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Dr Stephen Fowler (MD) - research

Research interests

Asthma phenotyping

We are investigating the factors that are important in determining asthma severity and progression by collecting comprehensive longitudinal data in subjects with the asthma syndrome. Asthma phenotypes identified in this way will then be further defined in terms of both novel and established biomarkers, genetic-association studies, and treatment response. This approach will inform future standards for asthma diagnosis, and may lead to the development of targeted therapeutic strategies in specific subgroups.


Breath metabolomics

Characterisation of the metabolomic profile of volatile organic compounds in the exhaled breath of patients with respiratory disease may provide us with novel mechanistic insights, as well as biomarkers potentially suitable for future use in diagnosis and monitoring. We are developing breath sampling systems suitable for this purpose in patients with respiratory compromise, as well as investigating appropriate sensor technologies and data analysis protocols capable of detecting and processing such data-rich samples.