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Dr Kevin Gillan - research

Research interests

Kevin's research work is motivated by understanding the development and communication of political beliefs and values that are critical of contemporary capitalist structures. This includes connections with the following areas of resaerch: 

  • Theories of social movements
  • Anti-war and peace activism
  • Globalisation and the information age
  • New media and political communication
  • Corporations and culture

In 2010 Kevin was awarded an ESRC grant for a project titled 'Making Corporations Moral: Routes of Influence on Corporate Behaviour'. This research is a comparative study of a range of cases of moral challenge to corporate behaviour. It will particularly addresses questions concerning: the various conditions under which anti-corporate campaigns are more or less likely to be successful; the ways in which corporate challengers frame their criticisms and the ways that corporate decision-makers make sense of criticisms. 

Kevin's other research work currently includes an investigation of the different visions of democracy found within varying ideological currents in recent social movements and the ways in which political blogging may have impacted on party organisation in the UK.