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Dr Andrew Irving - further information

Additional Information


Currently teaching:

  • "The Anthropology of Vision, Memory and the Senses"
  • "Images, Texts, Fieldwork"
  • "Introduction to Digital Filmmaking"

Previous Courses:

  • "Ethnography @ the Third Millennium"
  • "D-D-Deathly Encounters: The Anthropology of Death, Dying and Consciousness"
  • "Therapy and Culture: Cultural Understandings of Health in Asia and Africa"
  • "Contemporary Trends in the Study of Society"
  • "Dimensions of the Global: The Anthropology of Power, Politics and Economy"
  • "Theory in Anthropology"
  • "Everyday Adventures in London: An Anthropological Field Study of London"

General Information

Regional specialisations

East Africa (inc Kampala, Uganda) and New York City.

Topical interests

Death; Illness and Medical Anthropology; HIV/AIDS; Interior Dialogue, Memory and Imagination; Visual, Sensory and Bodily Perception; The Anthropology of Time; Art, Performance and Aesthetics; Experimental Methods and Collaborative Anthropology; Existential and Phenomenological Anthropology; Urban Anthropology and Spatial Perception;

Current research


Sound recording, Beach at Sunabe, Okinawa, 2008.
Excerpt from "Dangerous Substances"
Africa: I am currently developing a series of RCUK and methods@manchester funded research projects in Kampala, Uganda under the collective theme of Rethinking Media/Reclaiming Personhood. The aim is to consider how socially marginalised persons who through death, disease or other dislocating experiences can re-establish social and existential continuity and become included in community and society through different kinds of media practices. The projects use visual and other sensory media and collaborative forms of self-representation to address questions of research, representation, ethics and empowerment and set up a different kind of social life.