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Ms Judith A Aldridge - publications

List of publications


  • Aldridge, J., & Décary-Hétu, D. (2016). Hidden Wholesale: The drug diffusing capacity of online drug cryptomarkets. International Journal of Drug Policy.
    . Publication link: d6d93513-ee68-4b62-8e6c-84efd761230a
  • Décary-Hétu, D., Paquet-Clouston, M., & Aldridge, J. (2016). Going international. Risk taking and the willingness to ship internationally among drug cryptomarket vendors. International Journal of Drug Policy.
    . Publication link: f911c927-af5f-4413-b4c1-c419b244b0e8
  • Aldridge, J., & Decary-Hetu, D. (2016). Hidden Wholesale: How drug cryptomarkets may transform traditional 'offline' drug markets.International Journal of Drug Policy.
    . Publication link: 6424afb2-53c4-49bf-ab90-5c1929b27da3


  • Aldridge, J., Decary-Hetu, D., & EMCDDA, . U. (Ed.) (2015). Cryptomarkets and the future of illicit drug markets. In Internet and Drug markets: EMCDDA Insights. Luxembourg: Publications Office of the European Union.
    . Publication link: 5cd1f20b-b9ea-4b26-846c-267c39ddf39f
  • Aldridge, J., & Decary-Hetu, D. (2015). A response to Dolliver's "Evaluating drug trafficking on the Tor Network: Silk Road 2, the sequel". International Journal of Drug Policy, 26(11), 1124-1125. DOI:10.1016/j.drugpo.2015.05.017
    . Publication link: 588385ed-8270-42f9-a44a-0cae1f74fe62
  • Aldridge, J., & Decary-Hetu, D. (2015). Sifting through the Net: Monitoring of Online Offenders by Researchers. The European Review of Organised Crime, 2(2), 122-141.
    . Publication link: 46df2d70-471d-4d52-9483-be88c70ee2b3


  • Medina-Ariza, J., Ariza, J. J. M., Cebulla, A., Aldridge, J., Shute, J., & Ross, A. (2014). Proximal Adolescent Outcomes of Gang Membership in England and Wales. Journal of Research in Crime and Delinquency, 51(2), 168-199. DOI:10.1177/0022427813496791
    . Publication link: e581b465-cc5b-4619-9f88-fb08668456fd




  • Aldridge, J., Medina, J., Ralphs, R., Esbensen, F-A. (Ed.), & Maxson, C. L. (Ed.) (2011). Counting Gangs: Conceptual and Validity Problems with the Eurogang Definition. In Youth Gangs in International Perspective: Tales from the Eurogang Program of Research. Springer.
    . Publication link: 03013e6f-ab9d-4d09-b425-eef5e9aac477
  • Aldridge, J., Medina, J., Ralphs, R., Hazen, J. (Ed.), & Rodgers, D. (Ed.) (2011). Gang transformation, changes or demise: Evidence from an English gang city. In Global Gangs. University of Minnesota Press.
    . Publication link: 9d36f7cc-5aba-41d2-91ac-c5d456e30160
  • Aldridge, J., Measham, F., & Williams, L. (2011). Illegal Leisure Revisited: Changing Patterns of Alcohol and Drug Use in Adolescents and Young Adults. (2nd ed.) London: Routledge.
    . Publication link: ed03f8e9-7ba0-41e2-878f-b82072cca74a
  • Aldridge, J., Ralphs, R., Medina, J., & Goldson, B. (Ed.) (2011). Collateral damage: Gang territory and policing in an English city. In Youth in Crisis?: 'Gangs', Territoriality and Violence. (pp. 72-88). London: Routledge.
    . Publication link: a27fcb23-a6c5-45d9-8b23-9c759bcdffc2
  • Aldridge, J., Shute, J., Ralphs, R., & Medina, J. (2011). Blame the parents? challenges for parent-focused programmes for families of gang-Involved young people. Children and Society, 25(5), 371-381. DOI:10.1111/j.1099-0860.2009.00282.x
    . Publication link: fa5058ff-34f4-47e4-84b2-376be5f78eff


