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Dr Kelechi Ekuma - research

Research interests

My research interest centres on exploring the relationality of stakeholders in the politics of development and understanding the critical role played by leaders, elites and coalitions in promoting or retarding development reforms, especially public sector reforms in developing countries (DCs). I am particularly interested in the politics of trust and cooperation in public sector governance and how reform policies are negotiated and contested in the public sectors of DCs, especially in sub-Saharan Africa. I am also interested in understanding how emerging complex policy problems, including issues of power relations and incentive structures shape the standards for public sector governance; and how these issues impact public sector employees in developing contexts. My academic interest is situated within the broad areas of: Developmental and critical leadership, public leadership and governance, Human Resource Development (HRD), National HRD and K4D. I am also interested on issues of public sector capacity building and talent development, as well as on systems thinking, discursive institutionalism and the politics of reform management in developing contexts.