه في المرة السوداء: المالنخوليا بين العبقرية والجنون (Rufus of Ephesus’ Book On Melancholy: Melancholy between Genius and Madness. In O. F. Riyadh (Ed.), كلاسيكية ٧: أعمال مؤتمر الاتجاهات الحديثة في الدراسات اليونانية واللاتينية (Classical Papers 7: The Proceedings of the Conference Modern Trends in Greek and Latin Studies. (pp. 331-346). Cairo. . Publication link: 1cf1eab2-796e-445b-9e8d-f03ea3781851
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