  • Aldridge, J., & Askew, R. (2010). Whats legality got to do with it? Purchasing and use of mephedrone as a legal drug in the UK. In host publication.
    . Publication link: 09086223-0ba4-485d-bcc7-7d3a4c28cd8c
  • Aldridge, J., Medina, J., Ralphs, R., & Medina-Ariza, J. (2010). The problem of proliferation: guidelines for improving the security of qualitative data in a digital age. Research Ethics Review, 6(1), 3-9. DOI:10.1177/174701611000600102
    . Publication link: c4922679-4a07-489c-a793-c4a1583c0df9
  • Aldridge, J. (2010). Review of 'Reluctant Gangsters: The Changing Face of Youth Crime'. Youth Justice Journal.
    . Publication link: bb7ee272-3f67-4f2f-b2eb-5153ee30e275
  • Aldridge, J., Medina, J., & Ralphs, R. (2010). The Problem of Proliferation: Reply to McCrae and Murray. Research Ethics Review, 6(3).
    . Publication link: bd69856b-1237-4530-aa02-ff142840e23d
  • Aldridge, J., & Askew, R. (2010). Sales and Marketing of Mephedrone in the UK under a Legislative Vacuum. In host publication.
    . Publication link: 97b34a7c-0058-4882-a072-147e3c348180
  • Aldridge, J., Medina, J., & Ralphs, R. (2010). Mentoring siblings of gang members: a template for reaching families of gang members?. Children and Society, DOI:10.1111/j.1099-0860.2010.00307.x.
    . Publication link: 0c2ce4f9-d4a0-4105-8a72-061f486ef681


  • Aldridge, J. (2009). Youth gangs in an English city: Research and criminological controversies. Manheim British Society of Criminology Public Seminar Series, London School of Economics, .
    . Publication link: 90e0cc3c-0e51-4d29-807f-87b9efd6ef8d
  • Aldridge, J., Ralphs, R., Medina, J., & Medina-Ariza, J. (2009). Who needs enemies with friends like these? The importance of place for young people living in known gang areas. Journal of Youth Studies, 12(5), 483-500. DOI:10.1080/13676260903083356
    . Publication link: 72255d8f-ff26-48f1-ada9-1627835c6750
  • Aldridge, J., Medina, J., & Ralphs, R. (2009). Drug dealing and other incoming generating activities in the non-specialist gang: results from the YOGEC project. In host publication.
    . Publication link: da048605-e5bf-4a7c-8946-e02b141b0e22
  • Gambles, M. A., McGlinchey, T., Aldridge, J., Murphy, D., & Ellershaw, J. E. (2009). Continuous quality improvement in care of the dying with the Liverpool Care Pathway for the Dying Patient. International Journal of Care Pathways, 13(2), 51-56. DOI:10.1258/jicp.2009.009011
    . Publication link: 851011b1-92e2-4dc6-a11f-670e4f17a470
  • Aldridge, J. (2009). Gangs in an English city: evolving dynamics and involvement in violence. Global Gangs Workshop, Geneva, Switzerland, .
    . Publication link: 3b702694-20d0-48b5-a0a2-197d2a588f0d
  • Aldridge, J. (2009). Youth gangs in the UK: How different are they from their American counterparts?. 8th Annual Youth Violence Prevention Conference, University of Missouri - St Louis, USA, .
    . Publication link: 03313e9a-2231-44f8-9d3f-de12ed5329d3
  • Weerman, F., Maxson, C. L., Esbensen, F-A., Aldridge, J., Medina, J., & van Gemert, F. (2009). Eurogang Program Manual: Background, development and use of the Eurogang instruments in multi-site, multi-method comparative research. University of Missouri at St Louis: Eurogang.
    . Publication link: 408ad372-9639-4d57-8801-6707775a1dbd
  • Aldridge, J. (2009). Youth gangs in an English city: Place, space and violence. Youth in Crisis? Gangs, Territoriality and Violence. BSC Youth Criminology/Youth Justice Network, University of Liverpool, UK, .
    . Publication link: 87245e82-527d-4c7d-aa3a-6397dc4b7402


