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Dr Olga Onuch - publications

List of publications



  • Hale, H., Kravets, N., & Onuch, O. (2015). Can Federalism Unite Ukraine in a Peace Deal? (PONARS Eurasia Policy Memo). PONARS Eurasia is based at the Institute for European, Russian and Eurasian Studies (IERES) at the George Washington University’s Elliott School of International Affairs.: PONARS Eurasia.. Publication link: ddae6f14-1ab5-48b9-8ba7-3a51bfdfacc9
  • Onuch, O. (2015). EuroMaidan Protests in Ukraine: Social Media Versus Social Networks. Problems of Post-Communism, 62(4), 217-235. DOI: 10.1080/10758216.2015.1037676. Publication link: ba4df1ea-f742-433e-9aa8-e98d21959791
  • Onuch, O., & Berti, B. (2015). From the Colour Revolutions to the Arab Awakening:: EU Approaches to Democracy Promotion and the Rising Influence of CEE States. In B. Berti, K. Mikulova, & . N. Popescu (Eds.), Democratization in EU Foreign Policy. (pp. 61-88). London: Routledge/UACES Contemporary European Studies. . Publication link: bc080cf1-aaf1-4c71-a35a-6475fba0b967
  • Onuch, O. (2015). ‘Facebook Helped Me Do It’: Understanding the EuroMaidan Protester ‘Tool-Kit’. Studies in Ethnicity and Nationalism, 15(1), 170-184. DOI: 10.1111/sena.12129. Publication link: 76d42ffb-3377-4c0b-8e52-32032aacc86b
  • Onuch, O. (2015). Brothers Grimm or Brothers Karamazov: The Myth and the Reality of How Russians and Ukrainians View the Other. In R. Sakwa, & . A. Pikulicka-Wilczewska (Eds.), Ukraine and Russia: People, Politics, Propaganda and Perspectives. (1 ed., Vol. 1, pp. 36-58). Bristol: E-International Relations. . Publication link: 89f23384-f4d9-4ebe-9b64-17cb67a00dd6
  • Onuch, O. (2015). Maidans past and present : comparing the Orange Revolution with the Euromaidan. In D. R. Marples, & F. V. Mills (Eds.), Ukraine's Euromaidan: Analyses of a Civil Revolution. (pp. 27-56). New York: Columbia University Press and Ibidem Press,. . Publication link: 680609c8-05f9-44c7-ae00-d2d1761bc225


  • Onuch, O. (2014). Mapping Mass Mobilizations: Understanding Revolutionary Moments in Argentina and Ukraine. London: Palgrave Macmillan .. Publication link: 5deb07ea-d8e2-4b95-98b5-9a5b3d32488b
  • Onuch, O., & Kravets, N. (2014). Russia’s shifting role in Ukraine crisis. Al Zajeera English Op-ed.. . Publication link: 816d3d14-0cc5-4260-a651-308cc02c3eae
  • Onuch, O. (2014). The Maidan and Beyond: Who Were the Protesters?Journal of Democracy, 25(3), 44-51. [jod.2014.0045]. DOI: DOI:10.1353/jod.2014.0045. Publication link: 836361cd-b370-4a68-a1ed-22f6d882d64f
  • Onuch, O., & Martsenyuk, T. (2014). Mothers and Daughters of the Maidan: Gender, repertoires of violence, and the division of labour in Ukrainian protests. Social, Health, and Communication Studies Journal, 1(1), 105-126. . Publication link: 775da37a-2f59-4a74-8917-4122d492c533
  • Onuch, O., & Sasse, G. (2014). “What does Ukraine’s #Euromaidan teach us about protest?Washington Post. . Publication link: 33fbe3a6-8c39-46df-87ec-9b1894121c51
  • Onuch, O. (2014). Social networks and social media in Ukrainian “Euromaidan” protests. Washington Post. . Publication link: d4bdb5e7-583b-4c78-9f86-41121cca7b52
  • Onuch, O. (2014). What have we learned in the year since Ukraine’s EuroMaidan?Washington Post. . Publication link: ded9a79f-86a3-436e-9696-f2465e166add
  • Onuch, O. (2014). It's the economy, stupid', Or is it?: The Role of Political Crises in Mass Mobilisation: The Case of Argentina in 2001. In C. Levey, D. Ozarow, & C. Wylde (Eds.), Argentina Since the 2001 Crisis: Recovering the Past, Reclaiming the Future. (pp. 89-113). London: Palgrave Macmillan . . Publication link: eb371026-ef12-405c-b867-36eb2d5e9dc5


  • Onuch, O. (2012). Why did they join en masse? Understanding 'Ordinary' Ukrainians Participation in Mass-Mobilization in 2004. Nowa Ukraina. . Publication link: a15bfa1d-30b1-4512-99c0-28d6429dcd17