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Prof Alberto Saiani - research

Research interests

Dr. Alberto Saiani  research focuses on the characterisation of polymer and biopolymer materials across the length scales and in particular on the understanding of the chemical architecture - thermodynamic - structure - physical property correlations in complex polymeric systems using state of the art techniques which include neutron and X-ray small angle scattering on large scale facilities. His work encompasses a variety of polymeric materials including protein and petide hydrogels as well as polyurethanes and polyureas elastomers and nanoparticules.

He has recently extended his activities into the creation of 3 dimensional hydrogel scaffolds from the self-assembly of de novo designed short peptides. These scaffolds have been further functionalised by conjugating the peptides to pH and temperature responsive polymers.

His research is currently funded by the EPSRC, EU-FP7, Huntsman Polyurethanes, Solvay.

In 2013 he was awared an EPSRC Research Fellowship

Current research projects 

  • Responsive hydrogels from polymer-peptide conjugates
  • 3-D hydrogel formation from self-assembling peptides
  • Protein based hydrogel for tissue engineering
  • In Vitro degradation of poly(lactide-co-glycolide) block copolymers
  • Studies of model segmented polyurethanes elastomers
  • Associative and bio-adhesive properties of responsive polymers