  • Aldridge, J. (2008). A hard habit to break? A role for substance use education in the new millenium. Health Education, 108(3), 185-188.
    . Publication link: d1d27be5-383c-4ae9-b2b4-fc2e8264c8a6
  • Aldridge, J., & Medina, J. (2008). Youth Gangs in an English City. (Final Report to the ESRC). University of Manchester: No publisher name.
    . Publication link: 402b0e8b-f2a8-4f7c-a9ab-66a254060dac
  • Aldridge, J., Medina, J., & Ralphs, R. (2008). Gang research in the UK: Is it too dangerous?. Social Science Teacher, 38(1), 12-16.
    . Publication link: 75dbf841-5826-454b-917f-290b7095460f
  • Aldridge, J. (2008). Gang culture: What initiatives should government be making now?. Breakfast Meeting All Parliamentary Group for Social Science and Policy, House of Commons, London, UK, .
    . Publication link: 6bf49004-6b6a-43ca-b8ba-3638fdbe6a96
  • Aldridge, J., Medina-Ariza, J., Ralphs, R., Gemert, F. V. (Ed.), Peterson, D. (Ed.), & Lein, I. (Ed.) (2008). Dangers and problems of doing 'gang' research in the UK. In Street Gangs, Migration and Ethnicity. (pp. 31-46). Cullompton, Devon: Willan.
    . Publication link: 79dbdd5e-7975-4b6a-aa48-5161e0a3b883
  • Aldridge, J. (2008). Decline but no fall?: New millennium trends in young people's use of illegal and illicit drugs in Britain. Health Education, 108(3), 189-206. DOI:10.1108/09654280810867079
    . Publication link: 40ed82f8-68c5-46a6-acfc-175a7623e4ab
  • Medina-Ariza, J. J., Ralphs, R., Aldridge, J., & Shute, J. (2008). Parents, families and gangs: effective family interventions for reducing harmful outcomes. (Manchester City Council). Gang Research Unit, The University of Manchester.
    . Publication link: 2b0d381d-b059-46fb-9fdf-ba448fa64be3
  • Aldridge, J., & Charles, V. (2008). Researching the intoxicated: Informed consent implications for alcohol and drug research. Drug and Alcohol Dependence, 93(3), 191-196. DOI:10.1016/j.drugalcdep.2007.09.001
    . Publication link: da672501-b6c9-4fed-98ac-bde7cded3bec


  • Aldridge, J. (2007). Youth Gangs in Five Nations: A Descriptive Analysis of Gang Membership and Misbehaviour. In host publication.
    . Publication link: 4290833b-1ca5-4585-9dbd-1ba705794515
  • Aldridge, J. (2007). The Confluence of Race and Youth Gangs: A Comparative Look at Youth in Five Nations. In host publication.
    . Publication link: 8a33cdc1-6771-4869-a450-2755cf9d56d1
  • Aldridge, J., Williams, L., Parker, H., & Manning, P. (Ed.) (2007). The normalisation of 'sensible' recreational drug use: further evidence from the NW England Longitudinal Study. In Drugs as Popular Culture. Cullompton, Devon: Willan.
    . Publication link: 4c17245b-391c-45b4-9e37-ba1cb74abd59
  • Aldridge, J. (2007). Youth Gangs and the Community. In host publication.
    . Publication link: f22caecb-9961-4db5-bc07-8a0ee7de9040
  • Aldridge, J. (2007). Identifying gender-based correlates of youthful misbehaviour among gang and non-gang youth in five nations: A comparative analysis. In host publication.
    . Publication link: 08df41e4-19f9-484a-ace9-76632883c91d
  • Aldridge, J. (2007). Youth Gangs in an English City: Conceptual and Definitional Issues. In host publication.
    . Publication link: 0fe842a9-8cee-4f77-8402-84011418fdc2


  • Aldridge, J. (2006). Youth Gangs in Britain: National Data on Gang Membership and Risk Factors Using the 2004 Offending Crime and Justice Survey. In host publication.
    . Publication link: 43f3d61a-27c3-430f-a68a-bb5d9fce89c2
  • Aldridge, J. (2006). The Ethics and Politics of British Gang Research: Research Design Considerations for the ESRC 'Youth Gangs in an English City' Project. In host publication.
    . Publication link: 3d4cd8e6-68a9-469f-a148-80f583226daf
  • Aldridge, J. (2006). Youth Gangs as Messy Social Networks: Definitional Issues in Conducting Gang Research. In host publication.
    . Publication link: 126e16fe-a2b7-4721-ad44-57290a4ee0ec
  • Aldridge, J., Sharp, C., & Medina, J. (2006). Delinquent Youth Groups and Offending Behaviour: Findings from the 2004 Offending, Crime and Justice Survey. (Home Office). Home Office. Home Office Online Report 14/06.
    . Publication link: fc0ea0e2-e6e4-4315-95e6-fab1ebdf0572


