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Prof Anthony Peyton - personal details

Contact details

Prof Anthony Peyton

Role: Chair In Electromagnetic Tomography Engineering

Tel: 0161 306-8716

Location: Sackville Street Building-E48(A)
School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
The University of Manchester
M13 9PL




Tony Peyton graduated with a first B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering and Electronics from UMIST, 1983 and later received his Ph.D. "Device for the assessment and rehabilitation of kinetic muscle function and circuitry for monitoring localized muscle fatigue" also from UMIST in 1986. He was appointed as Principal Engineer at Kratos Analytical Ltd to 1989, developing precision electronic instrumentation systems for magnetic sector and quadrupole mass spectrometers, from which an interest in electromagnetic instrumentation developed. He returned to UMIST as a Lecturer and worked with the Process Tomography Group. He moved Lancaster University in 1996 taking up post of Senior Lecturer, promoted to a Reader in 2001 and Professor in May 2004. He moved with his research team to the Chair of Electromagnetic Tomography Engineering at the University of Manchester in Dec. 2004.


  • A Research Platform for Next Generation Process Tomography, with Leeds University, EPSRC Platform grant EP/D031117, Jan 2006 to Dec 2009
  • Advanced Inspection Techniques for Aerospace Applications, EngD project with TWI Ltd and Birmingham University, Oct 2007 to Sept 2011
  • BODY LIFE - Intelligent system monitoring the body composition for better healthy life style and illness prevention, EU Framework V project, IST-2000-25410 Jan 2001 to Jan 2004
  • Depth profiling using injected current spectroscopy, EPSRC - ROPA GR/N21055. Jun 2000 to May 2002
  • Detection of explosive substances by tomographic inspection using neutron and gamma-ray spectroscopy (DISTINGUISH) EPSRC EP/C008022, Jan 2006 to Dec 2008.
  • Electromagnetic imaging for metal processes (EMI), with Lancaster University and Corus companies - EPSRC GR/R64285, Jan 2002 to Dec 2005.
  • Imaging low-conductivity materials in Magnetic Induction Tomography (LCOMIT), with Swansea NHS Trust, Glamorgan University, Philips Medical Research, NIS and Pilkington, EPSRC EP/E009158, Dec 2006 to Nov 2009.
  • Improving quality using electromagnetic sensing techniques (IQUEST), with Birmingham University and 5 companies, EPSRC GR/M89461, Feb 2000 to Jan 2003
  • Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) with J&S Marine, project Ltd. Oct 2001 to Sept 2005
  • Magnetic flow tomography in technology, geophysics, and ocean flow research (MAGFLOTOM) Framework 6 project 028670, Feb 2007 to Jan 2010.
  • Microstructure Analysis using Inductance Spectroscopy (MAIS), with Birmingham University and Corus, EPSRC GR/S45348, Dec 2004 to July 2007.
  • Near Infra-red tomography for internal imaging of chemical composition - a feasibility study on plant tissues, EPSRC basic technology project with the Institute of Food Research, GR/S71323, Feb 2004 to Jan 2005.
  • Next generation electromagnetic walk by body scanners (EMBody), with Rapiscan Systems and Manchester Airport, Technology Strategy Board DT/F002467, Sept 2007 to Aug 2010.
  • Pulse Processing Techniques for Ultra Wide Band Electromagnetic Tomography, EPSRC Research Fellowship with University of Science Malaysia, EP/D059755/1, May 2007 to April 2007
  • Reliability and Condition Monitoring of the Physical Layer, with HP Research Labs, Honeywell, DKR Electrical and Lancaster University, DTI Technology Programme R101708, Dec 2006 to Nov 2008.