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Dr Andrew Irving - publications

List of publications

Authored book

  • Irving, Andrew. The Art of Life and Death: Radical Aesthetics and Ethnographic Practice. HAU Malinowski Monograph Series. Chicago: Chicago: University of Chicago Press., 2016. eScholarID:257519

Edited book

  • Andrew Irving, Sarah Pink, Juan Salazar and Johannes Sjoberg. ed. Anthropologies and Futures: Researching Emerging and Uncertain Worlds. London: Bloombsury, 2017. eScholarID:274326
  • Cox, R; Irving, A and Wright, C. Beyond Text: Critical Practices and Sensory Anthropology. Manchester: Manchester University Press, 2016. eScholarID:118371
  • Andrew Irving and Nina Glick-Schiller. ed. Whose Cosmopolitanism? Critical Cosmopolitanism, Relationalities and Discontents. Oxford and New York: Berghahn, 2014. eScholarID:128994

Book contribution

  • Andrew Irving. "Granite and Steel." In Reflections on Imagination: Human Capacity and Ethnographic Method, ed. Mark Harris and Nigel Rapport, Ashgate, 2015. eScholarID:231425
  • Andrew Irving. "Random Manhattan: Thinking and Moving Beyond Text." In Beyond Text: Critical Practices and Sensory Anthropology, ed. Cox, R; Irving, A and Wright, C, Manchester: Manchester University Press, 2014. eScholarID:118369
  • Andrew Irving. "Into the Gloaming: A Montage of the Senses." In Transcultural Montage, ed. Rane Willerslev and Christian Suhr, 76-95. Oxford and New York: Berghahn, 2013. eScholarID:178872
  • Andrew Irving. "The Suicidal Mind." In Mediating and Re-Mediating Death, ed. Christensen, D & Sandvik, K, Ashgate, 2013. eScholarID:178860
  • Andrew Irving. "Into the Gloaming: A Montage of the Senses." In Transcultural Montage, ed. Willerslev, R & Suhr, C, Oxford and New York: Berghahn, 2012. eScholarID:86781
  • Andrew Irving. "Fading Ads: An Urban Archaeology of Life and Photography." In Fading Ads of New York City, ed. Frank Jump, 11-25. Charleston: History Press, 2011. eScholarID:140611
  • Andrew Irving. "Everyday Adventures in London." In Reveries of Home: Nostalgia, Authenticity and the Performance of Place, ed. Solrun Williksen, Cambridge Scholars Press, 2010. eScholarID:86780
  • Andrew Irving. "Money, Materiality and Imagination: Life on the Other Side of Value." In Human Nature as Capacity: An Ethnographic Approach, ed. Nigel Rapport, 130-153. Oxford and New York: Berghahn, 2010. eScholarID:86779
  • Irving, A. "Life Made Strange: An Essay on the Reinhabitation of Bodies and Landscapes." In Qualities of Time: ASA Monograph Vol 41, ed. Wendy James and David Mills, 317-330.Berg: Oxford and New York, 2005. eScholarID:3b5365
  • Irving, A. "Uganda: Forging a Nation from Diversity." In Encyclopaedia of the World’s Minorities, ed. Skutsch, C, New York: Routledge, 2005. eScholarID:3b3214

Journal article

  • Irving, Andrew. "New York Stories." Ethnos(2016) . eScholarID:257518
  • Irving, Andrew. "Aux confins de la science." . eScholarID:257520
  • Irving, A. "Bridges: A New Sense of Scale." Senses and Society 8, no. 3(2013) . eScholarID:214026
  • Andrew Irving. "I Gave My Child Life but I Also Gave Her Death." Australian Journal of Anthropology 22, no. 3(2011) . eScholarID:91157 | DOI:10.1111/j.1757-6547.2011.00149.x
  • Andrew Irving. "Strange Distance: Towards an Anthropology of Interior Dialogue." Medical Anthropology Quarterly 25, no. 1(2011) . eScholarID:91158 | DOI:10.1111/j.1548-1387.2010.01133.x
  • Andrew Irving. "Dangerous substances and visible evidence: tears, blood, alcohol, pills." Visual Studies 25, no. 1(2010) : 24-35. eScholarID:79603 | DOI:10.1080/14725861003606753
  • Irving, Andrew and Reed, Adam. "Is There Such Thing as a Cosmopolitan Method?" Social Anthropology(2010) . eScholarID:86782
  • Irving, A. "The Color of Pain." Public Culture 21, no. 2(2009) : 293-319. eScholarID:1b5715 | DOI:10.1215/08992363-2008-030
  • Irving, A. "Introduction: Senses of Spatial Equilibrium and the Journey: Confounded, Discomposed, Recomposed." Journeys: The International Journal of Travel and Travel Writing Vol 9 No 2(2008) . eScholarID:1b5717
  • Irving, A. "Journey to the End of the Night: Dis-Illusion and Derangement among the Senses." Journeys: The International Journal of Travel and Travel Writing Vol 9 No 2(2008) . eScholarID:1b5716 | DOI:10.3167/jys.2008.090208
  • Irving, A. "Perceived Concepts of Continuity of Care in People with Colorectal and Breast Cancer: A qualitative case study analysis." European Journal of Cancer Care(2008) . eScholarID:1b5718
  • Irving, A. "The Relationship between Patients' Experiences of Continuity of Cancer Care and Health Outcomes: A mixed methods study." British Journal of Cancer 98(2008) . eScholarID:1b5719
  • Irving, A. "Ethnography, Art and Death (Awarded the AAA Clark Taylor Professional Paper Prize 2008)." Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute 13(1)(2007) . eScholarID:1b10667 | DOI:10.1111/j.1467-9655.2007.00420.x
  • Irving, A. "Senses of the City." Etcetera Art Journal(2006) . eScholarID:1b6710
  • Irving, A. "Skin of the City." Anthropological Yearbook of European Culture 15(2006) . eScholarID:1b10668
  • Irving, A. "Cities: An Anthropological Perspective." Special Edition of Anthropology Matters journal on Cities Vol. 3, No. 1(2004) . eScholarID:1b6711
  • Andrew Irving. "New York Stories: Narrating the Neighbourhood." Ethnos. eScholarID:278801


  • . The Lives of Other Citizens, SOMA Arts, San Francisco, USA, eScholarID:186728


  • Irving, A. Life Made Strange: Comparative Perceptions of Time, Existence and Otherness, Awarded the "Sir Raymond Firth Award" 2002 by the Royal Anthropological Institute and the Association of Social Anthropologists of the UK and Commonwealth to a PhD thesis that makes an outstanding contribution to anthropology. 2002.