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Prof Diana Mitlin - publications

List of publications




  • Mitlin, D., Chitekwe-Biti, B., Patel, S., Bredenoord, J. (Ed.), van Lindert, P. (Ed.), & Smets, P. (Ed.) (2014). The transnational experience of community-led development: the affordable shelter challenge. In Affordable Housing in the Urban Global South. Seeking Sustainable Solutions. (pp. 117-131). Abingdon and New York: Earthscan from Routledge. . Publication link: ac0515a7-6a82-4c8c-bcf7-5d5384f6f421
  • Mitlin, D., Patel, S., Parnell, S. (Ed.), & Oldfield, S. (Ed.) (2014). The urban poor and strategies for a pro-poor politics: reflections on Shack/Slum Dwellers International. In The Routledge Handbook on Cities of the Global South. (pp. 296-308). Abingdon and New York: Routledge. . Publication link: bda81804-5b9d-44a9-ad02-8c42bc0d3a70
  • Mitlin, D. (2014). Politics, informality and clientelism – exploring a pro-poor urban politics. (Effective States and Inclusive Development Research Centre; No. 34). Manchester.. Publication link: 5c63ddf1-43c7-43e8-8b3f-aedf2d66766d
  • Mitlin, D., & Satterwaite, D. (2014). Reducing Urban Poverty in the Global South. Abingdon: Routledge.. Publication link: 4675199c-d7dc-4757-9107-2f500f58772d



  • Green, M., Kothari, U., Mercer, C., & Mitlin, D. (2012). Saving, spending, and future-making: Time, discipline, and money in development. Environment and Planning A, 44(7), 1641-1656. DOI: 10.1068/a44640. Publication link: d6a46c41-c7ce-497b-b218-7306a6d7eb37


  • Bebbington, A. J., Hickey, S., & Mitlin, D. (2008). Can NGOs Make a Difference?: The Challenge of Development Alternatives. Zed Books.. Publication link: bad9fce1-0792-4f81-b6b3-90259a7e7f38




  • Mitlin, D., D., . U., & Satterthwaite, D. (2004). Empowering Squatter Citizen:Local Government, Civil Society and Urban Poverty Reduction. Earthscan.. Publication link: 78cb123e-352f-4138-8ae6-806b0ed8497a
  • Mitlin, D., & Muller, A. (2004). Windhoek, Namibia: Towards progressive urban land policies in southern Africa. International Development Planning Review, 26(2), 167-186. DOI: 10.3828/idpr.26.2.3. Publication link: 5ab4f5dd-df52-4f87-a129-5d64d624f8dd
  • Mitlin, D., Hickey, . U. (Ed.), Mohan, S. (Ed.), & G., . U. (Ed.) (2004). Securing Voice and Transforming Practice in Local Government: the Role of Federating in Grassroots Development. In Participation: From Tyranny to Transformation? Exploring New Approaches to Participation.. Publication link: 5c0cf7f6-d9f7-43ec-af8a-11d056356e62
  • Mitlin, D. (2004). Competition, regulation and the urban poor: A case study of water. In Leading Issues in Competition, Regulation and Development|Leading Issues in Competition, Regulation and Development. (pp. 320-338). Cheltenham: Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd. . Publication link: 229b64f7-049b-4769-ab6a-c05c4801fb21
  • Mitlin, D. (2004). Reshaping Local Democracy. Environment and Urbanization, 16(1). . Publication link: 1e63d342-6087-4a16-8c6e-6154ab946340
  • Mitlin, D., D., . U., Baumann, T., & Bolnick, J. (2004). The Age of Cities and Organisations of the Urban Poor: the Work of the South African Homeless People's Federation. In Empowering Squatter Citizen. Earthscan. . Publication link: 1b731be9-2b14-4c50-81ff-3f5364754782
  • Mitlin, D., & Devas, N. (Ed.) (2004). Civil Society Organisations: Do They Make a Difference to Urban Poverty. In Urban Governance, Voice and Poverty in the Developing World. Earthscan. . Publication link: 3acef594-bb34-4d1d-ad87-02323417d51f
  • Mitlin, D., D., . U., & Patel, S. (2004). Grassroots-Driven Development: the Alliance of SPARC, the National Slum Dwellers Federation and Mahila Milan. In Empowering Squatter Citizen. Earthscan. . Publication link: 3d0f0a10-9dbc-44b3-8183-a02a1b604259




  • Mitlin, D., D., . U., Patel, S., Bolnick, J., Edwards, . U. (Ed.), Gaventa, M. (Ed.), & J., . U. (Ed.) (2001). Squatting on the Global Highway. In Global Citizen Action. London: Earthscan. . Publication link: 90920d7e-dbc6-4247-b9a6-9d06e741a73e
  • Mitlin, D., D., . U., Hardoy, J., & Satterthwaite, D. (2001). Environmental Problems in Third World Cities. Earthscan.. Publication link: 7d24ea99-4e44-4d94-8e0b-4d669ed9e268
  • Mitlin, D. (2001). The formal and informal worlds of state and civil society: What do they offer to the urban poor?International Planning Studies, 6(4), 377-392. DOI: 10.1080/13563470120092386. Publication link: 7c1a34f5-b26d-4cfc-86ea-6709deecdf3c
  • Chitekwe, B., & Mitlin, D. (2001). The urban poor under threat and in struggle: Options for urban development in Zimbabwe, 1995-2000. Environment and Urbanization, 13(2), 85-102. . Publication link: 6169cef2-9d93-428a-ac08-4efdf494e192
  • Mitlin, D. (2001). Housing and urban poverty: A consideration of the criteria of affordability, diversity and inclusion. Housing Studies, 16(4), 509-522. DOI: 10.1080/02673030120066572. Publication link: 239552dc-abc6-43c5-832e-12849eb83841
  • Mitlin, D., & Brown, K. (2001). Poverty alleviation or poverty reduction: The contribution of civil society. Journal of International Development, 13(7), 1003-1008. DOI: 10.1002/jid.826. Publication link: 2fc550b9-6816-4566-8588-27c2cfb53e85
  • Mitlin, D., D., . U., Satterthwaite, D., Yusuf, S. E. (Ed.), & S. Wu, W. (Ed.) (2001). Urban Poverty: Some Thoughts about its Scale and Nature. In Facets of Globalization: International and Local Dimensions of Development. Washington DC: World Bank. . Publication link: ddcbd147-1a70-49b9-93a2-1281c92edf25
  • Mitlin, D. (2001). Civil Society and Urban Poverty: Examining Complexity. Environment and Urbanization, 13(2). . Publication link: cc3f0cb6-14d3-46f5-9c72-efe810c95aa9