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Prof Armando Barrientos - publications

List of publications



  • Barrientos, A., Simunovic, A. B. A. T., Fernandez, E. (Ed.), Canali, C. (Ed.), Vecchiato, T. (Ed.), & Zeira, A. (Ed.) (2015). Child poverty reduction in Brazil: reversing Bismarck? In Theoretical and Empirical Insights in to Child and Family Poverty: Cross national perspectives. (pp. 159-174). Sydney: Springer Verlag. . Publication link: d84d4d07-9d34-4700-af6e-2dffa06159ae
  • Barrientos, A., Hulme, D., Moore, K., Islam, N. (Ed.), & Vos, R. (Ed.) (2015). Assessing the insurance role of microsavings. In Financing for overcoming economic insecurity. (pp. 149-179). New York: Bloomsbury Academic. . Publication link: cf3dd558-6ed7-4c7d-8c51-792c8dfbcd18
  • Barrientos, A., & Villa, J. M. (2015). Antipoverty transfers and labour market outcomes: Regression Discontinuity Design findings. The Journal of Development Studies, 51(9), 1224-1240. [1030098]. . Publication link: cb8bed59-176a-4bc1-87c3-af6e7311b8ad
  • Barrientos, A., & Villa, J. M. (2015). Evaluating Antipoverty Transfer Programmes in Latin America and Sub- Saharan Africa. Better Policies? Better Politics?Journal of Globalization and Development, 6(1), 147-179. DOI: 10.1515/jgd-2014-0006. Publication link: cd4f9b75-6d01-4bb8-bda1-37b315f6ebc7
  • Ali, I., Barrientos, A., & Saboor, A. (2015). Pro-poor growth across different agro-climatic zones of rural Pakistan. Pakistan Journal of Agricultural Sciences, 52(2), 497-503. . Publication link: 90dfba5c-fb9a-4ffe-8790-fed8742fb1d2
  • Barrientos, A., & Amann, E. (2015). Is there a Brazilian Model of Development?Policy in Focus, 12(3), 4-8. . Publication link: 9fd5528c-d45a-4f26-9dc6-ee299e5a5f44
  • Powell, M., & Barrientos, A. (2015). Introduction: Twenty Five Years of the Welfare Modelling Business. Social Policy and Society, 14(2), 241-245. DOI: 10.1017/S147474641400058X. Publication link: 78f6bfb0-06e7-45c1-a121-5a2b80eb02c7
  • Barrientos, A. (2015). Is there a role for social pensions in Asia?Asia & The Pacific Policy Studies, 2(1), 8-20. DOI: 10.1002/app5.63. Publication link: 6d8df86f-2927-4265-9d0f-2df8319ec833
  • Barrientos, A., Pellisery, A. B. S., & Buyenka, S. H. K. S. B. (Ed.) (2015). Political factors in the growth of social assistance. In The Politics of Inclusive Development: Interrogating the evidence. (pp. 146-173). Oxford: Oxford University Press. . Publication link: 4bd22b00-2cc2-4017-9acf-f33d75e1c843
  • Barrientos, A. (2015). 'A veritable Mountain of Data and Years of Endelss Statistical Manipulation': Methods in the Three Worlds and After. Social Policy and Society. DOI: 10.1017/S1474746414000578. Publication link: 1defc7f7-bd0c-4eff-b74a-260457ec855d


  • Barrientos, A., Currie-Alder, B. (Ed.), Kanbur, R. (Ed.), Malone, D. M. (Ed.), & Medhora, R. (Ed.) (2014). Social Protection. In International Development: Ideas experience and prospects. (pp. 188-203). Oxford: Oxford University Press. . Publication link: 4b924304-4641-4e58-a4cc-4d5ad7a34f9f
  • Barrientos, A., Moller, V., Saboia, J., Lloyd-Sherlock, P., Mase, J., Patel, L. (Ed.), ... Ulriksen, M. (Ed.) (2014). 'Growing' social protection in developing countries: Lessons from Brazil and South Africa. In Social Protection in Southern Africa: New Opportunities for Social Development. (pp. 54-68). London: Routledge. . Publication link: 934d458e-80b7-44f2-90fa-b164df672c01
  • Vera-Sanso, P., Barrientos, A., Demodaran, L., Gilhooly, K., Goulding, A., Hennessy, C., ... Walker, A. (Ed.) (2014). Participation and social connectivity. In The New Science of Ageing. (pp. 181-208). Bristol: Policy Press. . Publication link: 9043280f-7abd-4c83-a33c-5d65dd9f707a
  • Barrientos, A., & Cornia, G. A. (Ed.) (2014). On the distributional implications of social protection reforms in Latin America. In The New Policy Model, Inequality and Poverty in Latin America. (pp. 240-260). Oxford: Oxford University Press. . Publication link: c6f87fd1-d563-4a29-90db-78cd9e9d9c1e
  • Barrientos, A., Byrne, J., Peña, P., & Villa, J. M. (2014). Social transfers and child protection in the South. Children and Youth Services Review. DOI: 10.1016/j.childyouth.2014.07.011. Publication link: bb387b74-4b7c-4ee1-a3ff-78e526cdd95e
  • Barrientos, A., Burchardt, H. J. (Ed.), & Groisman, F. (Ed.) (2014). Los programas de transferencias y sus efectos laborales en América Latina. In Desprotegidos y desiguales. Hacia una nueva fisonomía social?. (pp. 146-173). Buenos Aires: Prometeo. . Publication link: e1fd1369-0179-42ae-9ae9-f559782375de
  • Barrientos, A., Rahman, H. Z. (Ed.), Hulme, D. (Ed.), Maitrot, M. (Ed.), & Ragno, L. P. (Ed.) (2014). Fiscal and Financing Dimension of Social Protection Systems. In Social Protection in Bangladesh. (pp. 101-114). Dhaka: University of Dhaka. . Publication link: e41c5d24-30af-4907-8b51-7b71ca175e4a


