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Dr Alison Jeffers - publications

List of publications


  • Jeffers, A., & Moriarty, G. (2017). Culture, Democracy and the Right to Make Art: The British Community Arts Movement. Bloomsbury Methuen.. Publication link: c58c71a2-86da-4c52-864a-24bc8cc85f24


  • Jeffers, A. (2016). Authority, Authorisation and Authorship: Participation in Community Plays in Belfast. (pp. 209-229). Palgrave Macmillan .. Publication link: 57e5e169-6db9-4f3b-9450-3b52012c13af



  • Jeffers, A. (2012). Hospitable Stages and Civil Listening: Being an audience for participatory refugee theatre. In . M. Balfour (Ed.), Refugee Performance: Practical Encounters. London: Intellect. . Publication link: e5b3eca6-e94e-4cf9-97f8-14006b9b46d4


  • Jeffers, A. (2011). National/theatre(ish). In . J. Thompson, & J. Neziraj (Eds.), Theatre and Nationalism: in Place of War. (pp. 52-59). Prishtina: In Place of War, UK and Qendra Multimedia, Kosovo. . Publication link: 0560d39c-8bd4-4b23-b6e5-a0328b6314ba
  • Jeffers, A. (2011). Refugees, Theatre and Crisis: Performing Global Identities. (1 ed.) (Performance Interventions). Basingstoke, UK: Palgrave Macmillan .. Publication link: 28e3629e-a347-4118-b349-cb7d21727e06


  • Jeffers, A. (2010). Performance in Place of War: Refugee Artists and Communities in the U.K. In . H-L. Skartveit, & K. Goodnow (Eds.), Changes in Museum Practice: New media, Refugees and Participation. (1 ed., pp. 107-119). Oxford: Berghahn Books. . Publication link: 12dd9cf2-1c2c-406f-9923-c08c447ad553
  • Jeffers, A. (2010). 'The Rough Edges: community, art and history'. RiDE: The Journal of Applied Theatre and Performance, 15(1), 29-37. DOI: 10.1080/13569780903480989. Publication link: fe91c009-a55f-420b-8cbd-b3c264f26edf


  • Jeffers, A. (2009). Looking for Esrafil: witnessing 'refugitive' bodies in I've Got Something to Show You. In C. Megson, & A. Forsyth (Eds.), Get Real: Documentary Theatre Past and Present. (pp. 91-106). London: Palgrave Macmillan . . Publication link: 165ab550-20d8-4627-9158-5d3c6ad28004