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Dr Dirk Engelberg - research

Research interests

Metallurgy & Materials Science

  • Metallurgy of Steels, Stainless Steel and Nickel-base Alloy
  • Thermo-mechanical Processing
  • Microstructure Design and Engineering
  • Surface Treatments & Finishing 


Corrosion & Materials Characterisation

  • Localised Corrosion and Environment Assisted Cracking
  • Sensitisation, Sensitisation Testing and Intergranular Corrosion
  • Pitting & Crevice Corrosion
  • Advanced 3-D Material Characterisation Techniques
  • "In-situ" Observations - X-ray Computed Tomography - Digital Image Analysis & Correlation
  • Nuclear Waste Disposal & Containment Materials


Cement & Concrete

  • Microstructure Engineering of Cement and Concrete
  • Corrosion of Steel & Stainless Steel in Cementitious Envrionment
  • Autogenous Strain Development & Hydration 
  • Laser Scabbling / Surface Treatment of Concrete & Mortars

Research Projects

Research Group: The focus of my research is to enrich our understanding of localised corrosion (pitting, crevice, intergranular etc.), environment assisted cracking (EAC), and cement/concrete microstructure performance. Most of my research projects address the development of multi-scale assessment approaches for the prediction, simulation, and mitigation of environment-assisted degradation in nuclear plant, radwaste storage/disposal environments, and for demanding petrochemical application. 

Current PhD Projects (2016):

(i - w) 2012-15 To provide a mechanistic understanding of in-pond corrosion of AGR fuel cladding (C.M.Chan / writing up)

(ii - w) 2013-16  Quasi in-situ observation of pitting corrosion  in austenitic stainless steel (F.Alumaili / writing up)

(iii) 2013-16 Performance Characterisation of a New Generation Nickel Base Alloy for O&G Well Environment Application (M.Brown / year 3)

(iv) 2014-17 Elucidating the Mechanism of EAC of Stainless Steel in Hydrochloric-Acid Containing Vapour Environment (B.Krawczyk / year 3)

(v) 2014-17 Elucidating Steel Corrosion in Microstructure Engineered Cement (Y.Wen / year 2)

(vi) 2014-17 Environment-Assisted Cracking of Microstructure Engineered Duplex Stainless Steel Welds (P.Reccagni / year 2)

(vii) 2016-19 Mechanistic Understanding of Aluminium Alloy Corrosion in Product Stores (S.Mahmood / year 1)


Currnet Projects - Research Associates (2016):

(i) 2013-16 KTP Associate - To Embed Expertise in Copper Electroplating at Mechanistic Level to Meet KBS-3 Copper Canister Specification for High Level Nuclear Waste (Mr T. Hernandes-Selva)

(ii) 2015-16 PDRA - Research Associate in Atmospheric Corrosion & Materials Performance (Dr Cem Oernek / Sellafield Ltd.- AmecFW/NDA)

(iii) 2015-16 PDRA - Low Temperature Crack Propagation in Ni-alloy 82 (Dr Phil Platt / Rolls Royce)


Cross-Disciplinary PhD Projects / Co-Supervisor (2015/2016):

(i) 2011 - 2015 Sheffield University PhD: Laser Scabbling of Concrete Microstructure for Nuclear Decommissioning (B.Peach)

(ii) 2013 - 2017 UoManchester PhD Chemistry - Mechanisms of Contamination of Steel Components (A.Lang)

(iii) 2014 - 2018 UoManchester PhD Chemistry - Water Jetting Decontamination Treatment of Steels (I.Nedlyalkova)

(iv) 2014 - 2018 UoManchester PhD Chemistry - Chemical/Electro-chemcial Decontamination Mechanisms (G.Leathley)