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Prof Brian Nicholson - publications

List of publications

Authored book

  • Babin, R. Nicholson, B. Sustainable global outsourcing. Technology, work and globalization. Palgrave Macmillan, 2012. eScholarID:170407
  • Sahay, S, Nicholson, B. Krishna, S. Global IT Outsourcing: Software Development Across Borders. Cambridge University Press, 2003. eScholarID:4b2072

Book contribution

  • Gerardo Quinones, Brian Nicholson, and Richard Heeks. "A Literature Review of E-Entrepreneurship in Emerging Economies: Positioning Research on Latin American Digital Startups." In Entrepreneurship in BRICS Policy and Research to Support Entrepreneurs, ed. La Rovere, Renata, Ozório, Luiz, de Jesus Melo, Leonardo (Eds.), 179-209. Switzerland: Springer, 2015. eScholarID:256152
  • Babin, R. and Nicholson, B. "Corporate Social Responsibility in Global IT Outsourcing: A Case Study of Inter-Firm Collaboration." In Information Systems Outsourcing - Towards Sustainable Business Value, ed. Hirschheim, R., Heinzl, A. and Dibbern, J, 431-451. New York: Springer-Verlag, 2014. eScholarID:256139
  • Nicholson, B., Sahay S. "Knowledge Management and Offshore Software Development." Springer-Verlag, 2006. eScholarID:3b5107
  • Nicholson, B., Aman A. "The Process of Offshore Software Development: preliminary studies of UK companies in Malaysia." 201-216.Kluwer, 2003. eScholarID:3b5108
  • Nicholson, B., Sahay S, Heeks R, Krishna S. "Trajectories and Strategies in Global Software Outsourcing Relationships." 53-59. Hershey PA: IRM Press, 2002. eScholarID:3b4427
  • Nicholson, B. "Educating Information Systems Practitioners: An Adequate Preparation for the "Babble of Voices"?." In Key Issues in Information Systems, ed. David Avison, 55-62.McGraw-Hill, 1997. eScholarID:3b4426