  • Barrientos, A., & Pfiederer, K. B. M. K. C. (Ed.) (2013). Social Protection for Poverty Reduction: Approaches, Effectiveness and Challenges. In Social Protection in Developing Countries: Reforming Systems. (pp. 24-32). London: Routledge. . Publication link: c2932af1-0aa5-4fa7-b8d9-298d5c3b8e88
  • Barrientos, A. (2013). The Rise of Social Assistance in Brazil. Development and Change, 44(4), 887-910. DOI: 10.1111/dech.12043. Publication link: 5774aa3a-5d93-468d-bcfd-7e68bc6dde70
  • Leisering, L., & Barrientos, A. (2013). Social citizenship for the global poor? The worldwide spread of social assistance. International Journal of Social Welfare, 22(1), S50-S67. DOI: 10.1111/ijsw.12046. Publication link: 765d2034-84ec-4321-ac18-37e0fd41f01a
  • Barrientos, A. (2013). Social Assistance in Developing Countries. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.. Publication link: 815077c2-8334-4f8d-9add-97f473d74474
  • Barrientos, A., Hulme, A. B. D., & Yamin, M. L. A. S. A. E. (Ed.) (2013). Global Norms and National Politics: The Case of Social Protection. In The Millennium Development Goals and Human Rights: Past, Present and Future. (pp. 426-438). New York: Cambridge University Press. . Publication link: 92ab3e67-83c5-4c4d-9adc-77c6d55fc534
  • Barrientos, A., Møller, V., Saboia, J., Lloyd-Sherlock, P., & Mase, J. (2013). 'Growing' social protection in developing countries: Lessons from Brazil and South Africa. Development Southern Africa, 30(1), 54-68. DOI: 10.1080/0376835X.2013.756098. Publication link: a67e5337-232d-4279-84cb-407a83a5afc5
  • Barrientos, A., & Brunt, A. S. J. (Ed.) (2013). Does vulnerability create poverty traps? In Chronic Poverty: Concepts, causes and policies. (pp. 85-111). London: Palgrave. . Publication link: 96c31c30-bc11-4d65-a784-841304b6023f
  • Barrientos, A., & Lora, J. M. V. (2013). Evaluating antipoverty transfer programmes in Latin America and sub-Saharan Africa. Better policies? Better politics? (WIDER Working Paper; No. 2013/009). Helsinki.. Publication link: 96bb6df4-3065-4d78-b78a-4a21f66019eb
  • Barrientos, A., Campello, T. (Ed.), & Neri, M. C. (Ed.) (2013). Transferências de renda para o desenvolvimento humano no longo prazo. In Bolsa Família: Uma década de inclusão e cidadania. (pp. 417-434). Brasilia: IPEA. . Publication link: 0969dac4-bd86-4622-acf3-e97de16492fc
  • Barrientos, S. P. A. (2013). Expansion of social assistance: Does politics matter?Economic and Political Weekly, 48(9), 47-54. . Publication link: 2beeb4c4-d5d5-481e-84d5-ab796bb79df8


