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Dr Joel Smith - teaching

Units taught

Year Code Title Role
2013 PHIL20612 Phenomenology Course Leader
2013 PHIL60010 MRes Philosophy Research Skills Lecturer
2013 PHIL60172 MRes Philosophy Dissertation Lecturer
2013 PHIL60232 Evaluating Emotions Course Leader

Current Research Students


Jamie Henson is working on remorse as part of the Knowledge of Emotion project.

Pablo Lopez-Silva  is working on philosophical issues arising from schizophrenia.

I am also the second supervisor for Lucy Tomlinson (working on pleasure) and Andrew Kirton (working on trust).


James McCarthy is working on emotion and choice.


Pauline Kwait is working on duties of assistance.

Previous Research Students

2014: Beccy Simpson, "The Role of Emotion in Practical Rationality" (second supervisor)

2014: Moritz Mueller, "Affect and Intentionality: On the Significance of Emotional Feeling" (main supervisor)

2014: Howard Kelly, "Being and Time §15: Around-for References and the Content of Mundane Concern" (main supervisor)

2013: Hichem Naar, "A Defence of Sentiments: Emotions, Dispositions, and Character" (second supervisor)

2013: Chris Ovenden, "Towards a Theory of Control" (second supervisor)

2012: Gayle Impey, "Empathy, Motive and Morality: An Enquiry into the Role of Empathy in Ethics" (main supervisor)