Journal article

  • Elharidy A., Nicholson, B. and Scapens R. 10, no. 1(2013) : 60-77. eScholarID:236054
  • Bass, J., Nicholson, B. and Subrahmanian, E. "A Framework Using Institutional Analysis and the Capability Approach in ICT4D." 9, no. 1(2013) : 19-35. eScholarID:236055
  • Nicholson, B. and Aman A. "Managing Attrition in Offshore Finance and Accounting Outsourcing: Exploring the Interplay of Competing Institutional Logics." 5, no. 3(2012) : 232-247. eScholarID:236056
  • Babin, R., Briggs, S., Nicholson, B. "Corporate social responsibility and global IT outsourcing." Communications of the ACM 54, no. 9(2011) : 28-30. eScholarID:132652 | DOI:10.1145/1995376.1995387
  • Babin, R., Nicholson, B. "How green is my outsourcer: measuring sustainability in global IT outsourcing." Strategic outsourcing international journal 4, no. 1(2011) : 47-66. eScholarID:132653 | DOI:10.1108/17538291111108426
  • Ameripour, A. Nicholson, B, Newman, M. "Conviviality of Internet Social Networks: An Exploratory Study of Internet Campaigns in Iran." Journal of Information Technology 25, no. 2(2010) : 244-257. eScholarID:20218 | DOI:10.1057/jit.2010.14
  • Babin, R and Nicholson, B. "Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibility and Global IT Outsourcing." MIS Quarterly Executive 8, no. 4(2009) : 203-222. eScholarID:20227
  • Nicholson, B, Sahay, S. "Deinstitutionalization in the context of software exports policymaking in Costa Rica." Journal of Information Technology 24, no. 4(2009) : 332-342. eScholarID:19833 | DOI:10.1057/jit.2009.18
  • Aman, A., Nicholson, B. "Managing Knowledge Transfer in Offshore Software Development: The Role of Copresent and ICT-Based Interaction." Journal of Global Information Management 17, no. 4(2009) : 55-73. eScholarID:19864 | DOI:10.4018/jgim.2009070903
  • Nicholson, Brian, and Sahay, Sundeep. "Software exports development in Costa Rica: Potential for policy reforms." Information Technology for Development 15, no. 1(2009) : 4-16. eScholarID:1g158 | DOI:10.1002/itdj.20107
  • Ali M. Elharidy, Nicholson, B., Scapens, R W. "Using grounded theory in interpretive management accounting research." Qualitative Research in Accounting & Management 5, no. 2(2008) : 139-155. eScholarID:1b5078 | DOI:10.1108/11766090810888935
  • Nicholson, Brian, and Sahay, Sundeep. "Human resource development policy in the context of software exports: case evidence from Costa Rica." Progress in Development Studies 8, no. 2(2008) : 163-176. eScholarID:1g137 | DOI:10.1177/146499340700800202
  • Espenlaub, S., Nicholson, B., Jones, J. "Transaction Costs and Control of outsourced Accounting: case evidence from Britain and India." Management and Accounting Research 17, no. 3(2006) : 238-258. eScholarID:1b9876 | DOI:10.1016/j.mar.2006.05.002
  • Nicholson, B., Sahay, S. "Embedded knowledge and offshore software development." Information and Organization 14, no. 4(2004) : 329-365. eScholarID:1b9879 | DOI:10.1016/j.infoandorg.2004.05.001
  • Carmel E. Nicholson B. "Offshore Outsourcing Practices of Small Firms." Journal of Global Information Management 13, no. 3(2004) : 33-54. eScholarID:1b9880
  • Nicholson, B. "Software export success factors and strategies in 'follower' nations." Competition and Change 8, no. 3(2004) : 267-303. eScholarID:1b9878 | DOI:10.1080/1024529042000301962
  • Nicholson, B., Sahay S. "Building Iran's Software industry: an assessment of plans and prospects." 13(2003) : 1-19. eScholarID:1b8105
  • Nicholson, B., Sahay, S. "Some political and cultural issues in the globalisation of software development: case experience from Britain and India." Information and Organisation 11, no. 1(2001) : 25-44. eScholarID:1b7968 | DOI:10.1016/S0959-8022(00)00008-4
  • Heeks, R, Kishna , S., Nicholson, B. Sahay, S. "'Synching' or 'Sinking': Trajectories and Strategies in Global Software Outsourcing Relationships." IEEE Software 18, no. 2(2001) : 54-62. eScholarID:1b8009 | DOI:10.1109/52.914744
  • Nicholson, B. "A Case Study of Campus Based Flexible Learning Using the World Wide Web and Computer Conferencing." Alt J 6, no. 3(1999) : 38-46. eScholarID:1b7966
  • Nicholson, B. "Bridging the Divide: A Critique of the Globalisation of Information Systems Education." Journal of Scientific and Industrial Research 58(1999) : 285-290. eScholarID:1b7965
  • Bird, D Nicholson, B. "A Critique of the Globalisation of Higher Education." ALT-J 6, no. 1(1997) : 6-12. eScholarID:1b7967

Conference contribution

  • Aman, A, Nicholson, B. 2008. Mind the Gap! Understanding knowledge in global software teams. In IFIP TC8 WG8.2 International Working Conference, edited by Barret, M, E Davidson, C Middleton, and J DeGross, 321-330. Toronto, Canada: Springer. eScholarID:24773
  • Nicholson, B., Sahay S. 2005. Human Resource Development In The Context of Software Exports: case evidence from Costa Rica. eScholarID:2b2878
  • Espenlaub, S., Nicholson, B., Jones B. 2004. Offshore Outsourcing of Accounting Services: transaction costs and mitigating strategies. In APIRA. eScholarID:2b2879
  • Espenlaub, S., Nicholson, B. 2004. Transaction-Cost Minimizing Strategies in Offshore Accounting Outsourcing. eScholarID:2b2998
  • Nicholson, B. 2003. Offshore Software Sourcing by Small Firms: An Analysis of Risk, Trust and Control. eScholarID:2b1695
  • Nicholson, B. 2003. The Process of Offshore Software Development: preliminary studies of UK companies in Malaysia. eScholarID:2b1696
  • Nicholson, B. 2002. Global Software Outsourcing: Building Capabilities in Developing Countries. eScholarID:2b1694
  • Nicholson, B. 2000. Work Practices and Local Improvisations Within Global Software Teams: A Case of a UK Subsidiary in India. 1-30. eScholarID:2b1680

Conference proceeding

  • Byrne E, Nicholson B, Salem F. 2009. Proceedings of IFIP 9.4 Working Group Conference. eScholarID:19807


  • Nicholson B, Aman A. 2008. Risk and Control of Offshore Outsourced Accounting. London: Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW). eScholarID:32083