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Prof Armando Barrientos - publications

List of publications

Authored book

  • Armando Barrientos. Social Assistance in Developing Countries. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2013. eScholarID:184849
  • Joseph Hanlon, Armando Barrientos and David Hulme. Just Give Money to the Poor. Sterling VA: Kumarian Press, 2010. eScholarID:87177
  • Barrientos, A., I Gough, G Wood, P Bevan, G Room, P Davis. Insecurity and Welfare Regimes in Asia, Africa and Latin America. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2003. eScholarID:4b130

Edited book

  • Moneer Alam, Armando Barrientos. ed. Demographics, Employment and Old Age Security. Delhi: Macmillan Publishers India, 2010. eScholarID:101542
  • Barrientos, A., Hulme, D. Social protection for the poor and poorest. Basingstoke and New York: Palgrave, 2008. eScholarID:4b1564

Book contribution

  • Armando Barrientos. "Fiscal and Financing Dimension of Social Protection Systems." In Social Protection in Bangladesh, ed. Hossain Zillur Rahman, David Hulme, Mathilde Maitrot and Luigi P. Ragno, 101-114. Dhaka: University of Dhaka, 2014. eScholarID:225744
  • Armando Barrientos, Valerie Moller, Joao Saboia, Peter Lloyd-Sherlock, Julia Mase. "'Growing' social protection in developing countries." In Social Protection in Southern Africa, ed. Leila Patel, James Midgley, Marianne Ulriksen, 54-68. London: Routledge, 2014. eScholarID:228611
  • Armando Barrientos. "On the distributional implications of social protection reforms in Latin America." In The New Policy Model, Inequality and Poverty in Latin America, ed. Giovanni Andrea Cornia, 240-260. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2014. eScholarID:225745
  • Armando Barrientos. "Social Protection." In International Development: Ideas experience and prospects, ed. Bruce Currie-Alder; Ravi Kanbur; David M. Malone; Rohinton Medhora, 188-203. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2014. eScholarID:225746
  • Armando Barrientos. "Does vulnerability create poverty traps?." In Chronic Poverty: Concepts, causes and policies, ed. Andrew Shepherd Julia Brunt, 85-111. London: Palgrave, 2013. eScholarID:196921
  • Armando Barrientos David Hulme. "Global Norms and National Politics: The Case of Social Protection." In The Millennium Development Goals and Human Rights, ed. Malcolm Langford Andy Sumner Alicia Ely Yamin, 426-438. New York: Cambridge University Press, 2013. eScholarID:213142
  • Armando Barrientos. "Social Protection for Poverty Reduction: Approaches, Effectiveness and Challenges." In Social Protection in Developing Countries: Reforming Systems, ed. Katja Bender Markus Kaltenborn Christian Pfiederer, 24-32. London: Routledge, 2013. eScholarID:196922
  • Armando Barrientos. "Transferências de renda para o desenvolvimento humano no longo prazo." In Bolsa Família: Uma década de inclusão e cidadania, ed. Tereza Campello and Marcelo Córtes Neri, 417-434. Brasilia: IPEA, 2013. eScholarID:213274
  • Armando Barrientos. "Accounting for change in Latin America’s welfare regime." In Sozialpolitik in Globaler Perspektive. Asien, Afrika und Lateinamerika, ed. Hans-Jürgen Burchhardt Anne Tittor Nico Weinmann, 119-140. Frankfurt: Campus Verlag, 2012. eScholarID:196920
  • Armando Barrientos. "Just Give Money to the Poor." In Child Poverty and Inequality: New Perspectives, ed. Isabel Ortiz; Louise Moreira Daniels; and Sólrún Engilbertsdóttir, 97-102. New York: UNICEF, 2012. eScholarID:169153
  • Leonith Hinojosa, Anthony. Bebbington, Armando Barrientos. "Social Policy and State Revenues in Mineral-Rich Contexts." In Mineral rents and the financing of social policy. Opportunities and challenges, ed. Katja Hujo, 91-121. London: Palgrave, 2012. eScholarID:169280
  • Peter Lloyd-Sherlock; Julia Mase; Armando Barrientos. "Social inclusion of older people in developing countries: relations and resources." In From Exclusion to Inclusion in Old Age: A Global Challenge, ed. Thomas Scharf Norah Keating, 51-70. Bristol: Policy Press, 2012. eScholarID:169286
  • Armando Barrientos. "Poverty, the crisis and social policy responses in developing countries." In Social Policy in Challenging Times, ed. Kevin Farnsworth Zoe Irving, 101-118. Bristol: Policy Press, 2011. eScholarID:130396
  • Armando Barrientos. "A assistência social no mundo pós-crise." In Políticas sociais para o desenvolvimento, ed. M. F. Pinheiro Coehlo L. M. de Souza Tapajós M. Rodrigues, 279-294. Brasilia: MDS and UNESCO, 2010. eScholarID:125885
  • Armando Barrientos Miguel Nino-Zarazua. "Effects of non-contributory social transfers in developing countries." In Extending social security to all, Geneva: ILO, 2010. eScholarID:125886
  • Armando Barrientos. "Eradicating extreme poverty: The Chile Solidario Programme." In What works for the poorest?, ed. David Lawson, David Hulme, Imran Matin, Karen Moor, 137-148. Bourton on Dunsmore: Practical Action Publishing, 2010. eScholarID:87168
  • Armando Barrientos. "New Strategies for Old-Age Income Securities in Developing Countries." In Financial Inclusion for the Aged, ed. S. Bhaskaran, G. Sushuma, 100-115. Hyderabad: The Icfai University Press, 2009. eScholarID:87174
  • Armando Barrientos. "Social Pensions in Low-Income Countries." In Closing the Coverage Gap, ed. Robert Holzmann, David A. Robalino, Noriyuki Takayama, 73-84. Washington DC: The World Bank, 2009. eScholarID:87171
  • Armando Barrientos. "Ageing, poverty and public policy in developing countries." In Social Protection in an Ageing World, ed. Kemp, Peter A.; Van den Bosch, Karel; Smith, Lindsey, 175-194. Oxford: Intersentia, 2008. eScholarID:48579
  • Barrientos, A. "Cash transfers for older people reduce poverty and inequality." In Institutional pathways to equity. Addressing inequality traps, 169-192. Washington: The World Bank, 2008. eScholarID:3b3297
  • Barrientos, A. "Financing Social Protection." In Social protection for the poor and poorest, 300-314. Basingstoke and New York: Palgrave, 2008. eScholarID:3b3296
  • Barrientos, A. "Modernising social assistance." In Proceedings World Conference on Social Protection and Inclusion: Converging efforts from a global perspective, 7-24. Geneva: International Labour Organization, 2007. eScholarID:3b3298
  • Barrientos, A. "Pensions, poverty and development." In Oxford handbook of pensions and retirement income, Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2006. eScholarID:3b3300
  • Barrientos, A. "Social assistance and integration with the labour market." In Social protection and inclusion. Experiences and policy issues, 165-182. Geneva: International Labour Organization, 2006. eScholarID:3b3299
  • Barrientos, A. "Comparing Pension Schemes in Chile, Singapore, Brazil and South Africa." In Ageing, Development and Social Protection, ed. Lloyd-Sherlock, P, 122-140. London: Zed Books, 2004. eScholarID:3b272
  • Barrientos, A. "Regulation and Social Protection." In Leading Issues in Competition, Regulation and Development, ed. Cook, P. Kirkpatrick, C. Minogue, M. Parker, D, 339-357. London: Edward Elgar, 2004. eScholarID:3b367
  • Barrientos, A., M Powell. "The Route of the Third Way." In The Third Way and Beyond: Criticisms, Futures and Alternatives, ed. Hale, S. Legget, W. Martell, L, Manchester: Manchester University Press, 2004. eScholarID:3b366
  • Barrientos, A. "Women, Informal Employment and Social Protecion in Latin America." In Women at Work: Challenges for Latin America, ed. Piras, C, Washington DC: Inter-American Development Bank, 2004. eScholarID:3b271
  • Barrientos, A., S Ware Barrientos. "Extending Social Protection to Informal Workers in the Horticulture Global Value Chain." In Chains of Production, Ladders of Protection: Social Protection for Workers in the Informal Economy, ed. Lund, F. Nicholson, J, 23-58. Durban: ILO, 2003. eScholarID:3b270
  • Barrientos, A., P Lloyd-Sherlock. "Health Insurance Reforms in Latin America: Cream-Skimming, Equity and Cost-Containment." In Social Policy Reform and Market Governance in Latin America, ed. Haagh, L. Helgoe, C, Basingstoke: Palgrave, 2002. eScholarID:3b269

