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Prof Peter Scott - teaching

Units taught

Year Code Title Role
2013 RELT10092 Understanding the New Testament Lecturer
2013 RELT10120 New Testament Greek Lecturer
2013 RELT10131 Introduction to Christian Theology Lecturer
2013 RELT10140 Biblical Hebrew Lecturer
2013 RELT10191 Introduction to Judaism Lecturer
2013 RELT10222 Religion in Modern South Asian History Lecturer
2013 RELT10311 Intro to the Study of Religions & Theology Lecturer
2013 RELT10412 The World of Buddhism Lecturer
2013 RELT10641 Introduction to Muslim Societies Lecturer
2013 RELT10692 Introduction to the History of Philosophy Lecturer
2013 RELT10911 Theological Studies in Philosophy and Ethics Lecturer
2013 RELT20000 Level 2 Dissertation Information Course Leader
2013 RELT20042 Religion and Science in the Time of the Crusades: God, Nature and Science Lecturer
2013 RELT20072 European Reformations Lecturer
2013 RELT20121 Religion, Culture and Gender Lecturer
2013 RELT20152 New Testament in Greek II Lecturer
2013 RELT20170 Biblical Hebrew Texts I Lecturer
2013 RELT20261 Texts, Ritual and Practice in Mahayana Buddhism Lecturer
2013 RELT20351 Women and Gender in the Middle East and North Africa Lecturer
2013 RELT20361 Myth: Conceptions and Understandings of Religion Lecturer
2013 RELT20552 Gnosticism in Antiquity Lecturer
2013 RELT20572 Interpreting Religion Lecturer
2013 RELT20611 Introduction to the History of Jewish-Christian Relations Lecturer
2013 RELT21021 Ethical Issues from Joshua to Jesus Lecturer
2013 RELT21032 Studying Sacred Spaces in the City Lecturer
2013 RELT21112 Problems in Theology, Philosophy and Ethics: Evil Lecturer
2013 RELT21221 Storytelling in Indian Traditions Lecturer
2013 RELT22112 Arabic and Islamic Philosophy Lecturer
2013 RELT30000 Dissertation Course Leader
2013 RELT30042 Women and Men in Indian Traditions Lecturer
2013 RELT30222 Christianity, Culture and Society in England, 1750-2000 Lecturer
2013 RELT30271 From Religion to Politics Course Leader
2013 RELT30292 Global South Asians: Religion, Migration and Diaspora Lecturer
2013 RELT30332 Holocaust Theology Lecturer
2013 RELT30380 Biblical Hebrew Texts II Lecturer
2013 RELT30431 The Ethics of Killing in Buddhism: Texts and Contexts Course Leader
2013 RELT30461 The End of the World, 1640-2012: Apocalyptic Thought in the West in Historical Course Leader
2013 RELT30672 Radical Theologies Course Leader
2013 RELT30701 The Jewish-Christian-Muslim Controversies from the Earliest Times to the Middle Ages Course Leader
2013 RELT30731 Existentialism Course Leader
2013 RELT30961 Theology and Ethics of Paul Course Leader
2013 RELT31002 The Arab World and the West Lecturer
2013 SALC10002 Standing on The Shoulders of Giants: Foundations for Study in The Arts Lecturer
2013 SALC10002 Standing on The Shoulders of Giants: Foundations for Study in The Arts Course Leader
2013 RELT60000 PG Dissertation Course Leader
2013 RELT60121 Studying South Asia Course Leader
2013 RELT60142 Religion, Politics and the Media Course Leader
2013 RELT60231 New Testament in the Roman Empire Course Leader
2013 RELT60302 Trinity and Incarnation in Modern Christian thought Course Leader
2013 RELT60342 Contemporary Society and Politics in South Asia: Reason or religion? Course Leader
2013 RELT60611 Directed Reading Course Course Leader
2013 RELT60612 Directed Reading Course Course Leader
2013 RELT70001 Bible & Early Judaism in Context Course Leader
2013 RELT70561 Jews among Christians and Muslims: Introduction and Methodology in Jewish Studies Course Leader
2013 RELT70901 Religion and Civil Society Course Leader
2013 RELT70992 Dead Sea Scrolls Course Leader
2013 RELT71001 Religion, Nature and Society Course Leader
2013 RELT71151 Jews among Christians and Muslims Course Leader
2013 RELT71162 Major Issues in Post-Holocaust Theology Course Leader
2013 SALC72111 Writing, Power, Memory : The History of the Book in the Middle Ages Course Leader

PMS teaching

I teach at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels:


Year 1 RELT 10911 Theological Studies in Philosophy and Ethics

Year 3 RELT 30672 Radical Theologies


RELT 71001 Religion, Nature and Society

RELT 70901 Religion and Civil Society

RELT 60142 Religion, Politics and the Media