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Dr Alison Jeffers - publications

List of publications

Authored book

  • Alison Jeffers. Refugees, Theatre and Crisis: Performing Global Identities. Performance Interventions. Basingstoke, UK: Palgrave Macmillan, 2011. eScholarID:135704

Book contribution

  • Alison Jeffers. "Hospitable Stages and Civil Listening." In Refugee Performance, ed. Michael Balfour, London: Intellect, 2012. eScholarID:171447
  • Alison Jeffers. "National/theatre(ish)." In Theatre and Nationalism, ed. James Thompson and Jeton Neziraj, 52-59. Prishtina: In Place of War, UK and Qendra Multimedia, Kosovo, 2011. eScholarID:128126
  • Alison Jeffers. "Performance in Place of War." In Changes in Museum Practice, ed. Hanne-Lovise Skartveit and Katherine Goodnow, 107-119. Oxford: Berghahn Books, 2010. eScholarID:79235
  • Alison Jeffers. "Looking for Esrafil: witnessing 'refugitive' bodies in I've Got Something to Show You." In Get Real: Documentary Theatre Past and Present, ed. Chris Megson and Alison Forsyth, 91-106. London: Palgrave Macmillan, 2009. eScholarID:79234

Journal article

  • Alison Jeffers. "'The Rough Edges: community, art and history'." RiDE: The Journal of Applied Theatre and Performance 15, no. 1(2010) : 29-37. eScholarID:79238 | DOI:10.1080/13569780903480989
  • Alison Jeffers. "Dirty truth: personal narrative, victimhood and participatory theatre work with people seeking asylum." Research in Drama Education: The Journal of Applied Theatre and Performance 13, no. 2(2008) : 217-223. eScholarID:79237 | DOI:10.1080/13569780802054919
  • Alison Jeffers. "Half-hearted promises or wrapping ourselves in the flag: two approaches to the pedagogy of citizenship." Research in Drama Education 12, no. 3(2007) : 29-37. eScholarID:79236 | DOI:10.1080/13569780701560644

Working paper

  • Alison Jeffers and Gerri Moriarty. "Culture, Democracy and the Right to Make Art."(2017) . eScholarID:277154
  • Alison Jeffers. "Authority, Authorisation and Authorship: Participation in Community Plays in Belfast."(2016) . eScholarID:277152
  • Alison Jeffers. "Recollecting and Re-collecting. The ethical challenges of social archiving in post-conflict Northern Ireland."(2016) . eScholarID:277150

Journal contribution

  • "Book Reviews Editor." New Theatre Quarterly on-going. eScholarID:277147