Journal article

  • Armando Barrientos Jasmina Byrne Paola Pena Juan Miguel Villa. "Social Transfers and Child Protection in the South." Children and Youth Services Review(2014) . eScholarID:231351
  • Sony Pellisery Armando Barrientos. "Expansion of social assistance: Does politics matter?" Economic and Political Weekly 48, no. 9(2013) : 47-54. eScholarID:188204
  • Armando Barrientos, Valerie Moller, Joao Saboia, Peter Lloyd-Sherlock, Julia Mase. "'Growing' social protection in developing countries. Lessons from Brazil and South Africa." Development Southern Africa 30, no. 1(2013) : 54-68. eScholarID:187893
  • Lutz Leisering Armando Barrientos. "Social citizenship for the global poor: The worldwide spread of social assistance." International Journal of Social Welfare(2013) . eScholarID:196919
  • Armando Barrientos. "The rise of social assistance in Brazil." Development and Change 44, no. 4(2013) : 887-910. eScholarID:184851
  • Armando Barrientos. "Die neue Sozialhilfe Lateinamerikas." Nueva Sociedad Sonderheft 2012(2012) : 4-18. eScholarID:170958
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Working paper

  • Armando Barrientos and Juan Miguel Villa Lora. "Evaluating antipoverty transfer programmes in Latin America and sub-Saharan Africa. Better policies? Better politics?" WIDER Working Paper(2013) . eScholarID:213276
  • Armando Barrientos Sony Pellissery. "Delivering effective social assistance: Does politics matter?" ESID Working Papers(2012) . eScholarID:169294
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