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Dr Julia Handl - personal details

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Role: Senior Lecturer in Decision Sciences




I am a lecturer in the Decision and Cognitive Sciences Group in the Manchester Business School. Prior to this (April 2007 - June 2011), I was an MRC Special Training Fellow in Bioinformatics in the Faculty of Life Sciences at the University
of Manchester and I spent six months as  a visiting researcher at the University of Washington, Seattle (in 2009).
I hold a PhD degree from the University of Manchester (2006), a Masters degree from the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg (2003), and an Honours degree from Monash University, Melbourne (2001).

My expertise lies in the areas of optimization, data-mining and machine learning and I have a keen interest in the development and use of these techniques in challenging application areas. The multi-faceted nature of real-world problems implies that they are most suitably represented as multi-criterion problems and I am interested in the ways this affects problem definitions and solutions. My publications span both theoretical and empirical work related to the multiobjective formulation of a variety of different problems including unsupervised clustering, semi-supervised classification, feature selection and protein structure prediction. In considering these problems, I have looked at the effect of multiobjective formulations at a variety of different levels. This has included the effects on the accuracy of the problem definition, but also on the difficulty of the search and the resulting changes in the performance of optimization methods. Furthermore, I am interested in the properties of the sets of Pareto optimal solutions obtained and the design of suitable strategies to support decision makers in selecting a final solution.