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Dr Ellen Poliakoff - publications

List of publications


  • Mirams L, Poliakoff E, Zandstra L, Hoeksma M, El-Deredy W. Good Vibrations: Global Processing Can Increase the Pleasantness of Touch. Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology. Section A: Human Experimental Psychology, eScholarID:283248 | DOI:10.1080/17470218.2015.1120333


  • Poole D, Couth S, Gowen E, Warren PA, Poliakoff E. (2015). Adapting the crossmodal congruency task for measuring the limits of visual-tactile interactions within and between groups. Multisensory Research, eScholarID:245125
  • Poliakoff E, Latif A, Maehr AM, Marshall H, Roesser A, Scurr T, Short V, Whitaker GA, Lander K. (2015). An unsuccessful attempt to demonstrate attentional orienting within the purely emotional domain. Emotion, eScholarID:274431
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  • Mirams L, Poliakoff E, Zandstra L, Hoeksma M, El-Deredy W. (2014). Feeling bad and looking worse: Negative affect is associated with reduced perceptions of face-healthiness. P L o S Biology (Online), 9, e107912. eScholarID:245124


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  • Poliakoff E, Beach N, Best R, Howard T, Gowen E. (2013). Can looking at a hand make your skin crawl? Peering into the uncanny valley for hands. Perception, 42, 998-1000. eScholarID:233025
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  • Woods AT, Lloyd DM, Kuenzel J, Poliakoff E, Dijksterhuis G, Thomas A. (In-press). Expected taste intensity affects response to sweet drinks in primary taste cortex. NeuroReport, 22, 365-369. eScholarID:127237 | DOI:10.1097/WNR.0b013e3283469581
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