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Dr Maeve Olohan - publications

List of publications






  • Baker, M. (Ed.), Olohan, M., & Pérez, M. C. (Ed.) (2010). Text and Context: Essays on Translation and Interpreting in Honour of Ian Mason. Manchester: St. Jerome Publishing.. Publication link: 6f3cc31b-f1b9-45d6-b25d-51be1de80222
  • Olohan, M. (2010). Commercial Translation. In Y. G., & L. V. D. (Eds.), Handbook of Translation Studies, Vol. 1. (pp. 41-44). Amsterdam and Philadelphia: John Benjamins Publishing Company. . Publication link: 6337381d-675a-4052-adfd-1841979d4e77


  • Olohan, M., & Baker, M. (2009). Coherence and clarity of objectives in doctoral projects: A research design workshop. Interpreter and Translator Trainer, 3(1), 143-164. . Publication link: 7e25858f-a4f4-4586-83bb-a2a41b230163


  • Olohan, M. (2008). Scientific and Technical Translation. In M. B., & G. S. (Eds.), Routledge Encyclopedia of Translation Studies. (2 ed., pp. 246-249). London and New York: Routledge. . Publication link: 0dbda4e7-430b-4252-bcd0-d16aa929d946
  • Olohan, M. (2008). Commercial Translation. In M. B., & G. S. (Eds.), Routledge Encyclopedia of Translation Studies. (2 ed., pp. 40-43). London and New York: Routledge. . Publication link: bdb7988f-5621-4d67-bbde-19182865b015


  • Olohan, M. (2007). Economic trends and developments in the translation industry: What relevance for translator training?Interpreter and Translator Trainer, 1(1), 37-63. . Publication link: 7a15b704-a004-498f-a025-7522a4a2fd70
  • Olohan, M. (2007). The Status of Scientific Translation in Translation Studies. Journal of Translation Studies, 10(1), 131-144. . Publication link: 8e9e70a5-a8f5-4df9-b21a-5161d8fbc84c


  • Olohan, M. (2006). New Horizons for Scientific and Technical Translation within Translation Studies?. International Symposium on New Horizons in Theoretical Translation Studies, Chinese University of Hong Kong, .. Publication link: ab942b21-4d40-406f-84bf-163fde6e9b14


  • Olohan, M. (2005). Conference Report: Translation and the Construction of Identity, IATIS Conference, Seoul, South Korea 12-14 August 2005. Across Languages and Cultures, 6(1), 113-117. . Publication link: 1a5e8533-bca3-44f7-a5f4-5290347f2a12




  • Olohan, M. (2002). Corpus Linguistics and Translation Studies: Interaction and Reaction. Linguistica Antverpiensia, 2002(1), 419-429. . Publication link: 98bcdfca-4d82-4ca1-bd7c-a6f1e85bfb3f
  • Olohan, M. (2002). Comparable Corpora in Translation Research: Overview of Recent Analyses Using the Translational English Corpus. In LREC Language Resources in Translation Work and Research Workshop Proceedings. (pp. 5-9). Publication link: b04bc34b-15aa-418d-bede-109cdb0a5728


  • Olohan, M. (2001). Spelling Out the Optionals in Translation: a Corpus Study. UCREL Technical Papers, 13, 423-432. . Publication link: b30e419a-4100-4a29-9202-0d944c020e07
  • Olohan, M., & Baker, M. (2001). El uso de that en textos traducidos en ingles: la explicitacion como proceso cognitivo en traduccion. In C. V. G., & I. D. L. C. C. (Eds.), Traduccion y Nuevas Tecnologias. Herramientas Auxiliares del Traductor. (pp. 77-101). Alcalá: Universidad de Alcalá. . Publication link: 089c47e7-1910-41fd-937d-e23957bf5382


  • Olohan, M. (2000). Intercultural Faultlines: Research Models in Translation Studies I: Textual and Cognitive Aspects. Manchester: St. Jerome Publishing.. Publication link: fd777a96-d6f2-4ce7-9391-df87b6f6f744
  • Olohan, M. (2000). Shifts, But Not As We Know Them? In Intercultural Faultlines. Research Models in Translation Studies 1: Textual and cognitive aspects. (pp. 1-14). Manchester: St. Jerome Publishing. . Publication link: 58ab9209-fedd-415e-82b6-7a35451baa6e
  • Baker, M., & Olohan, M. (2000). Reporting That in Translated English: Evidence for Subconscious Processes of Explicitation?Across Languages and Cultures, 1(2), 141-158. . Publication link: 495d89a7-859b-42ca-9c66-d10c78cf18a3
  • Olohan, M. (2000). Translation Process Research - Methodological Issues. Translation Ireland, March. . Publication link: 37d2db06-3a70-403c-9460-a150d196ecb0
  • Olohan, M. (2000). Domain Conceptualisation and Scene Construal in Trainee Translators. Meta, 45(4), 593-608. . Publication link: 3d46d011-5313-4521-a002-9dfcbfceb6ab


  • Olohan, M., McTait, K., & Trujillo, A. (1999). A Building Blocks Approach to Translation Memory. In Translating and the Computer XXI. London: ASLIB. . Publication link: e72bd8f8-0bb9-4f74-a981-38ddb8437d5e


  • Olohan, M., Lewandowska-Tomaszczyk, B. (Ed.), & Thelen, M. (Ed.) (1997). Mediation, Meaning and the Mind. In Translation and Meaning 4. (pp. 71-76). Maastricht: Hogeschool Maastricht. . Publication link: ba93fdfd-dc93-436c-bb50-8f94b19b6ae7


  • Olohan, M., & Zähner, C. (1996). Translation Theory and Cognitive Linguistics. In T. H., & J. W. (Eds.), Language, Education and Society in a Changing World. (pp. 143-150). Clevedon: Multilingual Matters. . Publication link: 84568175-d428-45d0-9497-c61231ec206a


  • Zahner, C., Gupta, G., & Olohan, M. (1994). Lexical resources in CALL. Computers & Education, 23(1-2), 75-80. . Publication link: e097a779-e26d-46f6-8ab4-6138d8ccf606
  • Olohan, M. (1994). Encoding of LSP Texts for Use in Computer Assisted Language Learning. In M. B. (Ed.), Applications and Implications of Current LSP Research: Volume 1. (pp. 235-242). Bergen: Fagbokforlaget. . Publication link: 5026d327-989d-4b82-9bee-40cd79edcb3b


  • Olohan, M. (1993). Computers in the Training of Translators. In C. Picken (Ed.), Translation - The Vital Link: Proceedings of XIII fit World Congress. (pp. 234-243). London: ITI. . Publication link: a2831036-5be1-4ca7-b807-24ae85551331