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Mr Adam Barker - publications

List of publications


  • Gilchrist, A., Barker, A., & Handley, J. F. (2015). Pathways through the Landscape in a Changing Climate: The Role of Landscape Structure in Facilitating Species Range Expansion through an Urbanised Region. Landscape Research, 41(1), 26-44. DOI: 10.1080/01426397.2015.1045466. Publication link: 5330b809-eead-4cc5-a5d9-0e2ed33aaa48
  • Payne, S., Barker, A., Sinnett, D. (Ed.), Burgess, S. (Ed.), & Smith, N. (Ed.) (2015). Implementing green infrastructure through residential development in the UK. In Handbook on Green Infrastructure: Planning, Design and Implementation.. (pp. 375-394). London: Edward Elgar. . Publication link: ff9ab115-2096-4caa-b4bf-ca4136930372


  • Hayes, S., Barker, A., & Jones, C. (2014). Flood management consideration in sustainability appraisal and strategic environmental assessment in England and Scotland. Journal of Environmental Assessment Policy and Management, 16(3). DOI: 10.1142/S1464333214500252. Publication link: da6c86d8-d5c4-4f3f-9277-5510e5d94458
  • Hayes, S., Barker, A., & Jones, C. (2014). The consideration of flood risk within Sustainability Appraisal and Strategic Environmental Assessment: Emerging practice from the United Kingdom. Journal of Environmental Assessment Policy and Management, 1-25. . Publication link: 2cfe0425-5526-47dd-917a-0518ffb83d7e



  • White, I., O'Hare, P., Lawson, N., Barker, A., & Tippett, J. (2011). Deliverable 5.1 of the FP7 SMARTeST project: Principles of Integration. Manchester: No publisher name.. Publication link: b2993c15-4e6b-4087-b2d1-a94dcb2e053a
  • Barker, A., Sheate, W., Eales, R., Baker, J., & Stafford, J. (2011). A Natural Planning Framework: Putting the Natural Environment at the Heart of the National Planning Framework for England. Royal Society for the Protection of Birds.. Publication link: bfd081b2-1807-4f1b-b709-162e8f1fc5be
  • White, I., O'Hare, P., Lawson, N., Barker, A., & Tippett, J. (2011). Developing Smart Technology for Flood Risk Management (SMARTesT: Interim Report (Work Package 5- Integration). (European Union SMARTesT Project). University of Manchester.. Publication link: 35a4c788-8d23-4665-b624-512c95085d0c
  • Barker, A., Kidd, S., Maltby, E., Robinson, L., Lumb, C., Plater, A. (Ed.), & Frid, C. (Ed.) (2011). The ecosystem approach and planning and management of the marine environment. In The Ecosystem Approach to Marine Planning and Management. (pp. 1-33). London: Earthscan. . Publication link: 93b734cb-2c5d-42e6-b26a-ca0fda7e4df2




  • Barker, A., Jones, C., Fischer, T. B. (Ed.), Gazzola, P. (Ed.), Belcakova, I. (Ed.), & Aschemann, R. (Ed.) (2008). Reassessing the direction of postgraduate environmental assessment education. In Environmental Assessment Lecturer's Handbook. (pp. 18-12). Bratislava: Slovak University of Technology. . Publication link: 0090a831-aa77-4e8c-ae54-8e062d9b7660
  • Barker, A., & Stockdale, A. (2008). Out of the wilderness? Achieving sustainable development within Scottish national parks. Journal of Environmental Management, 88(1), 181-193. DOI: 10.1016/j.jenvman.2007.04.007. Publication link: 5e7a29a7-6183-48de-95f0-fbe519acd5dc


  • Jones, C., Barker, A., & Slinn, P. (2007). Assessment of Adverse Non-Pollution Effects for Offshore Petroleum Production and Pipeline Developments. Department for Trade and Industry.. Publication link: 8666b5b2-f0ea-4be7-a8f2-cb3b560fd62b
  • Jones, C., Barker, A., & Slinn, P. (2007). Quality Review of Environmental Statements for Offshore Petroleum Production and Pipeline Developments. Department for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform.. Publication link: 2bc9ec44-3e03-4bc0-8550-7f29abe1ac9c










  • Wood, C., Barker, A., & Jones, C. (1996). Evaluation of the Performance of the EIA Process. (European Union). European Union.. Publication link: f50bf1a1-63ef-4b26-9df0-0271b27b78b7