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Prof Bruce Tether - publications

List of publications




  • Pina, K., & Tether, B. S. (2014). Distinguishing knowledge types and the differential drivers of innovation among KIBS. (n.a.; No. n.a.). n.a.. Publication link: 27b2a833-c8c0-4b9e-b078-67f6287260f6
  • Wennberg, K., Tether, B. S., Li, Q. C., & Mina, A. (2014). Taking or Eschewing Opportunities? Diversification in Professional Service Firms.. Publication link: e4243251-38a2-4adc-80e7-ea6de159bbec


  • Tether, B. S., Dodgson, M. (Ed.), Gann, D. (Ed.), & Phillips, N. (Ed.) (2013). Services, Innovation, and Managing Service Innovation. In The Oxford Handbook of Innovation Management. Oxford: Oxford University Press. DOI: 978-0-19-969494-5. Publication link: 4e67ea25-0e59-4445-a16b-63fa5a09847a


  • Bascavusoglu-Moreau, E., & Tether, B. S. (2012). Do R&D and Marketing enhance the benefit of collaborating with customers for innovation performance?. Publication link: cb6b0a6c-63d0-4c29-a515-553a21b0d3da
  • Tether, B. S., Li, Q. C., & Mina, A. (2012). Knowledge-bases, places, spatial configurations and the performance of knowledge-intensive professional service firms. Journal of Economic Geography, 12(5), 969-1001. [lbs015]. DOI: 10.1093/jeg/lbs015. Publication link: 4feef81d-d870-4ebe-8072-f941e3aed269



  • Tether, B. S., & Stigliani, I. (2010). Service Design 2020: What does the future hold, and (how) can we shape it?Touchpoint, 1(3), 32-37. . Publication link: 42bdcac7-2c29-48e1-9a7f-03b3db3d74a4


  • Tether, B. S. (2009). Design in Innovation: Coming out from the Shadow of R&D, An analysis of the UK Innovation Surveys of 2005. London: Department for Innovation, Universities and Skills, HM Government.. Publication link: b0edd791-1729-43f9-bb47-a910e02f45d7



  • Howells, J., Tether, B., Cox, D., Glynn, S., & Rigby, J. (2006). Information technology research in the UK: Perspectives on services research and development, and systems of innovation. Science and Public Policy, 33(1), 17-31. DOI: 10.3152/147154306781779172. Publication link: 0ca6f11b-2e46-4200-846f-cb9fde3a2b0f


  • Tether, B. (2005). 'Think Piece' on the Role of Design in Business Performance. Department of Trade and Industry.. Publication link: 58a310a9-c69f-46b6-8225-aa705b7aa1ff
  • Tether, B., Mina, A., Consoli, D., & Gagliardi, D. (2005). A Literature Review on Skills and Innovation. How Does Successful Innovation Impact on the Demand of Skills and How Do Skills Drive Innovation (Sept 2005). (Department of Trade and Industry (DTI)). DTI.. Publication link: 311974e4-9a49-4f36-8924-0559a5b74b87
  • Tether, B. S. (2005). Do services innovate (Differently)? Insights from the European innobarometer survey. Industry and Innovation, 12(2), 153-184. DOI: 10.1080/13662710500087891. Publication link: 2f598478-a99b-4449-95b5-1db6ab9b1fa9
  • Tether, B., Mina, A., Consoli, D., & Gagliardi, D. (2005). How does successful innovation impact on the demand for skills and how do skills drive Innovation. In A Literature review. London: Department of Trade and Industry (DTI, UK). . Publication link: fcc45bdc-d075-42d2-bfeb-a2e2cfec8484


  • Tether, B. (2004). Systems of Innovation in Services, F.Malerba (ed.). In host publication. Cambridge University Press. . Publication link: 305836db-fac8-4924-8c5e-6859e4405096
  • Howells, J., Tether, B., & Uyarra, E. (2004). Innovation in Service: issue at stake and trends [Study for DG Enterprise, Commission of the European Communities]. No publisher name.. Publication link: 85c5123a-4d82-4db3-9197-1c294b1a6e6a


