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Dr Dirk Engelberg - research

Research interests

Metallurgy & Materials Science

  • Metallurgy of Steels, Stainless Steel and Nickel-base Alloy
  • Thermo-mechanical Processing
  • Microstructure Design and Engineering
  • Surface Treatments & Finishing 

Corrosion & Materials Characterisation

  • Localised Corrosion and Stress Corrosion Cracking
  • Sensitisation, Sensitisation Testing and Intergranular Corrosion
  • Advanced 3-D Material Characterisation Techniques
  • "In-situ" Observations / X-ray Tomography / Digital Image Analysis & Correlation
  • Nuclear Waste Disposal / Containment Materials

Cement & Concrete

  • Microstructure of Blended Cements and Concrete
  • Corrosion of Steel & Stainless Steel in Cementitious Envrionment

Research Projects

Awarded Grants & Research Projects (Active)

2010/2011 PDRA & PhD (Rolls Royce / PI-James Marrow): Low Temperature Crack Propagation in Alloy 82 Weld Metal

2011 PhD (EPSRC EP/I036397/1): In-situ Time Dependent Characterisation of Corrosion Processes in Nuclear Waste Storage and GDF Environment

2012 CDT Metallic Systems PhD (EPSRC & NNL): Mechanistic Understanding of AGR Fuel Cladding Corrosion in Pond Storage Environment  

2012 Knowledge Transfer Partnership (TSB & BEP Surface Technology - collaboration with Dr. F.Scenini): To Generate and Embed Expertise in Copper Electroplating at Mechanistic Level and Optimise Electro-deposited Layers to Meet KBS-3 Copper Canister Specification for High-level Nuclear Waste.

2012 Overseas PhD (Saudi Arabia): In-situ Stress Corrosion Cracking of Type 304 Stainless Steel

2013 CDT Metallic Systems PhD (EPSRC & PCC/Special Metals): Performance Characterisation of a New Generation Nickel-base Alloy for Oil & Gas Well Environment Application

2013 PhD (NNL/NDA/Sellafield): Elucidating the Mechanism of Environment-Assisted Cracking of Stainless Steel Storage Cans in Hydrochloric-Acid Containing Vapour Environment

2013 PDRA (Sellafield Ltd.):Determination of Corrosion Kinetics of Extruded AA6063-T5 in Seawater-bearing Envrionment

2014 Ph.D. (CGN): contracts completed

2014 Ph.D. i-CASE (EPSRC & TWI):  advertised (03.2014)

Equipment Funds

2012  EPSRC - Early Career Small-scale Equipment Grant (4 Items  - Value: £33.5K)

Grants & Research Projects (Completed)

2010 MPhil CDT Nuclear Fission (EPSRC): Microstructure Characterisation of Ordinary Portland Cement Composites for the Immobilisation of Nuclear Waste

2010 MPhil Studentship (Engineering Decommissioning): Contamination of Stainless Steel Components with Stable Caesium and Strontium Isotopes

2011 PDRA (NNL): Development of Stress Corrosion Cracks in Magnox Waste Storage Cans for Non-destructive Testing

2011 PDRA (Savannah River Nuclear Solutions): PHASE I - In-situ Stress Corrosion Cracking in Vapor Phase

2012/3 PDRA (Savannah River Nuclear Solutions): PHASE II - In-situ Stress Corrosion Cracking in Vapor Phase

Internal Grants & Awards

2012 Ironmongers’ Award: (i) Subsistence & Travel (Value £0.5K) & (ii) Consumables/Material Support (Value: £0.9K)