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Dr Penny Tinkler - publications

List of publications


  • Tinkler, P. (2016). Fragmentation and Inclusivity: Methods for working with girls' ad women's magazines. In R. Ritchie, S. Hawkins, N. Phillips, & S. J. Kleinberg (Eds.), Women in Magazines: Research, Representation, Consumption and Production. (pp. 25-39). London: Routledge. . Publication link: b9b27971-6bd5-4840-9c1d-c0946a420070
  • Tinkler, P., Spencer, S., & Langhammer, C. (2016). Revisioning the history of girls and women in Britain in the Long 1950s. Women's History Review. DOI: 10.1080/09612025.2015.1123020. Publication link: e30824e7-73e0-49cf-b56a-93c48b873bfa
  • Fink, J., & Tinkler, P. (2016). Teetering on the edge: portraits of innocence, risk and young female sexualities in 1950s' and 1960s' British cinema. Women's History Review. DOI: 10.1080/09612025.2015.1123021. Publication link: 43809d32-3a59-4302-82e1-1cc686b909a5


  • Tinkler, P., & Allan, A. (2015). 'Seeing' into the past and 'looking' forward to the future: Visual methods and gender and education research. Gender and Education, 27(7), 791-811. DOI: 10.1080/09540253.2015.1091919. Publication link: ecfc1c04-36fd-43e2-bce5-6ee6a59581b2
  • Tinkler, P., Rappaport, E. (Ed.), T. Dawson, S. (Ed.), & J. Crowley, M. (Ed.) (2015). Teenagers, Photography and Self-Fashioning, 1956-65. In Consuming Behaviours: Identity, politics and pleasure in twentieth-century Britain. (pp. 87-101). London: Bloomsbury. . Publication link: 90d0289a-be0a-45d0-ac66-97c17cbb02b4
  • Tinkler, P., & Allan, A. (2015). Taking Stock: A framework. Gender and Education, 27(7), 733-743. . Publication link: 56da8eb5-fa01-493b-a31d-77a5cab954e2




  • Tinkler, P., Freund, A. (Ed.), & Thomson, A. (Ed.) (2011). 'When I as a girl...' Women talking about their girlhood photo collections. In Oral history and photography. (1st ed., pp. 45-60). New York: Palgrave Macmillan . . Publication link: 8dc8dcc2-7a3a-4a22-ada0-ae56ae681f57






  • Tinkler, P., P., . U., & Jackson, C. (2004). The PhD Examination Process: a handbook for students, examiners and supervisors. Open University Press.. Publication link: e92471e5-0f84-4135-843b-60bd23fe16ee
  • Tinkler, P., & Goodman, J. (Ed.) (2004). Sexual Politics. In Tobacco: Scribner’s Turning Points in History Series. Charles Scribner & Sons. . Publication link: 6927e379-c48a-4ffa-941f-05cb29cf5884
  • Tinkler, P., & Goodman, J. (Ed.) (2004). Advertising. In Tobacco: Scribner’s Turning Points in History Series. Charles Scribner & Sons. . Publication link: 1c410a75-5ccd-4957-a6b4-e0bb7b9c8554





  • Tinkler, P., Andrews, . U. (Ed.), Talbot, M. (Ed.), & M., . U. (Ed.) (2000). A Material Girl? Adolescent Girls and Consumer Culture, 1920-1958. In All the World and Her Husband: Women in 20th Century Consumer Culture. London: Cassell. . Publication link: e641532f-b151-4895-be44-46deb15d6ae1
  • Tinkler, P., Duchen, . U. (Ed.), Bandhauer-Schoffman, C. (Ed.), & I., . U. (Ed.) (2000). Girlhood in Transition: Preparing English Girls for Adulthood in a Reconstructed Britain. In When the War Was Over: Women, War and Peace in Europe, 1944-52. London: Leicester University Press. . Publication link: c140fb17-27bb-4205-b1f3-628ac9ab9e9e
  • Jackson, C., & Tinkler, P. (2000). The PhD Examination: An exercise in community building and gatekeeping?Higher Education & its Communities. . Publication link: 00d5c5ea-91ed-4a59-9d56-3d18154291c4
  • Tinkler, P., P., . U., & Jackson, C. (2000). Examining the doctorate: Institutional policy and the PhD examination process in the UK. Studies in Higher Education, 25,2. . Publication link: 2b3f4fa5-4c22-4326-8797-a2f75d45303f


  • Tinkler, P., Benninghaus, . U. (Ed.), Kohtz, C. (Ed.), & K., . U. (Ed.) (1999). Constructing Girlhood. Madchenzeitschriften in England, 1920-1939. In Sag mir, wodie Madchen sind ..... Publication link: eece01cf-5367-45e1-81c2-374f62ae58fa


  • Tinkler, P. (1998). Introduction to special issue: women, imperialism and identity. Women's Studies International Forum, 21,3. . Publication link: 6b77f81b-565e-47b1-9ef3-75a5ad81acd4


  • Tinkler, P. (1997). At your service: The nation's girlhood and the call to service in England, 1939-50. European Journal of Women's Studies, 4, 3. . Publication link: 98eddc05-461b-4cb4-8000-2bc1936aa1ef


  • Tinkler, P., & Purvis, J. (Ed.) (1996). Introducing Miss Modern: popular literature and the cultural management of difference and social change. In Women's History, Britain 1850-1945. UCL Press. . Publication link: c2bb8e2c-8647-4930-bd2e-df759862efc3


  • Tinkler, P. (1995). Sexuality & Citizenship: the state & girls' leisure provision in England, 1939-1950. Women's History Review, 4(2). . Publication link: 8ba2cc44-6f8d-4d28-b025-5bc2bf337e5c


  • Tinkler, P. (1994). An All-Round Education: the Board of Education's policy for the leisure-time training of girls, 1939-1950. History of Education, 23(4). . Publication link: 27fc95da-8c05-4c7d-ab33-38c252c50f9f


  • Tinkler, P., & Hunt, F. (Ed.) (1987). Learning through Leisure: feminine ideology in girls' magazines 1920-1950. In Lessons for Life: The Schooling of Girls & Women, 1850-1950. Basil Blackwell. . Publication link: fe224619-f602-4f4a-8020-626c9e2c32dc