  • Tether, B., & Miles, I. D. (2003). The Effects of Innovation in Standardised, Customised and Bespoke Services: evidence from Germany. In host publication. London: Imperial College Press. . Publication link: a9a3ce7d-8742-4ef1-b8ad-dcc649d89594
  • Miles, I., Flanagan, K., Malik, K., Swann, G. M., Tether, B., & Green, L. (2003). Knowing How, Knowing Whom: a study of the links between the knowledge intensive services sector and the science base [Report to the Council for Science and Technology]. Manchester, UK: Manchester Institute of Innovation Research.. Publication link: acb17357-b18f-4402-88ce-74c4c25d1b53
  • Tether, B., & Randles, S. (2003). Services, Scale, and Structures of Internationalization: North West England's Environmental Technologies Firms, in Miozzo. M and Miles, I (eds.). In host publication. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar. . Publication link: b2ae489b-5823-448d-ab58-1ad9c5ed9459
  • Tether, B. (2003). Horndal at Heathrow? Capacity Expansion Through Co-operation and System Evolution. Industrial and Corporate Change, 12(3), 437-476. DOI: 10.1093/icc/12.3.437. Publication link: b91e9fa9-31b7-4357-9216-caa9475bf6f3
  • Tether, B. (2003). How to Define a New Product and a New Process : A review of existing approaches. Competitive Business, Scottish Enterprise.. Publication link: e6204f29-6cb2-4782-80dd-4714bc711aa8
  • Miles, I. D., & Tether, B. (2003). Innovation in the Service Economy. IPTS.. Publication link: f8a2a63b-4eb4-49a5-a28a-ebaadbd05579
  • Tether, B. (2003). The Sources and Aims of Innovation in Services: variety between and within sectors. Economics of Innovation and New Technology, 12(6). DOI: 10.1080/1043859022000029221. Publication link: f92f14ac-985f-48da-8b75-f5a8db65a902
  • Coombs, R., Harvey, M., & Tether, B. S. (2003). Analysing distributed processes of provision and innovation. Industrial and Corporate Change, 12(6), 1125-1155. . Publication link: 0bc74713-5346-408d-af11-d61e1d4891eb



  • Miles, I., Tether, B., Blind, K., De Liso, N., & Cainelli, G. (2001). Analysis of CIS Data on Innovation in the Service Sector [Final Report to European Commission by CRIC/IDSE/ISE]. No publisher name.. Publication link: 8dfa77f6-28a5-435e-a02f-e485a144661f
  • Tether, B., & Miles, I. D. (2001). Surveying Innovation in Service : Measurement and Policy Interpretation Issues. In host publication. Luxembourg: European Commission Publication. . Publication link: 7cf747e9-330e-4b43-939c-30540958ef1d
  • Tether, B. S., Hipp, C., & Miles, I. (2001). Standardisation and particularisation in services: Evidence from Germany. Research Policy, 30(7), 1115-1138. DOI: 10.1016/S0048-7333(00)00133-5. Publication link: 159ce6a3-cbf9-47d3-9343-6d393e213137
  • Howells, J., Glynn, S. M., Cox, D., Rigby, J., & Tether, B. (2001). UK R&D Strengths in IT, Electronics and Communications (ITEC) and Creative Content Industries. No publisher name.. Publication link: ab2c501b-3e12-45f6-93fe-77b2a8864cc7


  • Miles, I. D., & Tether, B. (2000). Surveying Innovation in Services: measurement and policy interpretation issues. In host publication.. Publication link: d72917a0-e1e9-4bc5-85d0-ca2ce1c6d811


  • Tether, B., & Green, L. (1999). What Would Constitute Success for the UK in Information Communication Technologies by 2005? A Background Report (Mimeo, CRIC, Report for DGRC (UK)). No publisher name.. Publication link: 915c7fa2-d754-4ef6-a30b-a2ba5e69f763