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Prof Brian Nicholson - publications

List of publications


  • Nicholson, B., Nugroho, Y., & Rangaswamy, N. (2016). Social Media for Development: Outlining Debates, Theory and Praxis. Information Technology for Development. . Publication link: f3a1ed1a-4ecf-4bae-8e87-9fbd48a60d12
  • Nicholson, B. B., & R. Lacity, M. (Ed.) (2016). Socially Responsible Outsourcing: Global Sourcing with Social Impact. (Technology, Work and Globalization). Basingstoke, Hampshire, UK: Palgrave Macmillan .. Publication link: 0c69414a-2393-4f55-9801-f07f6512aff6


  • Nicholson, B., & Neilson, P. (Ed.) (2015). Evaluating Impact Sourcing: A Capabilities Perspective From a Case Study in Pakistan. In P. Neilson (Ed.), Proceedings of 13 th International Conference on Social Implications of Computers in Developing Countries. (pp. 429-441). Oslo, Norway: University of Oslo, Norway. . Publication link: 68227e0a-c580-4b0b-8012-dfe727997617
  • Nicholson, B., Quinones, G., Heeks, R., La Rovere, R. (Ed.), Ozório, L. (Ed.), & de Jesus Melo, L. (Ed.) (2015). A Literature Review of E-Entrepreneurship in Emerging Economies: Positioning Research on Latin American Digital Startups. In Entrepreneurship in BRICS Policy and Research to Support Entrepreneurs. (pp. 179-209). Switzerland: Springer Verlag. . Publication link: 6d93c0e1-570e-4823-839d-a12355cbf1ff
  • Nicholson, B., Babin, R., & Briggs, S. (2015). Exploring the effects of liminality on corporate social responsibility in inter-firm outsourcing relationships. Journal of Information Technology. DOI: 10.1057/jit.2015.24. Publication link: 36803f03-ac4d-495c-b453-a68207a0c208
  • Nicholson, B., & Neilson, P. (Ed.) (2015). EXPLORING HYBRIDS OF COMMERCIAL AND WELFARE LOGICS IN IMPACT SOURCING. In P. Neilson (Ed.), host publication. (pp. 78-91). Oslo, Norway: Department of Informatics, University of Oslo, Norway. . Publication link: 435f3932-0d10-4f4d-a7e6-7c7614864585


  • Nicholson, B., Babin, R., Hirschheim, R. (Ed.), Heinzl, A. (Ed.), & Dibbern, J. (Ed.) (2014). Corporate Social Responsibility in Global IT Outsourcing: A Case Study of Inter-Firm Collaboration. In Information Systems Outsourcing - Towards Sustainable Business Value. (4 ed., pp. 431-451). New York: Springer Verlag. . Publication link: 8827f433-bcdf-4c0e-bde0-7894f8be5104


  • Elharidy, A., Nicholson, B., & Scapens, R. (2013). The Embeddedness of Control in Accounting Outsourcing. Qualitative Research in Accounting & Management, 10(1), 60-77. . Publication link: dd199ade-6794-427a-89f9-8bc98445e787
  • Nicholson, B., Bass, J., & Subrahmanian, E. (2013). A Framework Using Institutional Analysis and the Capability Approach in ICT4D. Information Technology and International Development, 9(1), 19-35. . Publication link: 16637202-e059-43e2-9c21-feb0660d20de


  • Babin, R., & Nicholson, B. (2012). Sustainable global outsourcing: Achieving social and environmental responsibility in global IT and business process outsourcing. (Technology, work and globalization). Palgrave Macmillan .. Publication link: 1e5f23f3-db98-4f83-ab78-15352ec79d76
  • Nicholson, B., & Aman, A. (2012). Managing Attrition in Offshore Finance and Accounting Outsourcing: Exploring the Interplay of Competing Institutional Logics. Strategic outsourcing international journal, 5(3), 232-247. . Publication link: 94ba44ce-b95e-4130-aaa2-94e026cfa698



  • Ameripour, A., Nicholson, B., & Newman, M. (2010). Conviviality of internet social networks: An exploratory study of internet campaigns in Iran. Journal of Information Technology, 25(2), 244-257. DOI: 10.1057/jit.2010.14. Publication link: 3d8e6180-9068-4cbd-8d4f-10f401f39b56


  • Nicholson, B., & Sahay, S. (2009). Deinstitutionalization in the context of software exports policymaking in Costa Rica. Journal of Information Technology, 24(4), 332-342. DOI: 10.1057/jit.2009.18. Publication link: 4b94ae00-79b0-44cf-b296-aba641ebc7a0
  • Babin, R., & Nicholson, B. (2009). Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibility and Global IT Outsourcing. MIS Quarterly Executive, 8(4), 203-222. . Publication link: 01f6f6e6-d8b7-4554-a3fd-4a2aa11c2965
  • Nicholson, B., & Sahay, S. (2009). Software exports development in Costa Rica: Potential for policy reforms. Information Technology for Development, 15(1), 4-16. DOI: 10.1002/itdj.20107. Publication link: e4024e08-a45c-4131-83dc-8b7525de631a
  • Byrne, E., Nicholson, B., & Salem, B. (2009). Proceedings of IFIP 9.4 Working Group Conference. In host publication. Dubai: Dubai school of government. . Publication link: da359de7-1a98-47cd-bd46-a378b665062e
  • Aman, A., & Nicholson, B. (2009). Managing knowledge transfer in offshore software development: The role of copresent and ICT-based interaction. Journal of Global Information Management, 17(4), 55-73. DOI: 10.4018/jgim.2009070903. Publication link: b4a27588-8a79-4c29-b446-b19258073519


