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Dr Joe Ravetz - research

Research interests

The Synergistic City-Region programme runs an active portfolio of UK and EU funded research, with 5 main strands:

    •    Foresight, futures and information studies: including foresight and scenario methods, information technology applications, science policy / knowledge management, and innovation studies.
    •    Environment-development studies:  urban-regional modelling, alternative economic strategies, resource flows and externalities, business-environment issues:
    •    Spatial development studies: spatial frameworks, landuse & infrastructure planning, urban design and policy analysis at local, regional and national levels.
    •    Sustainable production & consumption studies: business-environment issues, heterodox economics, cultural consumption and place identity.
    •    ‘Urban Synergistics’: an innovative and trans-disciplinary approach to understanding and mapping the evolution of complex inter-connected and multi-layer systems of social learning and intelligence, which combine economic, environmental, social, cultural, political and spatial relationships.



Current Research Projects

  • One Planet Economy Network (OPEN): this is led by CURE and sponsored by WWF-UK. This builds on the REAP evidence base, as a programme for the transformation of the UK economy to a one planet level of resource use, in production and consumption.One Planet Economics Network (OPEN) Download Centre
  • Ecological Budget UK: this was launched as Counting Consumption with national and regional analysis of sustainable consumption and production. The REAP tool was part- developed by CURE in collaboration with SEI York.
  • One Planet Economy Regional Analysis (OPERA):this project based in the South East (SEERA / SEEDA / DEFRA) provides guidance for the tools including the REAP and REEIO, with a detailed methodology for policy analysis and evaluation.
  • Eco-region NW applied the REAP modelling and the Resource Analysis Framework method to the home region. There is a pilot set of interactive tools and business applications on the website, and feedback is welcome, particularly on the interactive NW Quest.
  • Sustainable Communities for a One Planet Economy (SCOPE): this applied the REAP modelling and Resource Analysis Framework to a sample of local neighbourhoods around the West Midlands, in order to map out practical pathways for urban regeneration and community development.
  • PLUREL. This is a major 4 year EU integrated project on 'peri-urban land use', started in Jan 07, coordinated by Copenhagen University. Peri-urban land use is one of the key challenges of urban regional analysis, in a rapidly urbanizing and modernizing world. This agenda includes a return to the City-Region 2020 case study of Greater Manchester.
  • SUREGEN: we are a lead partner in this EPSRC-funded project, coordinated by the Salford School of Built Environment, starting in late 2007. This is developing semanticweb / virtual community opportunities for digitally enabled urban regeneration, using the wikipedia concept to build a virtual community library / simulation / evaluation / training landscape. This builds on CURE experience of the previous EU project INTELCITIES and the agenda set out in City-Region 2020.