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Dr Kevin Couper (PhD) - publications

List of publications


  • Besnard, A., Guabiraba, R., Niedbala, W., Palomo, J., Reverchon, F., Shaw, T., Couper, K., Ryffel, B. & Liew, F (2015). IL-33-mediated protection against experimental cerebral malaria is linked to induction of type 2 innate lymphoid cells, M2 macrophages and regulatory T cells. PLoS Pathog, 11(2), e1004607. eScholarID:266569 | PMID:25659095 | DOI:10.1371/journal.ppat.1004607
  • Shaw, T., Stewart-Hutchinson, P., Strangward, P., Dandamudi, D., Coles, J., Villegas-Mendez, A., Gallego-Delgado, J., van Rooijen, N., Zindy, E., Rodriguez, A., Brewer, J., Couper, K. & Dustin, M (2015). Perivascular Arrest of CD8+ T Cells Is a Signature of Experimental Cerebral Malaria. PLoS Pathog, 11(11), e1005210. eScholarID:287599 | PMID:26562533 | DOI:10.1371/journal.ppat.1005210
  • Villegas-Mendez, A., Shaw, T., Inkson, C., Strangward, P., de Souza, J. & Couper, K (2015). Parasite-specific CD4+IFN-γ+IL-10+ T cells distribute within both lymphoid and non-lymphoid compartments and are controlled systemically by IL-27 and ICOS during blood-stage malaria infection. Infect Immun, eScholarID:287598 | PMID:26459508 | DOI:10.1128/IAI.01100-15


  • Lin, J., Shaw, T., Annoura, T., Fougère, A., Bouchier, P., Chevalley-Maurel, S., Kroeze, H., Franke-Fayard, B., Janse, C., Couper, K. & Khan, S (2014). The subcellular location of ovalbumin in Plasmodium berghei blood stages influences the magnitude of T-cell responses. Infect Immun, 82(11), 4654-65. eScholarID:266570 | PMID:25156724 | DOI:10.1128/IAI.01940-14


  • Gwyer Findlay E, Villegas-Mendez A, de Souza JB, Inkson CA, Shaw TN, Saris CJ, Hunter CA, Riley EM, Couper KN. (2013). IL-27 Receptor Signaling Regulates CD4+ T Cell Chemotactic Responses during Infection. Journal of Immunology, 190(9), 4553-4661. eScholarID:193712
  • Villegas-Mendez A, de Souza JB, Lavelle SW, Gwyer Findlay E, Shaw TN, van Rooijen N, Saris CJ, Hunter CA, Riley EM, Couper KN. (2013). IL-27 Receptor Signalling Restricts the Formation of Pathogenic, Terminally Differentiated Th1 Cells during Malaria Infection by Repressing IL-12 Dependent Signals. PLoS Pathogens, 9(4), e1003293. eScholarID:193715 | DOI:10.1371/journal.ppat.1003293
  • Findlay, E., Villegas-Mendez, A., O'Regan, N., de Souza, J., Grady, L., Saris, C., Riley, E. & Couper, K (2013). IL-27R signalling regulates memory CD4+ T cell populations and suppresses rapid inflammatory responses during secondary malaria infection. Infect Immun, eScholarID:213536 | PMID:24101691 | DOI:10.1128/IAI.01091-13
  • Villegas-Mendez, A., Gwyer Findlay, E., de Souza, J., Grady, L., Saris, C., Lane, T., Riley, E. & Couper, K (2013). WSX-1 Signalling Inhibits CD4(+) T Cell Migration to the Liver during Malaria Infection by Repressing Chemokine-Independent Pathways. PLoS One, 8(11), e78486. eScholarID:213535 | PMID:24244314 | DOI:10.1371/journal.pone.0078486


  • Villegas-Mendez A, Greig R, Shaw TN, de Souza JB, Gwyer Findlay E, Stumhofer JS, Hafalla JC, Blount DG, Hunter CA, Riley EM, Couper KN. (2012). IFN-γ-producing CD4+ T cells promote experimental cerebral malaria by modulating CD8+ T cell accumulation within the brain. Journal of Immunology, 189(2), 968-979. eScholarID:193718
  • Hafalla, J., Claser, C., Couper, K., Grau, G., Renia, L., de Souza, J. & Riley, E (2012). The CTLA-4 and PD-1/PD-L1 inhibitory pathways independently regulate host resistance to Plasmodium-induced acute immune pathology. PLoS Pathog, 8(2), e1002504. eScholarID:158621 | PMID:22319445 | DOI:10.1371/journal.ppat.1002504


  • Villegas-Mendez, A., de Souza, J., Murungi, L., Hafalla, J., Shaw, T., Greig, R., Riley, E. & Couper, K (2011). Heterogeneous and tissue-specific regulation of effector T cell responses by IFN-y during Plasmodium berghei ANKA infection. Journal of immunology, 187(6), 2885. eScholarID:158624 | PMID:21880980 | DOI:10.4049/jimmunol.1100241