  • Clarke, K., Edwards, P., & Aldridge, J. (2005). Mind the Gap: Metadata in e-social science. Maximising Data Value: Data Use and Re-use.
    . Publication link: afebcd10-83a4-42ae-baa0-2211b22ed259
  • Aldridge, J. (2005). Youth Gangs in an English City: Drugs Economies. In host publication.
    . Publication link: ca7dc6ba-0868-4d20-a234-2d33e5254c3f
  • Ralphs, R., Aldridge, J., & Medina-Ariza, J. J. (2005). Street youth gangs in an English city: social exclusion, drugs and violence at the Eurogang VIII Workshop 'The Social contexts of gangs and troublesome youth groups in multi-ethnic Europe. In International Institute for the Sociology of Law. Onati, Spain.
    . Publication link: 0eb71252-2cd4-47af-b8cd-4892df8d387b
  • Aldridge, J. (2005). Estimating gang membership in England and Wales: The Offending Crime and Justice Survey. In host publication.
    . Publication link: f71ec4b0-3a33-48f1-b2ee-927b937e7d2c


  • Aldridge, J. (2004). Identifying gangs in a large English city: Measurement critieria and conflicting accounts. In host publication.
    . Publication link: 926785ab-500e-45f0-b855-9e57736ffed2



  • Parker, H., Aldridge, J., & Measham, F. (2001). Dancing on Drugs: Risk, Health and Hedonism in the British Club Scene. Free Association Books.
    . Publication link: d78ee02f-8100-4950-8d1d-040c719d7aa9
  • Aldridge, J., Measham, F., & Parker, H. (2001). Dancing on Drugs: Risk, Health and Hedonism in the British Club Scene. Free Association Books.
    . Publication link: 4cc63f2c-b648-438e-a72e-97afd10b8e1d
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    . Publication link: 94581329-2cdf-4998-bfcd-42610e88cc07


  • Aldridge, J., Parker, H., & Measham, F. (1999). Drug Trying and Drug Use Across Adolescence: A Longitudinal Study of Young People's Drug Taking in Two Regions of Northern England. (Drug Prevention Advisory Service). London: Home Office.
    . Publication link: e4e7d315-6dfb-4617-a930-ff94a25d34d8
  • Aldridge, J. (1999). Hedonism versus health? Implications of recreational dance drug use in British night clubs. In host publication.
    . Publication link: 14ce6f5a-00b5-4aba-9a2e-7dfc74788edc
  • Wilkinson, S., Aldridge, J., Salmon, I., Cain, E., & Wilson, B. (1999). An evaluation of aromatherapy massage in palliative care. Palliative Medicine, 13(5), 409-417. DOI:10.1191/026921699678148345
    . Publication link: f9799b98-2184-4fb1-af3b-85507a780041
  • Aldridge, J., & Measham, F. (1999). Sildenafil (Viagra) is used as a recreational drug in England [6]. BMJ, 318(7184), 669.
    . Publication link: 6f290a6a-b994-49ca-9dde-bac5d2dde478


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    . Publication link: a3feca4d-2254-4790-bcc2-950cb564db99
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    . Publication link: 3f84420e-a178-4b05-bf31-f9715d6a2096
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    . Publication link: 55510618-b5aa-43df-81d1-35e64abe9249
  • Aldridge, J. (1998). Impact evaluation of an integrated community based drugs education programme. Royal Statistical Society Special Issues Meeting on Drugs and Criminal Statistics, London, UK, .
    . Publication link: 68d4ca34-d383-4b76-9d03-83c89d263d93
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    . Publication link: beb520e6-7222-4039-8bf7-4f8cdc971bfa


  • Aldridge, J. (1997). Drug decisions: patterns of initiation into drug use for English adolescents. In host publication.
    . Publication link: ab4868a6-fa3e-4a8e-a9e1-50c845b794d5
  • Aldridge, J. (1997). Methodological issues surrounding measuring drinking frequency incorporating results of a three year longitudinal study. In host publication.
    . Publication link: 402b6fa8-f950-48d3-b8c5-65c133b8f9ae