  • Elharidy, A. M., Nicholson, B., & Scapens, R. W. (2008). Using grounded theory in interpretive management accounting research. Qualitative Research in Accounting & Management, 5(2), 139-155. DOI: 10.1108/11766090810888935. Publication link: 8d061c55-2dd9-4c72-89ca-03e133c2e5f0
  • Nicholson, B., & Aman, A. (2008). Risk and Control of Offshore Outsourced Accounting. (Centre for Business Performance). London: Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW).. Publication link: 347845fd-3b18-425e-8e71-8df7d9a5ce32
  • Nicholson, B., & Sahay, S. (2008). Human resource development policy in the context of software exports: Case evidence from Costa Rica. Progress in Development Studies, 8(2), 163-176. DOI: 10.1177/146499340700800202. Publication link: effe4f46-9cfc-43fa-ad37-4ee1dab43d73
  • Aman, A., & Nicholson, B. (2008). Mind the gap! Understanding knowledge in global software teams. In IFIP International Federation for Information Processing|IFIP Int. Fed. Inf. Process.. (Vol. 267, pp. 321-330). New York: Springer Verlag. DOI: 10.1007/978-0-387-09768-8_23. Publication link: ed2bd117-047d-425f-9483-ab9938a195c8


  • Nicholson, B., & Sahay, S. (2006). Knowledge management in offshore software development. In Information Systems Outsourcing (Second Edition): Enduring Themes, New Perspectives and Global Challenges|Inf. Syst. Outsourcing (Second Edition): Enduring Themes, New Perspectives and Global Challenges. (pp. 659-685). Springer Berlin Heidelberg. DOI: 10.1007/978-3-540-34877-1_24. Publication link: ba48203b-01c8-4c67-a45a-3a026317ab9a


  • Nicholson, B., & Sahay, S. (2005). Human Resource Development In The Context of Software Exports: case evidence from Costa Rica. In host publication.. Publication link: 88434ff6-9bc7-4d82-9e7c-a3fb0c30f1be



  • Nicholson, B. (2003). Offshore Software Sourcing by Small Firms: An Analysis of Risk, Trust and Control. In host publication.. Publication link: dc16b2b6-1f1a-40bf-b67e-7536754b8b60
  • Aman, A., & Nicholson, B. (2003). The process of offshore software development: Preliminary studies of UK companies in Malaysia. In IFIP Advances in Information and Communication Technology|IFIP Advances in Information and Communication Technology. (Vol. 126, pp. 201-216). Springer New York. DOI: 10.1007/978-0-387-35695-2. Publication link: e80cd9e6-6461-4c4c-a9c8-f92c5d7cd8c8
  • Nicholson, B., & Sahay, S. (2003). Building Iran's Software industry: an assessment of plans and prospects. Electronic Journal of Information Systems in Developing Countries, 13, 1-19. . Publication link: 68587a43-e0f9-4868-af2f-80494b2e43f8
  • Sahay, S., Nicholson, B., & Krishna, S. (2003). Global IT Outsourcing: Software Development Across Borders. Cambridge University Press.. Publication link: 88fafac7-efca-4b93-9292-d8f77eaa59e9


  • Nicholson, B. (2002). Global Software Outsourcing: Building Capabilities in Developing Countries. In host publication.. Publication link: 577314b4-a727-4e35-bdd8-5aae61bd8393
  • Nicholson, B., Sahay, S., Heeks, R., & Krishna, S. (2002). Trajectories and Strategies in Global Software Outsourcing Relationships. In host publication. Hershey PA: IRM Press. . Publication link: 71c0b5b3-a19f-4ca0-aa0e-cc240e1b444d



  • Nicholson, B. (2000). Work Practices and Local Improvisations Within Global Software Teams: A Case of a UK Subsidiary in India. In host publication.. Publication link: 792e12f5-d8b6-47dd-80cf-6d6df5c4fcfb


  • Nicholson, B. (1999). A Case Study of Campus Based Flexible Learning Using the World Wide Web and Computer Conferencing. Alt J, 6(3), 38-46. . Publication link: dbcb3935-d68f-488c-a374-b4c498a3e222
  • Nicholson, B. (1999). Bridging the Divide: A Critique of the Globalisation of Information Systems Education. Journal of Scientific and Industrial Research, 58, 285-290. . Publication link: f47f0a23-5ead-42b7-8e87-fb7a3d436439


  • Nicholson, B., & Avison, D. (Ed.) (1997). Educating Information Systems Practitioners: An Adequate Preparation for the "Babble of Voices"? In Key Issues in Information Systems. Mcgraw Hill. . Publication link: 71db382a-9152-46f9-b912-77f6d5f09e4d
  • Bird, . U., Nicholson, D., & B., . U. (1997). A Critique of the Globalisation of Higher Education. ALT-J, 6(1), 6-12. . Publication link: b37eb05e-abe2-4cde-a8f8-3648a52b6a0b