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Professor Jacky Smith (MB, ChB, MRCP, PhD) - publications

List of publications


  • Jaclyn A. Smith, Rayid Abdulqawi, Rachel Dockry, Kimberly Holt, Gary Layton, Bruce G. McCarthy, Anthony P. Ford. (2015). A P2X3 receptor antagonist in chronic cough: author’s reply. Lancet, 386(9990), 244-245. eScholarID:278260
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  • Emma Hilton, Paul Marsden, Andrew Thurston, Stephen Kennedy, Samantha Decalmer, Jaclyn Smith. (2015). Features of the Urge-To-Cough in Patients with Chronic Cough. Respir Med, 109(6), 701-707. eScholarID:263529
  • Janelle Yorke, Mari Lloyd-Williams, Jacky Smith, Fiona Blackhall, Amelie Harle, June Warden, Jackie Ellis, Mark Pilling, Jemma Haines, Karen Luker, Chris Bailey, Alex Molassiotis. (2015). Management of the respiratory distress symptom cluster in lung cancer: a randomised controlled feasibility study. Support Care Cancer, 23(11), 3373-3384. eScholarID:278257
  • Peter W. West, Brendan J Canning, Emilio Merlo-Pich, Ashley A. Woodcock, Jaclyn A. Smith. (2015). Morphological Characterisation of Nerves in Whole Mount Airway Biopsies. A J R C C M, 192(1), 30-39. eScholarID:263530
  • Rayid Abdulqawi, Rachel Dockry, Kimberly Holt, Gary Layton, Bruce G. McCarthy, Anthony P. Ford, Jaclyn A. Smith. (2015). P2X3 receptor antagonist (AF-219) in refractory chronic cough: a randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled phase 2 study. Lancet, 385(9974), 1198-1205. eScholarID:233883
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  • Cristina Almansa, Jaclyn A Smith, Julie Morris, Michael D Crowell, Dimitra Valdramidou, Augustine Lee, Kenneth R DeVault, Lesley A Houghton. (2015). Weak Peristalsis with Large Breaks In Chronic Cough: Association With Poor Esophageal Clearance. N M O, 27(3), 431-442. eScholarID:263532


  • Kahrilas PJ, Smith JA, Dicpinigaitis PV. (2014). A causal relationship between cough and gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) has been established: a pro/con debate. Lung, 192(1), 39-46. eScholarID:223297 | DOI:10.1007/s00408-013-9528-7
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  • Hoffmann B, Gullett JP, Hill HF, Hosek WT, Fuller D, Westergaard M, Smith J.A. (2014). Bedside Ultrasound of the Neck Confirms Endotracheal Tube Position in Emergency Intubations. Ultraschall Med, eScholarID:242479
  • Khosravi M, Collins PB, LinRL, Hayes JrD, Smith JA, Lee LY. (2014). Breathing hot humid air induces airway irritation and cough in patients with allergic rhinitis. Respir Physiol Neurobiol, 198, 13-19. eScholarID:223298 | DOI:10.1016/j.resp.2014.03.013
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  • Sumaiya Patel, Adnan Custovic, Jaclyn A Smith, Angela Simpson, Gina Kerry, Clare S Murray. (2014). The Relationship Between Dietary Patterns In Childhood With Asthma and Atopic Sensitisation. P A I, eScholarID:242478


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