  • Riley EM, Couper KN, Helmby H, Hafalla JC, de Souza JB, Langhorne J, Jarra WB, Zavala F. (2010). Neuropathogenesis of human and murine malaria. Trends In Parasitology, 26(6), 277-278. eScholarID:193844
  • Couper, K., Barnes, T., Hafalla, J., Combes, V., Ryffel, B., Secher, T., Grau, G., Riley, E. & de Souza, J (2010). Parasite-Derived Plasma Microparticles Contribute Significantly to Malaria Infection-Induced Inflammation through Potent Macrophage Stimulation. PLoS Pathog, 6(1), e1000744. eScholarID:158623 | PMID:20126448 | DOI:10.1371/journal.ppat.1000744
  • Findlay, E., Greig, R., Stumhofer, J., Hafalla, J., de Souza, J., Saris, C., Hunter, C., Riley, E. & Couper, K (2010). Essential role for IL-27 receptor signaling in prevention of Th1-mediated immunopathology during malaria infection. J Immunol, 185(4), 2482-92. eScholarID:158622 | PMID:20631310 | DOI:10.4049/jimmunol.0904019
  • de Souza, J., Hafalla, J., Riley, E. & Couper, K (2010). Cerebral malaria: why experimental murine models are required to understand the pathogenesis of disease. Parasitology, 137(5), 755-72. eScholarID:158625 | PMID:20028608 | DOI:10.1017/S0031182009991715
  • de Souza, J., Runglall, M., Corran, P., Okell, L., Kumar, S., Gowda, D., Couper, K. & Riley, E (2010). Neutralization of malaria glycosylphosphatidylinositol in vitro by serum IgG from malaria-exposed individuals. Infect Immun, 78(9), 3920-9. eScholarID:158620 | PMID:20566691 | DOI:10.1128/IAI.00359-10


  • Couper, K., Lanthier, P., Perona-Wright, G., Kummer, L., Chen, W., Smiley, S., Mohrs, M. & Johnson, L (2009). Anti-CD25 antibody-mediated depletion of effector T cell populations enhances susceptibility of mice to acute but not chronic Toxoplasma gondii infection. J Immunol, 182(7), 3985-94. eScholarID:158631 | PMID:19299696 | DOI:10.4049/jimmunol.0803053


  • Couper, K., Blount, D., Wilson, M., Hafalla, J., Belkaid, Y., Kamanaka, M., Flavell, R., de Souza, J. & Riley, E (2008). IL-10 from CD4+CD25−Foxp3−CD127− Adaptive Regulatory T Cells Modulates Parasite Clearance and Pathology during Malaria Infection. PLoS Pathogens, 4(2), e1000004. eScholarID:158628 | PMID:18401464 | DOI:10.1371/journal.ppat.1000004
  • Couper, K., Blount, D. & Riley, E (2008). IL-10: the master regulator of immunity to infection. J Immunol, 180(9), 5771-7. eScholarID:158629 | PMID:18424693


  • Couper, K., Blount, D., de Souza, J., Suffia, I., Belkaid, Y. & Riley, E (2007). Incomplete depletion and rapid regeneration of Foxp3+ regulatory T cells following anti-CD25 treatment in malaria-infected mice. J Immunol, 178(7), 4136-46. eScholarID:158630 | PMID:17371969
  • Couper, K., Blount, D., Hafalla, J., van Rooijen, N., de Souza, J. & Riley, E (2007). Macrophage-mediated but gamma interferon-independent innate immune responses control the primary wave of Plasmodium yoelii parasitemia. Infect Immun, 75(12), 5806-18. eScholarID:158627 | PMID:17923512 | DOI:10.1128/IAI.01005-07


  • Couper, K., Chen, W., Houston, K., Harnett, W. & Johnson, L (2005). ES-62 is unable to modulate Toxoplasma gondii-driven Th1 responses and pathology. Parasite Immunol, 27(4), 147-50. eScholarID:158626 | PMID:15910423 | DOI:10.1111/j.1365-3024.2005.00755.x
  • Couper, K., Phillips, R., Brombacher, F. & Alexander, J (2005). Parasite-specific IgM plays a significant role in the protective immune response to asexual erythrocytic stage Plasmodium chabaudi AS infection. Parasite Immunol, 27(5), 171-80. eScholarID:158634 | PMID:15987340 | DOI:10.1111/j.1365-3024.2005.00760.x
  • Couper, K., Roberts, C., Brombacher, F., Alexander, J. & Johnson, L (2005). Toxoplasma gondii-specific immunoglobulin M limits parasite dissemination by preventing host cell invasion. Infect Immun, 73(12), 8060-8. eScholarID:158633 | PMID:16299300 | DOI:10.1128/IAI.73.12.8060-8068.2005
  • Smiley, S., Lanthier, P., Couper, K., Szaba, F., Boyson, J., Chen, W. & Johnson, L (2005). Exacerbated susceptibility to infection-stimulated immunopathology in CD1d-deficient mice. J Immunol, 174(12), 7904-11. eScholarID:158632 | PMID:15944296


  • Couper, K., Nielsen, H., Petersen, E., Roberts, F., Roberts, C. & Alexander, J (2003). DNA vaccination with the immunodominant tachyzoite surface antigen (SAG-1) protects against adult acquired Toxoplasma gondii infection but does not prevent maternofoetal transmission. Vaccine, 21(21-22), 2813-20. eScholarID:158635 | PMID:12798622 | DOI:10.1016/S0264-410X(03)00163-4