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Mr Chris Perkins - teaching

Units taught

Year Code Title Role
2013 GEOG12011 Tutorials and Book Review Course Leader
2013 GEOG20072 Research Design and Overseas Fieldcourses Course Leader
2013 GEOG30070 International Study Course Leader
2013 GEOG30501 Islands: Paradise or prison, human geographies of insularity Course Leader
2013 GEOG30702 Geography in the 21st Century Course Leader
2013 GEOG40501 Islands: Paradise or Prison, Human Geographies of Insularity Course Leader

Undergraduate teaching

Year 1

Keswick fieldcourse (Course leader)
GEOG 10091 - The Place of Manchester (Course leader)
GEOG 12011 - Tutorials

Year 2

GEOG 20310 - Envisioning Space
GEOG 20072 - Crete fieldcourse (Course leader)
GEOG 20820 - Research methods (Textual analysis)
GEOG 20062 - Dissertation tutorials

Year 3

GEOG 30500 - Maps in Society