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Dr Alessia Isopi - publications

List of publications



  • Bougheas, S., Isopi, A., & Owens, T. (2012). How do Donors Allocate Funds to NGOs? Evidence from Uganda. (CREDIT Working Papers, University of Nottingham; No. 12/08).. Publication link: 93d326fb-7b81-4471-bdbf-274164557692
  • Dimico, A., Isopi, A., & Olsson, O. (2012). The Origins of the Sicilian Mafia: the Market for Lemons. (CREDIT Working Papers, University of Nottingham; No. 12/01).. Publication link: 0820688e-a107-42c0-a2cc-c34b55fa12e2
  • Clist, P., Isopi, A., & Morrissey, O. (2012). Selectivity on aid modality: Determinants of budget support from multilateral donors. Review of International Organizations, 7(3), 267-284. . Publication link: b944af69-2d45-4b18-9ece-43fe10f2cc46



  • Isopi, A., & Mattesini, F. (2009). "Good Donors or Good Recipients? A Repeated Moral Hazard Model of Aid Allocation,". (CREDIT Working Papers, University of Nottingham; No. 09/10).. Publication link: 42cc4b0c-5ad1-426e-b0e9-0a5cdc0375c4
  • Isopi, A., & Mavrotas, G. (2009). Aid Allocation and Aid Effectiveness: An Empirical Analysis. In Development Aid: a Fresh Look. Palgrave Macmillan . . Publication link: 6b5be3c4-884d-48d0-9a0e-1ef09dec5cc7


  • Isopi, A., & Mattesini, F. (2008). "Aid and Corruption: Do Donors Use Development Assistance to Provide the “Right” Incentives? (CEIS Research Paper, Tor Vergata University; No. 121).. Publication link: 96e2822b-1f66-4386-9671-72ed473c753d