  • Barrientos, A. (2012). Die neue Sozialhilfe Lateinamerikas. Nueva Sociedad Sonderheft 2012, 4-18. . Publication link: 7f1ba716-2914-47d1-94d2-d7def5c58d09
  • Barrientos, A., Ortiz, I. (Ed.), Daniels, L. M. (Ed.), & Engilbertsdóttir, S. (Ed.) (2012). Just Give Money to the Poor. In Child Poverty and Inequality: New Perspectives. (pp. 97-102). New York: UNICEF. . Publication link: 549d6089-2257-4162-be30-cb2afb3abb4c
  • Barrientos, A., Hinojosa, L., Bebbington, A., & Hujo, K. (Ed.) (2012). Social Policy and State Revenues in Mineral-Rich Contexts. In Mineral rents and the financing of social policy. Opportunities and challenges. (pp. 91-121). London: Palgrave. . Publication link: 52246c0d-8c50-46ba-a2b1-21dde4bf0d1d
  • Lloyd-Sherlock, P., Barrientos, A., Moller, V., & Saboia, J. (2012). Pensions, poverty and wellbeing in later life: Comparative research from South Africa and Brazil. Journal of Aging Studies, 26(3), 243-252. DOI: 10.1016/j.jaging.2012.02.003. Publication link: 4966916e-ca27-4a9d-b196-00e4aae1de82
  • Barrientos, A. (2012). Dilemas de las politicas sociales latinoamericanas. ¿Hacia una protección social fragmentada?Nueva Sociedad, (239), 65-78. . Publication link: 2950c021-2c2f-40f7-80ad-cfceeb004757
  • Barrientos, A., Lloyd-Sherlock, P., Mase, J., & Keating, T. S. N. (Ed.) (2012). Social inclusion of older people in developing countries: relations and resources. In From Exclusion to Inclusion in Old Age: A Global Challenge. (pp. 51-70). Bristol: Policy Press. . Publication link: 0a510672-35ff-4e2d-991e-a208b88ce10e
  • Barrientos, A., & Pellissery, A. B. S. (2012). Delivering effective social assistance: Does politics matter? (ESID Working Papers; No. 9). Manchester.. Publication link: ad64582c-4223-493e-928d-2a663be06323
  • Niño-Zarazúa, M., Barrientos, A., Hickey, S., & Hulme, D. (2012). Social Protection in Sub-Saharan Africa: Getting the Politics Right. World Development, 40(1), 163-176. DOI: 10.1016/j.worlddev.2011.04.004. Publication link: abe7a113-8818-47d0-9d1f-638e38a03234
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  • Barrientos, A. (2012). What is the Role of Social Pensions in Asia? (ADBI Working Paper; No. 351). Tokyo.. Publication link: e272aea5-0e65-4bc9-b27c-97783c5fa4c6
  • Barrientos, A., & Weinmann, H-J. B. A. T. N. (Ed.) (2012). Accounting for change in Latin America’s welfare regime. In Sozialpolitik in Globaler Perspektive. Asien, Afrika und Lateinamerika. (pp. 119-140). Frankfurt: Campus Verlag. . Publication link: d2649313-745f-4e39-bae4-c8ce7fb07d6b



  • Barrientos, A., & Neff, D. (2010). Attitudes to Chronic Poverty in the 'Global Village'. (GIGA Working Papers; No. 134). Hamburg.. Publication link: b2443d60-d07c-4124-971f-90dbf5539654
  • Barrientos, A., Hanlon, J., & Hulme, D. (2010). Just Give Money to the Poor: The Development Revolution from the Global South. Sterling VA: Kumarian Press.. Publication link: c20a2c33-af43-425e-b18a-4ae27913550c
  • Barrientos, A. (2010). A assistência social no mundo pós-crise. In M. F. Pinheiro Coehlo, L. M. de Souza Tapajós, & M. Rodrigues (Eds.), Políticas sociais para o desenvolvimento: Superar a pobreza e promover a inclusão. (pp. 279-294). Brasilia: MDS and UNESCO. . Publication link: 7ee277cf-f290-4848-9cf4-41dc70a9ccf2
  • Barrientos, A., Nino-Zarazua, M., & Maitrot, M. (2010). Social Assistance in Developing Countries database version 5. (Brooks World Poverty Institute Working Paper Series). Manchester.. Publication link: 8c632cae-618c-404b-a92c-37f9a2e7f673
  • Barrientos, A., & Nino-Zarazua, A. B. M. (2010). Effects of non-contributory social transfers in developing countries: a Compendium. In Extending social security to all: A guide through challenges and options. Geneva: ILO. . Publication link: 5f240c39-4177-495c-bb5d-aec74252a6c5
  • Barrientos, A., Lawson, D. (Ed.), Hulme, D. (Ed.), Matin, I. (Ed.), & Moor, K. (Ed.) (2010). Eradicating extreme poverty: The Chile Solidario Programme. In What works for the poorest?: Poverty reduction programmes for the world's extreme poor. (pp. 137-148). Bourton on Dunsmore: Practical Action Publishing. . Publication link: 5ff53991-84be-44c0-91cc-2ae9686970d4
  • Barrientos, A. (2010). Vulnerability and social protection in small island states: The case of Grenada. Social and Economic Studies, 59(1-2), 3-30. . Publication link: 5a3a2755-2a1e-4214-a88f-4dd1d5e0d1a4
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  • Barrientos, A. (2007). Modernising social assistance. In Proceedings World Conference on Social Protection and Inclusion: Converging efforts from a global perspective. Geneva: International Labour Organization. . Publication link: f2707adc-075b-4363-a066-10d4f800302a
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